Cheerful Private Residence In Singapore Enhanced by Nature

Perfect backyard landscaping design

It`s well known that dozens of architects and designers draw their inspiration from nature into great pieces of art. The cheerful private residence ahead is one of the many living proofs for that matter : unique, inviting and with outstanding proportions it beautifully combines the natural sanctity with the contemporary brilliance. It`s entitled 65BTP-House in Singapore by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd and as most modern mansions in Singapore it exudes luxury, elegance and nobility at the same time.
The home has been materialized around an extensive garden in which a rare rain tree resides happily untouched by the war. This became the focal point in the vast exterior perspectives as it works as the perfect transition between the indoors – deck space and lovely garden. The home is extroverted and it encourages the inhabitants to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Facade of the  Private Residence In Singapore With Enahance by Nature

The interior design continues the main focus of the home: reflecting the homeowner`s passion for nature through a personalized interior kept neutral whilst exuding coziness and warmth. The dominating color is white complemented by wooden textures and colors meant to add dynamicity and stability at the same time. In the interior design a jaw dropping spiral staircase is the main element that adds a sculptural appeal to the decor in the lovely living area that includes the kitchen an entertainment hub and dinning room at the lower level of the private residence.

bedroom interior design empowered by simplicity

high end swimming pool design enlighten

access in the  Private Residence In Singapore With Enahance by Nature

magnificent  Private Residence In Singapore With Enahance by Nature  with spiral staircase in the interior design

facade of a jaw dropping  Private Residence In Singapore With Enhance by Nature

wooden minimalist bedroom design

black and white trophy cinema room

perfect kitchen interior design in white and wood

elicoidal spiral staircase enhancing the interiors magnificently

the perfect backyard landscaping design

perfect minimalist bathroom design

kitchen front in a contemporary kitchen design wearing wood

perfect round spiral staircase

the perfect facade enhancing everything through simplicity

living room interior design in neutral tones

magnificent swimming pool enhancing the backyard

Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

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