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Boh Visitor Center by ZLG Design Seemlessy Blending into the Surroundings

superb breathtaking cantilevered Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics

The extraordinary  BOH Visitor Center is an establishment located in Malaysia overlooking a sublime amazing landscape. The unusual destination of the building serves visitors with views towards the estate opportunities to observe and appreciate the extraordinary serene landscape. The establishment came to address both the owner and operator`s requirements sales targets and enhance the existing tea shop whilst improving the visitors facilities.

Aiming for the most efficient snapshots and perfect views the alignment of the building foot print became crucial for the success of the project. With a low budget and a high construction to materialize, measuring 145m in length and 9m in width, the challenge was raised by the materials used in the process and the finishing, most of these remaining exposed, communicating with the environment in an extraordinary manner.

unique view Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics

The huge cantilever overlooking the serene landscape was anchored by an extraordinary tree preserved with that sole role now enhancing the sublime snapshots for the viewers. The rest of the trees erased from the site have been introduced into the building itself in between the exterior grid, offering a great anchor and disguise in the surroundings and filtering the the light . The visitors center is naturally ventilated with a very small need for mechanical ventilation or air conditioning in the encapsulated spaces.

A very big part of the establishment is elevated from the terrain to provide space underneath, highlighting the low impact of the building on the terrain and creating the illusion of airiness, slowly floating above the ground.

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Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics corridor

perspective view Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics


beautiful wooden and iron facade Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics

perfect view Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics


access in the Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics

superb composition Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics


lateral view Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics


floor plan blueprint Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics

blueprint floorplan Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics

floor plan blueprint Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics

floor plan blueprint Boh-Visitor-Center-ZLG-Design-Seemlessy-Blending-surroundings-homesthetics



Architect: ZLG Design
Team: Huat Lim, Susanne Zeidler, Jimmy Wong, Mary Verhaeghe, Hong Chieh
Location: Sungai Palas, Cameron Highland, Boh Visitor Centre, Malaysia
Locale description: Tea plantations and factory
Site area: 12,168.32 sqm
Built area: 1,233.8 sqm
Building start: November 2005
BUilding completion: July 2006
Budget: USD$498,652.29

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