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Call for Entries | A’ Design Awards & Competition

Casa Campinarana by Laurent Troost

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The A’ Design Award was created with an ardent wish to find and celebrate the best designs in the world. It is a prestigious award that seeks to extend a platform to innovators, designers, and architects from all design fields, enabling them to exhibit their work to a global audience.

So, if you are ready to charm the world with your unique creations, then this is truly a fantastic time for you! As this year’s A’ Design Award edition is now open for entries, all designers looking to participate are requested to register their submissions here.

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We know that there are lots of other honorary titles and awards for designers out there. But what makes A’ Design stand apart from the rest is its exceptional scale that comprises over 100 design categories!

Besides having a definite category for Architecture, Building and Structure Design, the A’Design Award also consists of several categories associated with other constructive designs and concepts. These include categories for Good Industrial Design, Good Product Design, Good Fashion Design, Good Communication Design, and Good Architecture Design. You can check out all the categories on their website right here.

The winners of the A’ Design Award will receive the coveted 3D printed metal trophy contained in a black luxury box. They will also receive a bunch of other benefits, such as being included in an exhibition, and an exclusive interview that will be featured on the A’ Design Award website.

Additionally, the winners will receive an invite to a gala night hosted by the awards for networking, participation in a massive PR campaign, and precious feedback notes from the jury. And, one of the most significant accolades for the winners will be the inclusion in the world design rankings! Simply click here to go through the entire list of benefits.

All the entries will be judged by an esteemed A’ Design Award’s jury, consisting of many reputed figures of the design industry from all over the world. Such dignitaries will include professionals in the field, media members, and scholars.

All jury members are required to sign an agreement and also follow a code of conduct. Furthermore, jurors may not be selected from among the employees of contending companies to prevent any conflict of interest.

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This process of selecting the jurors for the judging panel has been specifically designed to devise an equitable and fair method for the awards. It prevents any member in a position of power from exercising undue influence on the award results. You can know more about the jury and its proceedings right here.

The time period for submitting your entry for the A’ Design Award will close on February 28th. You can submit your designs right here, or you can also look up more information regarding the awards in multiple languages right here.

The winners of the A’Design Awards will be announced on April 15th. And, after that, a select group of winners from all the categories related to architecture will be featured in a post on Homesthetics. Check out a selection of winners from the past years below.

Light Waterfall Sales Center

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The Curtain Sales Office

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Malangen Family Retreat

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Hadar´s House House

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Yard Seclusion Accommodation in Farm

Yard Seclusion Accommodation in Farm

Mirrored Sight Shelter Viewing House, Tea House

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Furusaki Tokyo Office Building Office

242a9ce6147d2777b98dca8611bdf94cd1b57db1 t710

Solar Egg Public Sauna

e538cfbae089edaa94b8ff5aa79b615a853aec15 t710

Shenzhen Energy Renovation Waste to Energy Power Plant

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Zhao Hua Xi Shi Living Museum by Paul Bo Peng

Zhao Hua Xi Shi Living Museum by Paul Bo Peng

Zhuhai Hengqin Headquarters Complex Retail, Office and Apartment

Zhuhai Hengqin Headquarters Complex Retail Office and Apartment

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