Cliff View Modern Mansion-Lo Curro House in Chile by Peñafiel Arquitectos

Cliff View Modern Mansion Lo Curro House in Chile by Peñafiel Arquitectos homesthetics 11

Lo Curro House is located in Santiago, Chile, and has a site of 8.826 square foot that follows the natural curves of the rocky terrain. This “small” modern mansion has been designed by an architecture firm from Chile Peñafiel Arquitectos with one purpose: to integrate the home within the landscape. Focusing on this task, the architects have developed a mansion with low and wide profile that managed to integrate well with the terrain curves while assuring great view to southeast of Santiago and most important, the breathtaking Andes beyond.

The concept of the home started with a Utopian idea a glass with no walls, only glass, as a result of this ambitious concept, the building “generated” a massive terrace that overlooks the city; the architects are further relating:

The house is designed between two curves. One that central circulation inside and the other, on the facade above the city. Between these two curves we developed an orthogonal program of rooms that enhance the curves as elements incorporated into the landscape”

As you would expec the initial plan has been aborted, the home now featuring wood form -work and walls with exposed concrete, all the exterior being in neutral tones that would blend implacable in the environment along with the low profile of the home. Even though the Utopian plan has been aborted here, we do have two examples of all glass mansion, one literally being all glass, if you`re interested in the topic you might want to read The Santambrogio Milano Glass Houses: Living Without Boundaries and Cliff View Modern Mansion-R128 in Stuttgart by Werner Sobek.

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swimming pool view Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

access into the Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

organic Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

terrace patio design Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

living room interior design Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

modern kitchen interior design Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

cliff view mansion Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

modern bathroom design Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

lobby area Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

aerial view Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics


patio terrace at night Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics



curved exposed concrete Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

view from the terrace of Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics

floor plan blueprint section plane trough Cliff-View-Modern-Mansion-Lo-Curro-House-in-Chile-by-Peñafiel-Arquitectos-homesthetics
Photos Courtesy to Guy Wenborne

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