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Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Garden With Simple Kitchen Items


Today we are talking about an unique topic, revolving around a creative approach to old kitchen items reused as garden decorations. When you think about ways to decorate your garden, kitchen items do not immediately come to mind. Yet the DIY community proves once again how ingenious it can be and have proposed fun colorful approaches to setting new corners into your garden or yard. The decorations can be categorized around the kitchen items used but mixing things up is highly recommended. Enjoy our selection and feel free to complete it with your own designs in the comment section below.

recycle plates and bowls into colorful fun garden decorations

Who would ave thought that we would be using kitchen items, bowls and plates as garden decorations? The DIY community is very creative and knows how to offer mundane basic items that otherwise would be thrown away a new purpose around the house and your backyard.Such projects should be fun and creative, a joyful oasis in your busy schedule. Make the time to decorate your garden and make use of this event to spend more time with your loved ones.


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COLANDERS can be TRANSFORMED into vibrant ACCESSORIES or flower pots for your porch

Each housewife own at least one old rusty colander she no longer needs and uses. Be imaginative and give them a new purpose by adding a fresh coat of paint to make them seem brand new. Use cutlery and string and beads to create a joyful wind chime or fill them with potting soil and colorful plants for functional useful flower pots hung from your porch beams.


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pans serving as garden decor

Fill rusty old pans with soil and fill them with your favorite herbs and flowers. You could transform a pan into a wall clock for your kitchen as a creative DIY enthusiast has below.


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cutlery is the most used kitchen item in garden decor

Below a fun creative unique craft was created from teaspoons, depicting iron fireflies inserted randomly around the garden. You could paint teaspoons to mark your fresh planted herb seeds.


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A collection of old cutlery was attached to a metallic ring and used as a wind chime.


Photo via: thegardenglove.com

transform graters into unusual decor items

Add a cute unique metallic grater owl to your favorite tree or use graters to protect tea candles and to diffuse the light discreetly.


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don’t forget about tea pots

Create a whimsical garden fountain surrounded by colorful flower beds, add seeds for charming bird feeders or simply fill them with soil and plants.


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What do you think about reusing kitchen items as decoration in your garden? We have found the topic quite fun. Choose your favorite creation and leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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