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Colorful Simple and Beautiful String Headboard Design

Colorful Simple and Beautiful String Headboard Design homesthetics decor 2

A bedroom should evolve as your personality does, slowly being updated to your state of mind, relieving stress when you need it to, relaxing you as much as possible after hours and hours of hard work. You can find thousands of bedroom ideas to inspire you on Homesthetics but the colorful simple and beautiful string headboard design idea ahead is really something different.

It is something different entirely. It will allow you to change the string headboard color, the texture and the geometry, all these constants being tailored by your imagination whilst using little to no materials, keeping things simple and inexpensive.

Colorful Simple and Beautiful String Headboard Design homesthetics decor (2)

Basically, all you need is a wooden frame in your favorite color and texture. Keep in mind that a light essence will contrast beautifully on a darker background, in the same manner lighter essences contrasting with light hues. Make a frame and try to materialize it from small profiles to give it a more sensibile, ethereal feel; all you need to do next is to drill some holes around the edges and start playing with rope to create a neat colorful compisition. It`s worth trying at least 2-3 colors to create contrast, gradients and effects of depth. There is no pattern to follow, everything should be born from experience and instinct, it should look extraordinary to you first and foremost.

Colorful Simple and Beautiful String Headboard Design homesthetics decor (1)

The type of rope has no importance as long as you can live with it, you can use string, yarn, twine and even wire if you you want something rigid. It`s an experiment worth doing, even in smaller batches, it will surely stimulate your creativity through simplicity. Give it a shot and leave your valuable feedback in the comment section below.

Elli Winter

Elli Winter

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