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Bold&Masculine Black and White Apartment Enhanced by Colorful Details

extraordinary black and white designs

Black and white interior design will never get old, that is a well known fact proven every day but great designs materialized all over the world. Today`s black and white design highlights just that, an extraordinary apartment interior design envisioned by a polish studio entitledĀ Ā  thatĀ makes a stand for the black and white enthusiasts out there. The apartment incarcerates a great deal of masculinity into an extraordinary pure and elegant design.

A great importance has been attributed to pure geometry and shape`s aesthetic values, plane surfaces creating transitions between spaces whilst adding a dynamic touch blurred by simplicity. In such a simply extraordinary design chromatic pallets are emphasizing the simple lines that are gradually creating a steady rhythm .

The entire kitchen furniture has been built especially for this design being realized out of laminated panels. Shades of gray are being materialized through out the design creating a composition in the open plan living room design that also integrates the dinning space. The serene black and white design also shelters timeless consecrated piece of furniture as well like theĀ Armchair RM58 by Vzor that enhances the minimalist part of the interior design whilst adding an elegant touch.

We highly encourage you to visualize the gallery bellow and share your thoughts on this superb black and white interior design in the comment section bellow.

black and white living room design in the BoldMasculine-Black-and-White-Apartment-Enhanced-by-Colorful-Details

black and white bedroom interior design

small detail shot BoldMasculine-Black-and-White-Apartment-Enhanced-by-Colorful-Details

detail shot of the BoldMasculine-Black-and-White-Apartment-Enhanced-by-Colorful-Details

extraordinary detail shot of a small bedroom

BoldMasculine-Black-and-White-Apartment-Enhanced-by-Colorful-Details bathroom design

sink in the BoldMasculine-Black-and-White-Apartment-Enhanced-by-Colorful-Details

detail shots in black and white

execution detail shots in the BoldMasculine-Black-and-White-Apartment-Enhanced-by-Colorful-Details




[Photos:Ā Weronika Trojanowska]

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