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Have a Brighter Home With These Beautiful Sunroom Ideas


Getting enough sunlight and having time to relax is often what we all seek. Having a place where you can just sit, have coffee and read your favorite book while safely basking under the warmth of the sun is inviting and the best part is that you don’t really have to go far to do all these- you simply need a sunroom.

If you have not heard of this yet, a sunroom is an attachment to your home or an additional room and, true to its name, commonly have large windows to let in natural sunlight.¬†Sunrooms are popular in most Western countries such as Europe, Canada and USA¬†and have been for a long time considered an accessory to a rich man’s home. Nowadays, these versatile spaces have slowly become popular to the masses as people¬†have grasped the concept and its many benefits.

Building a sunroom of your own does not have to be complicated or complex, despite of its fancy name.Inspiration is the key ingredient in picturing and thus conceiving your very own comfortable sunroom. If you are on the verge of staring this fun project and haven’t decided on the path to undertake yet or want to add a little more inspiration to the package, let these sunroom ideas become your guide in achieving the perfect recreational space¬†for you.

bricks and wood for a rustic feel

There is something about wood and bricks that gives out a certain charm and coziness to many. Wood represents the most wonderful material and the beauty of earth. Bricks, on the other hand, represent strength and privacy. Both materials look stunning especially when combined with natural light in rustic cozy warm compositions.Such an interior based on the rustic feel will make you want to spend more time in the sunroom than in any part of the house.

bricks and wood


modernize with curve couch

You will see various couch styles in most sunrooms chosen for comfort and appeal. And although most couches look amazing on their own, the spaces these couches occupy in most cases will exceed your available one in the sunroom. Maximize and modernize your space and still have the same comfort opting for a curved couch that will serve the same purpose.Such a shape will bring out a feminine appeal through its curve and does not compromise the comfort you are definitely seeking.

curve couch


classic feels for upholstered coffee tables

No sunroom is actually complete without a coffee table to match the couch. Wood is often on the list but is also very common in terms of design. Upholstered coffee tables on the other hand add a classic feel to the design line, taking you to older days when people considered leisure-ing under the sun a must weekly activity.

upholstered coffee table


upgrade couches to lovely hammocks

If you¬†are willing to try something unique for a sunroom, why not place a hammock for a couch? It is as lovely as any couch you’ll see in most sunroom ideas whilst bringing¬†a different type of comfort into the equation. Children will especially adore this idea as it brings fun and creativity with the whole design of the room.



bring in shades to soften the light

While there are many who will let the entire room be basked under the sun, some will find this concept a little bit too much. Tolerating the sun is not for everyone, so throwing in a curtain or a shade can help a great deal. Choose bamboo shades that also add to the overall aesthetics of the room and make it dreamier.

bamboo shades


stunning even in simplicity

Simple colors or an all white design make furniture and decors stand out without much effort. The white used on the background can make all the other used hues appear vivid and lush. The solid white background also affects how people see the space, making the sunroom look bigger than it really is. Consider that even in poor light, you have a place that can reflect light easily.

shiplap ceiling


relaxing while working is possible

Turn any ordinary working space in a sunroom and enjoy being relaxed and productive at the same time. With the right chairs or couches and a proper table, you have a comfortable place to work at any given time of the day. Large windows will let the sunshine in and transform your state of mind altogether.

office space


know your corner of the room

If men have man-caves, women surely have their own version. And most of the time, the sunroom is a woman’s domain. Having it personalized with decor that make this theme crystal clear can give a sunroom the edge it needs to become something more, something special and unique.



classic Tea Table for lazy afternoons

A cup of tea, coffee or your personal preference for lazy afternoons are best enjoyed in the sunroom. With the soft light of sunset setting in the room and an elegant tea table you can too create the best atmosphere for the right evening.

tea table


Small but comfortable sunroom

Turn a small porch into a comfortable sunroom by throwing in some comfortable seats and couches. Add pillows, decors and lights that will not cramp the room. In the end don’t forget the¬†greens that will make the room pop, and voila! A comfortable sunroom you can spend the day in.

small sunroom


add complementing carpets and decors

The couches, seats and tables are not the only details you have to think about when it comes to creating the perfect sunroom. A carpet with the right design, candles and candle holders to complement the tables, a lampshade with an unique design, or a simple plant can transform any space, making it your own.

stripe carpet


wooden floors are oldies but goodies

Natural, shiny wood board floors are beautiful and can mix into any design style you might opt for. This makes it perfect for any sunroom, whether big or small. The natural color of wooden floors add to the overall design of the sunroom effortlessly, capturing and reflecting light and warmth at the same time.

wood floor


warmer place for winter nights

Sunrooms will not always have the sun for warmth, so having a fireplace to add heat is a brilliant idea. It’s perfect for cold winter days and nights. The light exuded from the fire at night ¬†calms a tired soul.



enjoy nature’s beauty and smell the flowers

Plants have a natural calming effect, and having them in a sunroom will be an absolutely perfect idea. The natural scent of flowers and plants calm senses altogether with the warm heat of the sun. Having the natural shades of green inside a sunroom creates a natural simple beauty that no other decoration can capture.



make your roof unique

Going beyond the usual sunroom is easy by tweaking the parts here and there. Creating an unique roof, like a dome instead of the usual roof, adds character to the sunroom. It also allows more natural light to come in and transforming your sunroom into something out of this world.

dome roof


modern sunroom for the modern home

A modern home needs a sunroom as much as it needs any other space. The design is contemporary but offers the same comfort any other sunroom can provide. Adding plants and wood in the design creates the classic sunroom design without compromising the modern edge.



clutter-free design with maximum comfort

While many desire decorations placed in nearly every corner, this design stands out because it’s clutter-free and airy. The seamless finish of the enclosure stands out through the bold hue of the glazing’s frame that contrasts wonderfully with the rich green of the landscape.This sunroom has been treated as an extension of the living space, incorporating a dining table in the full presence of the sun.



perfect daybed for lazy days

Instead of couches, why not choose daybeds? They offer the same comfort and style and come in multiple styles, sizes, suitable for each space and taste.

storage daybed


old windows bring in charm

In transforming a porch into a sunroom, installing new windows may not always be the best option. Old windows can bring in the same amount of sunlight and have a stunning effect on the sunroom. Beautiful and classic details of old windows create a charm that new and modern windows cannot surpass.

old window


let summer reign

Seasons may change, but do not allow the sunroom to go dull. When the weather gets cold and gloomy, adding vibrant colors in the sunroom will make it feel like summer all over again.

summer sunroom


keep your sunroom in season

Let the holiday cheer spread throughout your home, even in the sunroom! Add wreaths and playful decors and pillows for the Christmas season to really be felt in the room. Christmas lights can be creatively added in the too for an extra touch of discreet lighting.

christmas sunroom


Have you ever considered the idea of adding a sunroom to your home? Feel free to share your thoughts, projects and ideas in the comment section below.

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