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Cast Away Boredom With Creative Winter Crafts for Toddlers


Winter is the season for joy, snow fights, making snowmen and riding a sledge but it can also mean restrictions for playtime outside the home for some toddlers. And while some parents find this more convenient, others will have bored kids that will look for something to do on their hands all day long. Nonetheless, winter days are the best days to spend time with your children and create lively and lovely crafts.Use this opportunity to develop your relationship, bond and infuse some of your creative spirit in the little one with creative winter crafts.

simple and creative Winter paper snow globes

Snow globes are fun to play with and can remind anyone of the winter wonderland any season of the year. Having kids, however, will stop parents from getting real and fragile snow globes to display at home. Making this simple and creative paper snow globe can be a better alternative and activity for kids and become a great display in the child’s room.



A very merry paper plate Christmas tree

Making crafts with dangerous items like cutters and scissors is not recommended when doing¬†it with kids. Having simple yet creative crafts, like this paper plate Christmas tree, which requires little to no cutting is a¬†better safer optio. The colorful materials used will definitely¬†increase your kid’s interest in crafting.



Framed thumbprint Christmas lights

Parents want to keep mementos of their kids’ growth. One way of keeping their memories alive is by keeping thumbprints in different colors. This framed thumbprint¬†Christmas lights wall art will get the creative mood of kids on and help parent save memories of their children besides their precious photos.



cute toilet paper reindeer best made by kids

Reindeers are one of the many symbols of winter and Christmas. Reindeers are also undeniably adored by kids. Making a reindeer from toilet paper cores will help kids understand and appreciate recycling more.



Cotton balls all around and on snowmen

Kids will play with almost anything, including cotton balls. Making snowmen from cotton balls will get kids hyped and creative all the way. These crafts may even be placed around the Christmas tree for that unique and cute decor touch.



cute polar bears to hang around the home

Teddy bears and polar bears are what most kids love to play with during their early ages. Toddlers, in particular, will find polar bears adorable. These easy to make polar bear paper plate crafts can be lovely decors inside children’s rooms for winter and can be kept for the next winter as well.



glue, circles and colors that add cheer to the tree

Kids love sticking things and love colorful items to play with. Making these colorful Christmas balls will help children distinguish more colors and also give the Christmas tree cute and colorful decorations that will feature children’s honest creativity.



Mitten prints for the whole family

Mittens get the chance to be used more during the winter season¬†and making it one of the many icons of winter is no longer a wonder. This handprint mitten craft gives a different spin on the usual mitten design. Being able to keep the memory of kids’ and parents’ handprint is magical and can definitely liven up the gloomy feel of winter.



snowman craft never gets old

Snowman is a winter symbol that kids will definitely want to¬†use as an inspiration for winter crafts. This snowman card is a lovely addition to snowman winter crafts that parents may have on the list. It’s easy to make and can be personalized by kids just the way they want, making it more special and one of a kind.



let kids get loose with winter snowflake paintings

The awe of children seeing the first snowflake is truly a sight to behold. Reliving this moment by letting kids paint snowflakes is one of the best crafts any child will enjoy. Display these crafts made by small, innocent hands and people will still stair in awe.



mini wreaths made by mini hands

The chill of winter brings the lively cheer of Christmas season, and wreaths become popular decorations in all homes. Creating simple wreaths to hang on the porch can become even more special if small hands have crafted each wreath with enthusiasm and creativity.



snowflake printing in an easy and fun way

Kids will enjoy anything that includes paint and painting and enjoy anything realted to snowflakes ans snow in general. Using simple tools and everyday household items will make the process of painting even more interesting for toddlers. This craft can be made into personalized cards which kids can write on and send out to friends.



build a snowman with feet and a little creativity

Footprints, like hand prints, can be used into lovely and lively crafts. These snowmen made by footprints can be a project for toddlers and even for adults. Set this craft as the highlight of the room and every guest will definitely love it.



bubble wrap winter tree art to pop boredom

Toddlers will find staying inside onr winter days boring and long. Popping bubble wraps is an activity enjoyed by toddlers and by adults alike. Popping these wraps on lovely winter craft paintwill surely drive away the boredom and create stunning unique works of art.



painting a canvas in a frozen way

Paintings are crafts that can be boring for toddlers and can be boring for gloomy winter days. Trry ice painting which would be a very intriguing way to learn techniques for kids and will definitely make them try it more than once. The results are stunning works of art that can be displayed through winter and other seasons throughout the year.



snowflake made with love and toddler hand prints

Keeping memories through arts and crafts will never go wrong or out of style. And while photographs are memories that are definitely worth keeping, small hand prints create a different impression on anyone. This snowflake craft brings the chill of winter and the warmth of memories together.



skate shoes, popsicle sticks and young, creative minds

Children will love to work on crafts that they also find fun to do or related to something they enjoy doing. Skating during winter, in places where it is possible to do it, is an activity that toddlers will get fond of easily. Making skating shoes crafts will be enjoyed by kids and will add color to the whole house like no other decorations can.



Winter is definitely the rightful season for crafting, don’t you agree? We would love to see your own crafting projects for toddlers in the comment section below.

Elli Winter

Elli Winter

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