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9 Best Watercolor Markers With Legendary Results for Artists Everywhere

Best Watercolor Markers

You’ve used a brush, and you’ve used a pen. But have you ever tried a watercolor marker?

No, this isn’t a post for the elitist who would rather stick to their old ways of producing art. The world has progressed after all and “art” is now no longer confined to an archaic set of rules and regulations.

And that’s exactly what the watercolor marker embodies!

With the right watercolor marker, you can get the best of both in the world of art. The quality and grace of painting with a brush and the convenience of a pen.

And this tool is especially important when you need to do a lot of detailed work and you’re not quite ‘not there’ yet with the strokes of a traditional brush.

So, with a humble understanding of the gravitas of this medium, we decided to present to you the best watercolor markers we could find!

Here are the best watercolor markers for legendary results for artists everywhere! Go ahead and give it a read.

Best Watercolor Markers

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageLetraset Aqua Marker
  • Twin-tipped markers
  • Rich and saturated colors
  • Includes a blending pen
hstcstbl-table__imageMozArt Supplies Brush Pen Set
  • Comes in a set of 12 or 20
  • Real brush tip
  • Made from synthetic fibers
hstcstbl-table__imageTombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers
  • Dual-tipped markers
  • Includes a blending pen
  • Has a fine tip and a brush tip
hstcstbl-table__imageWinsor & Newton Water Color Markers
  • Comes in a set of 12 pens
  • Synthetic fiber brush tips
  • Colors are intermixable
hstcstbl-table__imageBienfang Watercolor Brush Pens
  • Includes a blending brush
  • Comes in a vinyl case
  • Comes in a set of 9 or 12 markers
hstcstbl-table__imageTanmit Dual Tip Art Markers
  • Comes with 60 different colors
  • Dual-tipped markers
  • Affordable
hstcstbl-table__imageTropic Desire Watercolor Markers
  • Comes with 20 different colors
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Has a synthetic fiber brush tip
hstcstbl-table__imageUS Art Factory Watercolor Marker Set
  • Includes a blending brush
  • Comes with a 12-sheet watercolor pad
  • Synthetic fiber brush tip
hstcstbl-table__imageSpectrum Noir Aqua Markers
  • Has a variety of color sets to choose from
  • Sold in sets
  • Has a dual nib design

best water color markers

  1. Letraset Aqua Marker

Letraset Aqua Marker is a perfect entry for people who are new to using watercolor markers. It is also excellent for watercolorists who want a little bit of modularity and uniqueness in their artworks. It’s an incredibly well-built marker perfect for people who are more familiar with markers than watercolor markers.

Letraset 9.6 Aqua Marker, Twin-Tip, 12-Pack
  • Set of 12 twin-tipped markers that handle and perform like...
  • Colors provide rich and saturated hues, superior light...


The markers have two tips that offer immense versatility. There’s a fine tip for detailed work as well as a chiseled tip for broader strokes. Their durability is also astounding and by our estimation, it should withstand a significant amount of abuse.

Coupled with this is its wide barrel that stores more ink and gives better control to beginner artists. Its design makes it easily suitable for beginners and casual artists but the performance of it makes it worthy for intermediate artists as well.


The ink blends flawlessly when exposed to water which makes it possible to achieve accurate hues that give a soft appearance.

The ink is also extremely durable. It is extremely lightfast, i.e., doesn’t dilute easily under prolonged exposure to light.

Overall, the marker set is really splendid in terms of performance, design, and durability. But one gripe we did have was the lack of a brush-like tip. The tips, although of satisfactory quality, resemble a conventional marker than watercolor brushes.

That’s why we recommend professional watercolorists to stay away from this set.

  • Two tips – one fine tip for detailed work and one broad tip for fat strokes
  • Markers are extremely durable as well – sturdy tips and lightfast ink
  • Ink mixes beautifully with water as well and blends beautifully
  • The set is extremely affordable as well
  • Tips resemble more to a traditional marker than a brush
  1. MozArt Supplies Brush Pen Set

Turning towards a more professional and hardcore set of watercolor markers, we have MozArt Supplies Brush Pen Set. You can get these splendid watercolor markers in a set of 12 or 20. With an experience that is more aligned to the feeling of a brush, this brush is suitable for professional watercolorists on a budget because of its quality and performance.

Brush Pens Set - 20 Colors - Watercolor Brush Pen - Soft...
  • REAL BRUSH TIP – Our Single brush pens have durable, soft...
  • WATERCOLOR EFFECTS – The ink blends excellently with water...


From our experience, we can vouch for the performance of these markers and recommend it to watercolorists who are handier with the flow of a brush.

The bristles used in the tip are, of course, made from synthetic fibers and it’s great because that gives the tip a sort of bounciness that gives great feedback.

The ink flows smoothly and in contact with water blends perfectly without any inconsistency. In the department of performance, we don’t have any gripes with it. It flows remarkably well and is way more worth than the price.


The ink is also plenty durable with good lightfastness. The only gripe we have with the pen is the lack of versatility.

We get it. This marker set is designed for performing really well as a watercolor marker but the lack of dual tips and other features make this pen inaccessible to newcomers to the medium.

If you plan on using this marker set and you are not accustomed to the flow of a brush, we recommend you to consider the room for mistakes and using this marker set with a collection of other markers as well.

  • Good quality brush tip that is springy, firm and durable
  • It is incredibly affordable and a good value for money
  • The ink is of good quality and is plenty durable
  • It has only one tip that is of brush-type
  1. Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers have one of the highest numbers of color options in a set. With a set of whopping 95 colors (+1 Blender marker), this set is one of the most fleshed-out set in terms of variety and hue options that we know of. And with a dual tip design – a fine tip and a brush tip, this watercolor marker has got all the things it needs.

Tombow 56185 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Bright, 10-Pack....
  • Ideal for fine art, brush lettering, faux calligraphy,...
  • Set of 9 colors and 1 blender pen, with flexible brush tip...


With the wide selection of colors, mixing hues almost become obsolete because you can already find the hue you want in the box with such a huge variety of colors.

The markers also feature dual tips. One of which is a fine tip which is great for detailed work and the other is a brush tip which has better control and flow than a broad stroke chiseled tip.

The ink is fantastic as well. It flows well, blends perfectly and mixes accurately. It is also extremely lightfast and completely acid-free.


As a professional watercolorist, you can also work out your painting over several days with this marker set. The pigments lift up with no problem when in contact with water.

It comes with a desk stand to store all the markers together. It also has a smart cap design. A small notch on the cap prohibits the marker from rolling around.

The tips also come with a feature of self-cleaning. With other markers, the tips will get muddy and dirty over time. But with Tombow markers, you’ll never have to face this problem because the markers will clean itself.

  • Wide selection of colors – 95 colors + 1 blender
  • Amazing performance that is unrivaled by any other
  • Comes with a desk stand for easy storage
  • The tip can clean itself and will remain consistent over a long time
  • The markers can be purchased individually
  • It is expensive
  1. Winsor & Newton Water Color Markers

Winsor & Newton has brand recognition in the art community that is second to none. And they have always produced remarkable art products that artists around the globe vouch for.

These markers come in a set of 12 and the quality of each of the markers is nothing less than excellent. Winsor & Newton never fails to amaze artists with the quality of their products and this marker set is not an exception to that.

Winsor & Newton Water Colour Brush Markers, Set of 12
442 Reviews
Winsor & Newton Water Colour Brush Markers, Set of 12
  • DUAL TIPS: All paint markers have a fine bullet nib for...
  • UNBEATABLE COLOR: Highly pigmented water based color gives...


Like the entry from Tombow, these markers also come with dual tips. One of them is a fine tip for detailing and fine lines, and the other one is a brush tip that is great for watercolorists and calligraphists.

The bristles of the brush tip are made from synthetic fibres. They are springy and hence, provide an incredible amount of feedback to the user.

But the more important part is the performance of the ink. And of course, Winsor & Newton wouldn’t skimp on the part of quality.

The ink’s dissolvability is incredibly good. The pigments mix effortlessly even without the use of blender marker. You can simply use a wet brush to mix the inks effortlessly.

31NoowQwN L

The colors are also extremely vibrant and attractive. In terms of vibrancy, they match Tombow’s offering. The pigment count is remarkably high and hence the colors produced are very saturated and attractive.

The marker set comes in a tin box and hence can be carried around without any hassle. This makes this marker set incredibly for plein air painting.

The only downside is the rather limited number of colors in the set – 12. You’ll need to do a lot of mixing to get the color you need and with watercolor markers that’s a lot of hassle.

  • Two tips – one fine tip and one brush tip
  • Incredibly lightfast ink and professional grade quality
  • Colors are incredibly vibrant and gorgeous
  • Set comes in a tin box that is great for traveling and plein air painting
  • Colors available in the set is rather limiting
  1. Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pens

Bienfang is a brand under a corporation called Speedball which has been a respected company for over 100 years now. If that doesn’t tell indicate the prestige and quality of its products, then also keep in mind that this brand can give ancient European establishments a run for their money.

These quality markers are geared to a novice audience of beginners, casual artists, and even kids.

Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pens, Set of 9
  • Perfect for watercolor painting, card-making, scrapbooking...
  • Includes 8 brushes, 1 blending brush, vinyl case


This marker set comes either with 9 or 12 markers. And we believe that a set of 12 colors is more than adequate for a novice artist. The markets come in a case that makes it also suitable for traveling and outdoor painting.

But even if these markers are meant for beginners, in terms of quality, there’s only praise for these markers. The colors have a very high pigment count and are vibrant. The resulting artworks always have poppy and attractive look.

The colors are also incredibly lightfast and it’s astounding to witness this kind of quality and durability in such an affordable set that is meant for beginner and casual artists.

The markers only feature a brush tip that might upset the professional and intermediate audience. But keep in mind that it’s not targeted towards that audience.

Otherwise, the brush tip is actually of impeccable quality and have a nice spring to it.

There are not many flashes with this marker set. This set is meant for the novice artist and for an affordable price it gives the best possible performance, both in terms of functionality and durability.

  • Incredibly affordable and beginner friendly
  • Includes a blending marker
  • Comes with a case for easy carriage
  • Decent performance offering a good value for the money
  • It is not meant for professional or intermediate artists
  1. Tanmit Dual Tip Art Markers

Tanmit Dual Tip Art Markers are amazing quality markers that give the wide selection and design like Tombow Markers at the price of Bienfang markers. The set comes with 60 different colors that offer astounding variety at this price point. The markers also have a dual tip design with a micron style fine tip and a brush tip.

No products found.


This marker set come with 60 different colors at an incredibly affordable price. This kind of variety is not even witnessed in some of the higher priced professional grade marker sets.

These markers also have dual tips – one Micron pen style fine nib and a brush tip that is made out of synthetic fibers. The dual tip design is extremely necessary for watercolor markers, even though we have mentioned some entries on this list without dual tips.

The fact that this marker set is geared towards novice artists is astounding to us. But when it comes to ink performance and durability, you’ll have to keep in mind that it’s meant for beginners.

First of all, the colors won’t be as vibrant and saturated as some of the other entries on this list, like the Winsor & Newton or the Tombow.

And the dissolvability of the ink is also not that remarkable. What it means is that the ink won’t completely spread when mixed with water.

Ultimately though, these markers are a great bargain for beginners and way more worth than the price.

  • Incredibly affordable
  • Markers come with dual tips – one fine tip and one brush tip
  • There are 60 colors in a set
  • It is extremely beginner friendly
  • This set is not meant for professionals
  1. Tropic Desire Watercolor Markers

Tropic Desire brings this remarkable watercolor marker set that is suitable for beginners and the artists on the go alike. This wonderful set comes with 20 different colors and a carrying case that can also hold other pens and brushes.

If this doesn’t seem worth it for the extremely affordable price, you can also get your money back because of their satisfaction guarantee!


We feel that 20 colors is more than adequate for the needs of a beginner or an artist on the go. This sort of variety of colors eliminates the need for mixing to get new colors for most of the paintings.

The markers come with only one brush tip that has synthetic fibers and has a firm feeling while applying strokes.

Some may say that one tip is inadequate and we agree partially to that argument. But the quality of the brush tip itself didn’t leave a lot to desire in our use case. Still, we’d suggest you pick up some brushes if you plan to use this marker set extensively.


The colors are extremely vibrant and poppy as well. The ink is extremely lightfast too. On this front, we don’t desire anything more from this product. It’s already of excellent quality.

The best part of this whole deal is the inclusion of a travel case which makes painting on the go possible and makes this a value proposition for the small price tage it carries.

  • It is extremely affordable
  • The color variety is enough to satisfy a beginner’s need
  • The added travel pouch is amazingly handy
  • It only has one tip. There’s no fine tip, only a brush tip
  1. US Art Factory Watercolor Marker Set

US Art Factory is a well-renowned brand in the world of art products. They have been the maker of some of the best quality art products that we know of and this entry from them is not a slacker either.

We deem this watercolor marker set as the best set that beginner could get. It comes with all the necessary things to get started with this medium.

Dunamis Watercolor Brush Pens, Calligraphy Pen, Best Real...
  • ✔ MULTIPURPOSE… High Purity, Very Bright Colors, can be...
  • ✔ COLORS & FUNCTIONS… 20 Unique Colors which are Perfect...


This watercolor marker set comes with 20 different colors that we deem adequate for a beginner. A more important inclusion is that of the water brush which is used to blend the colors. And it is refillable.

A bonus inclusion is that of a pad of watercolor paper. Each sheet is rated at 250 gsm and there are total 12 sheets in the pad. You also get an ebook to tutor you through the basics of watercoloring.

61s qiuif8L

Unfortunately, it only features a single brush tip. Although it is a good brush tip that is made from synthetic fibers, the lack of a fine tip really brings down its value proposition.

But it redeems some of that damage by performing incredibly well. It’s unbelievably good for a beginner’s marker set. And it also comes in an organised case that is extremely handy.

  • Incredibly cheap
  • Best choice for beginners 
  • It only has a single tip
  1. Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers

Spectrum Noir Aqua Markers might just be the best value-for-money marker set on this entire list. It is geared towards non-professional artists – both beginners and intermediate artists.

There are various kinds of sets that come from Spectrum Noir. You can get Primary, Essentials, Floral or Earth sets to cater to any need according to your subject.

Spectrum Noir Aqua Artist's Water Based Dual Nib Marker...
  • Water-Soluble Aqua Markers: Easily create a whole range of...
  • Dual-Tipped: Flexible brush for broad coverage and an...


The way these markers are packaged and sold in sets make them extremely handy in terms of purchase and eliminates wastage of markers.

And no matter the set you get, it’ll always be light on your wallet. These extremely affordable markers come with a dual nib design. Something that has only been limited to expensive marker sets like Tombow and Winsor & Newton.

And there are a lot more areas where this marker set seems more akin to expensive brands. One of which is the durability of the ink. The ink used in this set has one of the highest lightfast ratings that is only evident in high-end brands.

The ink also flows incredibly well and blends flawlessly. The quality and performance of the ink surprised us because we didn’t expect it coming from such an inexpensive brand.

The markers also have a anti-rolling cap design which is rare to see in this price point.

Overall, for an artist who is somewhere in between being a beginner and an intermediate, this marker set is the best. And anyway, we are more than satisfied with this product.

  • Incredibly cheap
  • The colors are vibrant and poppy
  • Ink is extremely lightfast
  • The markers have a smart cap design that prevents it from rolling
  • It can’t be bought individually


So that’s all for this article. We hope that this guide helped you find the best watercolor marker set for you.

We tried to keep all the entries on this list as unique as possible, i.e., catering to different needs. So that, everyone can find what meets their needs.

With that, we wish you well in your creative endeavors and thank you for reading!

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