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10 Best Stair Climbing Carts of Today | Buyer’s Guide

Best Stair Climbing Carts

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We are now so used to the lifts and elevators that climbing stairs feel nothing short of a solid aerobic exercise. While using stairs with one’s own weight seem so exhausting, imagine scaling them while holding a lot of groceries or heavy laundry!

Climbing carts have been particularly designed to take the edge off of moving heavy weights through stairs. They are quite different from regular trolleys. Stair climbing carts are fitted with a unique tri-wheel tire assembly that helps the carts in scaling the edges of the stairs. Whether it is a residence, construction site or departmental store, stair climbing carts can come in handy in moving the weight up and down.

If you are moving in an apartment building, immediately get a stair climbing cart. You will realize its importance and utility when the lift won’t be working and you have to drag that heavy grocery stuff to your high-rise apartment with all the jerking and slamming caused by the hard-angled stairs.

Here, we are going to review 10 of the best stair climbing carts available in the market right now.  

Best Stair Climbing Carts

 Best Stair Climbing Carts

1. Tomas Stainless Steel Utility Cart- The Best Utility Stair Climbing Cart

  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Fitted with two handles for easy movement
  • A collapsible frame
  • Carry up to 177 pounds

Tomasar Stainless Steel Utility Cart is a lightweight stair climbing cart with sturdy aluminum alloy frame. The cart is fitted with swiveling front wheels. Meanwhile, the back corners of the cart are fixed with tri-wheel 360-degree rotating assemblies.

Moreover, the vertical frame of the cart is collapsible so you can adjust it according to what you are carrying on it. With a long top handle and an all-turning middle handle, you can easily move the Tomasar Utility Cart on all terrain and stair types.

When completely open, the cart can hold up to 177 pounds of weight. Tomasar is ideal for moving vegetables and fruits in between different stories of a big departmental store.  

2. LUCKUP Folding Shopping Cart – Best Stair Climbing Cart for Seniors

  • Foldable design
  • Comes with a weatherproof bag
  • Fitted with durable PU rubber tires

LUCKUP Folding Shopping Cart is an innovative stair climbing cart designed for flexible use. It is primarily made of a foldable steel frame. At the bottom, the cart is fitted with two tri-wheel assemblies on the back and a horizontal rod stand on the front. The stand ensures the cart can be stood still.

LUCKUP Folding Shopping Cart Stair Climbing Cart Grocery...
  • [Superior material] The surface material is 600D Oxford...
  • [Absolute advantages] PU rubber Wheels are not easy to be...

A high-quality waterproof bag is also part of the deal. You can put it on the steel-frame to keep your groceries or laundry safe from water and dust while moving it around. With a side and front Velcro-fastening pockets, there is enough room in the bag. The cart is ideal for pregnant women and seniors who have to move heavy stuff up and down the stairs.

Without a bag, you can use the cart to move the cartons and other solid packages up and around. 

3. BestEquip Stair Climber – A Stair Climbing Cart with Spare Tires

  • A sturdy foldable frame
  • Long handles for easy push
  • Comes with two spare tires

BestEquip Stair Climber Cart is a hardwearing climbing cart that is rightly called hand truck by the manufacturer. This sturdy foldable metal frame can be stretched up to 30 inches of height to accommodate even large objects.

VEVOR Stair Climbing Cart, Portable Folding Trolley with 6...
  • 【LOAD-BEARING CAPACITY】- This hand truck for stairs...
  • 【DURABLE CONSTRUCTION】- Our folding trolley is designed...

The base of the cart is fitted with a tri-wheel chassis on the back and a two-pod stand on the front. BestEquip is also providing two spare tires so you can keep the cart moving if any of the fitted wheels breaks down. Moreover, BestEquip has kept the cart handle extra long so users can move the cart upstairs with lesser force.

This sturdy piece of the cart can carry up to 330 pounds of weight. 

4. VEVOR Stair Climbing Cart- A Stair Climbing Cart with Good Weight Capacity

  • Foldable frame
  • Silver pull road with rubber grip
  • PU rubber tires

VEVOR Stair Climbing Cart is another heavy-duty hand truck with a foldable metal frame and six-wheel assembly (in tri-wheel setting). The cart is fitted with a long silver pull road that provides more moment arm. In other words, you need to exert less force while dragging the cart upstairs. The rod is also fitted with a grooved rubber pad so you can firmly grip the cart without getting your palms all blistered.

VEVOR Stair Climbing Cart Portable Climbing Cart 330 lb...
  • Durable Construction: Our folding trolley is designed to...
  • Load-Bearing Capacity: This hand truck for stairs provides...

The tires of VEVOR Stair Climbing Cart are made of PU rubber. The material selection ensures extended use along with lesser screeching. The frame of the cart can be unfolded to 30-inch height for easy stashing of large objects. You can load up to 300 pounds of stuff in the cart. 

5. Dbest Products Stair Climber – Best Collapsible Stair Climbing Cart

  • Comes with a polyester denier bag
  • A collapsible and foldable metal frame
  • Multifunctional use
  • Amazon’s Choice product

Dbest Products Stair Climber is the namesake of the manufacturer i.e. it is definitely ‘the best’ stair climbing dolly on the block right now. This collapsible and foldable cart is fitted with a removable waterproof polyester bag for keeping the stuff in safety.

dbest products Stair Climber Bigger Trolley Dolly, Blue...
  • Our folding Stair Climber Bigger Trolley dolly cart...
  • Collapsible and Portable; Easily folds down in half for...

The bag also has an intricate network of pockets. There is a bottle holder, front flap pocket, umbrella pocket, and a spacious inner pouch. You can sort out a different variety of stuff in different pockets. And it’s not necessary to use the cart with bag only. Remove the bag, fold the cart to half of its length, and now have a small dolly to move the lesser amount or lighter stuff.

Like any good quality stair climbing cart, Dbest Stair Climber is fitted with the six-wheel chassis and a flat stand in the base.  

6. ROYI Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart – Improved ROYI Stair Climbing Cart

  • Highand sturdy stainless steel frame
  • Rubber wheels with an upgraded wheel lock
  • Comes with a multi-pocket bag

As the title suggests, this is an upgraded version of a former ROYI stair climbing cart. And that’s the reason why it has ended up on our list of best stair climbing carts of today. ROYI Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart has a higher stainless steel frame with an ergonomic handle. Not only it helps you in moving the cart easily, but it also lets you easily store items of large volume.

ROYI Upgraded Folding Shopping Cart, Stair Climbing Cart...
  • More Pocket Grocery Cart-Plz check video on seventh image...
  • Practical Tri-wheels-Our engineers design this cart...

Moreover, the cart is fitted with rubber tri-wheel chassis instead of plastic ones. This upgrade ensures better surface traction and noiseless cart movement. Lastly, the base of the cart in this upgraded ROYI climbing cart is a solid platform so you can directly put things on it.

The weatherproof bag also comes with the cart and you can easily put it on the frame. With side pockets, a back zipper pocket and large front pocket, you now get segregated space within the bag. 

7. Dbest Products Stair Climber Trolley Dolly –  Stair Climbing Cart with a Gunny Sack

  • A lightweight but sturdy metal frame
  • An ergonomic foldable design
  • Can carry up to 110 pounds

This Dbest Stair Climber has ended up our list because of its unique bag. The manufacturing is providing a faux gunny sack with the cart. And like any other bag, you can fix it on the cart’s base. Dbest has introduced this uniquely designed bag to move around the laundry.

dbest products Stair Climber Laundry Trolley Dolly, Grey...
  • The Stair Climber Laundry Trolley Dolly is a one of kind...
  • Multi-functional Uses; Use it as a Laundry cart, Laundry...

But that’s not all that you can do with this stair climbing cart. Remove the bag and now you have a sturdy hand truck through which you can move any object(s) up to 110 pounds on all sorts of terrains and stairs. With a firm padded grip on the top handle and front horizontal stand, moving stuff won’t feel like work. 

8. WAYTRIM Folding Shopping Trolley – Best All-Purpose Stair Climbing Cart

  • PU-wrapped wheels for better grip and noiseless movement
  • A waterproof, odor-resistant bag with multiple pockets
  • 2-minute assembly and disassembly

WAYTRIM has introduced a heavy-duty stair climbing cart that is equally easy-to-use. The trolley comes with a weatherproof 21” long bag that you can use for all sorts of stuff. From soggy vegetables to fragile items, everything can be moved up and down the stairs with WAYTRIM Folding Shopping Trolley. Apart from being tough and weather-resistant, the 1680D oxford fabric bag also doesn’t develop any repugnant smells over a long period of use.

No products found.

Another good thing about WAYTRIM stair climbing cart is it can be folded in a compact flat assembly. This has become possible with the easy assemble/dissemble tri-wheel frame. This supreme foldable characteristic makes it very easy to move and keep the trolley when it is not in use.

This hardwearing and all-purpose stair climbing cart weighs just over 6 pounds, thanks to its sturdy aluminum alloy frame. 

9. Helping Hand Deluxe – Best Grocery Stair Climbing Cart

  • Lightweight tubular steel frame
  • Can carry up to 60 pounds
  • Fitted with front wheels

Helping Hand Deluxe Stair Climber Cart is an ideal shopping and grocery trolley for people who don’tlive on ground floors. The cart contains that typical tri-wheel assembly in the back of the base. Unlike many carts that we have discussed here, Helping Hand Stair Climbing Cart is also fitted with two front wheels instead of a flat horizontal stand.

Helping Hand Deluxe Stair Climber Cart in Silver | Folding...
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE: The Stair Climber Cart by Helping Hand...
  • GO THE DISTANCE: This cart allows you to make longer trips...

This feature is very helpful if the distance from the grocery store to your abode is a long trip. The front wheels also come in handy when you are moving the trolley through the store aisles. The trolley is fitted with a mesh steel frame of over 19” height and can hold up to 60 pounds of stuff.

This means you can move all you monthly grocery in a single spree through Helping Hand Deluxe Stair Climber Cart. 

10. UpCart All-Terrain Cart-  Stair Climbing Cart with Big Wheels

  • Large wheels
  • Completely foldable
  • Adjustable height handle

UpCart All-Terrain Stair Climbing Cart is a perfect tri-wheel trolley. Among all the carts we have discussed, here you will get the tri wheels with the largest diameter. Not only does it make the linear movement swifter, but it also helps when you are moving the cart on steeper steps.

UpCart Deluxe All-Terrain Stair Climbing Folding Cart
  • STAIR CLIMBING - For indoor or outdoor use. The UpCart...
  • FOLDS COMPLETELY FLAT - The UpCart Deluxe has a patented...

Moreover, it’s also one of those carts that you can fold to a flat assembly. You can actually fold it to the vertical height of the tri-wheels. The ergonomic handle of UpCart can be adjusted to three heights up to 44”. This adjustability will help you in moving objects with different weights and sizes with more ease.

Lastly, the overall shape and color scheme of the UpCart Stair Climbing Cart is quite sporty. The combination of the gray wavy front stand with orange wheel rims is easy on the eyes. The product is available on Amazon and enjoys 4.0-star customer rating on the platform. 

Note: All the products have been reviewed in no particular order.

Bid farewell to that back-breaking haulage of grocery, laundry and other heavy stuff through stairs and front stoops. Pick any of the stair climbing carts from the above list as per your particular need and easily move all the heavy stuff up and down.

 Best Stair Climbing Carts

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