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10 Best Solar Powered Shed Lights of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Solar Powered Shed Lights

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Do you remember the times you’ve fallen over or tripped over something when you’re scrambling about in your shed in low visibility? That’s a common occurrence for most people since in trying to cut down on electricity costs they don’t have any lights in the shed. Hardly anyone uses the shed after sundown, so there’s no point in getting a light installed inside. However, you don’t know when you may need to get something from your shed at night. So, for times like these, it’s best that you get a bulb installed in the shed, but worry not, we have the best solar powered shed lights to illuminate your path!.

The best option is to get a solar-powered light which not only helps in bringing down electricity costs but provide you with a lighting solution in the shed. The good news is that you’re spoilt for choice as there are a lot of options available for solar-powered shed lights. Before we get around to reviewing the best solar-powered shed lights of 2022, it’s important to check out the buyer’s guide first.

Solar Powered Shed Lights 

Best Solar Powered Shed Lights

Now that we have discussed the buyer’s guide, it’s time to get down to business and review the top 10 solar-powered shed lights of 2022. We have chosen the best options available in the market today, based on their prices, durability, safety, ease of use, and features.

1. LightMe Multi-functional LED Solar Powered Light E27 12-LED

The top spot on our list is taken by the LightMe Multi-functional LED solar-powered lights, which are one of the best lights for small areas. The lights are small, and their best feature is the rechargeable battery, which can even charge your mobile phone with a USB port. That is a great asset to have if you’re in a remote place, or stuck in a natural disaster with no electricity, as you’ll have a light source and can charge your mobile phone at the same time.

LightMe Multi-functional LED Solar Powered Light E27 12-LED...
  • Solar powered LED light - you don't need to worry there is...
  • 5 brightness modes - 12 leds 140lm will bring you a...

· Wireless Remote

Switching the light on and off is made easy through a wireless remote, which is equipped with the light.  It also allows you to change the brightness setting with 5 different modes built in the remote.

· Portable

This solar shed light is lightweight and portable due to their small size, so you can take them along with you almost anywhere you’re going.

· Long battery life

These solar shed lights may be small in size but do boast a long battery life of around 9 to 20 hours when fully charged. That makes it the perfect light for those who want their shed to remain lit for extensive periods.  

2. Gama Sonic Light My Shed III Solar LED Shed Light Fixture #GS-16LD

Coming in at second spot on our list of the best-rated solar-powered shed lights of 2022 is the Gama Sonic Light, which is super bright. It only has a single light, but it is bright enough to illuminate a medium-sized room easily. The great thing about this light is that you choose to light 24 or 48 LEDs with a simple flip of the switch.

Gama Sonic GS-16LD Shed Solar Light, White
  • Solar-charged light with 48 LEDs provides optimal brightness...
  • No electrical wiring necessary--just hang the solar panel,...

· Easy Installation

Installing this light is extremely simple and convenient as it can be installed on all types of materials like wood, metal or plastic.

· High Efficiency

Another thing great thing about this light is its high efficiency, which allows it to provide you with 2 hours of bright light on a single charge. It is made of high-quality materials and, therefore, durable as well.

· Convenient Solar Powered Stand

The light has a powerful monocrystalline solar-powered stand, which you can install on the side of your shed. It’s sturdy, strong and can be adjusted, making it a great looking light for your shed.

· Rechargeable Battery

This solar-powered light comes with a rechargeable battery and has a low voltage output.

3. Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar Powered LED Shed Light

The third light on our list is the Nature Power 21030 Hanging Solar Powered Light, which is perfect if you want a great looking light. It is a hanging light and comes with an adjustable chain that adds a cosmetic design and makes it simple to use the light. Most solar lights don’t look great, but this light has a contemporary and cosmetic design that will bring out the aesthetics of your shed.

Kyson Solar Lights,Solar Powered Led Shed Light with Remote...
  • Bulb Houses 4 Bright White LEDs;PLS NOTICE IT'S MINI SIZE...
  • External Solar Panel on a 3m Lead Cable

· Convenient

This shed light is efficient and convenient to use daily if you’re using it to light up a small area that you work in.

· Keychain Remote

You also get a keychain remote with this solar-powered light that means you won’t be fiddling around in the dark for the switch, as you can turn on the light while walking towards the shed from your doorway.

· Long Battery Life

This light comes with a rechargeable battery that can provide you with bright lighting for up to 8 hours, which is one of the highest among solar-powered lights.  

4. Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light

Another great solar-powered shed light that you can buy is the Kyson solar light that can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is a great looking light and is made from durable components, so it is strong as well, allowing you to use it anywhere. The light also comes with a remote control and a pull-and-cord system for switching it on or off easily.

Kyson Indoor Solar Barn Lights,Solar Powered Led Shed Light...
  • Product Size:17.5*17.5*24cm.Solar panel 12*12CM,E27...
  • External Solar Panel on a 3m Lead Cable,line of lamp to the...

· Easy to Use

One of the best things about this light is that it is very easy to use since you have the option to switch it on or off with the pull and cord system or the remote control.

· Optional Extension Cable

Placing the light anywhere you want is also easy as it comes with an additional 9.8-foot extension cable.

· Bright Light

You get an extremely bright light effect from this solar-powered light, as it has 4 LED light bulbs that are perfect for lighting up any room or area. 

5. Woods Designers Edge L-949 Rechargeable Solar Shed Lights

If you’re after a durable, high-quality solar-powered shed lights that provide you with bright illumination as well as a great design, this solar light from Wood Designers Edge is the best choice. It boasts of an astonishing 100,000 hours of ultra-bright LED light and several years of use without needing to change the bulbs once.

Designers Edge L-949 Rechargeable Solar Shed Lights with 10...
  • LONG-LASTING SHED SOLAR LIGHT: these solar shed lights offer...
  • VERSATILE SOLAR LIGHTS FOR SHED: this solar shed light can...

· Ease of Use

One of the best things about this solar light is that it is extremely easy to install and very simple to use.

· Multiple Operation Modes

This solar light comes with multiple operation modes that allow you to choose from full brightness with all 10 LED bulbs lighting up or use only 5 LED bulbs for medium brightness.

· Versatile Light

You get unmatched versatility with this solar-powered LED light as you can install it anywhere, whether it is on mounted on a pole or placed on a wall that is 16 feet away from the solar panel.  

6. Lixada 3W Outdoor Hanging Solar Powered 4 LED Light

Lixada is a brand that is renowned for creating superior quality solar-powered lights for outdoor use. This light is one of their best offerings and the best part about it is that it has a rotatable solar panel that can be adjusted to absorb the most sunlight. That ensures you can fully charge it easily, and it can provide you with around 8 to 12 hours of non-stop light, which is more than enough to last the entire night. So, you get a brightly lit shed till the sun comes up again.

Lixada Solar Pendant Light Outdoor Indoor Hanging Light LED...
  • 🏆 SOLAR POWERED & LIGHT CONTROL - It's power supplied by...
  • 🏆 2 CONTROL MODES - It can be controlled by RF remote...

· Waterproof

One of the standout features of the Lixada solar light is that it is completely waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor use. You can install this light anywhere, be it on your balcony, your garden, or your patio. It comes with an IP44 certification for water resistance.

· High-Quality Construction

The high-quality construction of this solar-powered light is another great feature. It is made with high-quality stainless steel that comes with thermostability, resistance to dust, and a high-temperature resistance—all of which extend the life of this solar light to around 300,000 hours.


· Long Working Time

The special rotatable solar panel of this light allows you to adjust the solar stand to ensure that it gets enough sunlight and is fully charged quickly. It also manages to provide you with an astounding 8 to 12 hours of bright illumination, which is one of the best in the industry.

· Dual Control Modes

You get two control modes with this solar shed light, which makes it extremely convenient for users. You can choose to use the light with a pull cord switch or through the remote control, and it comes with a 3-meter cable, so you can use it indoors as well.  

7. FEIFEIER Solar Power Shed Light

The FEIFEIER solar-powered shed light is highly efficient and you can use it indoors or outdoors easily. The great thing about this solar light is that it has a very convenient mode of operation. Not only does it light up automatically, but there is a separate manual switch for turning the light on and off. That allows the users to operate the light as they want with great convenience.

FEIFEIER Solar Shed Lights with On Off Switch Portable 450LM...
  • 【AUTO LIGHTING AT DARK】: Turn on at dusk and off at dawn...

· Lengthy Extension Cable

This solar-powered light comes with a long extension cable that is extremely long and allows users to place the light in various locations. The solar panel can also be detached and kept in a place that gets the maximum amount of sunshine to fully charge the light quickly.


· Bright LED Bulbs

This solar light comes with two super-bright LED bulbs is that they are bright enough to light up any kind of area indoors or outdoors.

· Rechargeable Batteries

This solar light boasts extremely powerful batteries that are extremely efficient and offer a 2000-mAh power, so you can charge it quickly and get nonstop illumination for hours.  

8. LISOPO Portable Solar Powered Light Bulb S-1500 140LM

Another great solar-powered light is LISOPO portable lights that can not only be charged with sunlight through the solar panel, but you can also charge them with the 5-8V charger. The lights are portable as well, so you can carry them with you on trips and use them outdoors on cloudy days as well.

· Practical

One of the best features of this solar light is that it is not only very efficient in use by offering you uninterrupted illumination for several hours, but it’s practical as well. It comes with a hook that allows you to hang these lights anywhere you want.

· High-Quality Build

Another thing that makes them one of the best solar-powered lights in the market is that they boast high-quality construction and are therefore very durable. The cables of these lights aren’t just cold-proof but heat-proof as well.

· Multiple Uses

The standout feature of this solar-powered light is that it is portable, which allows users to use it anywhere they want besides their shed. You can even use them as emergency lights in your home, or take them with you for outdoor excursions, such as camping or hiking.  

9. DOMEZAN Solar Light Indoor / Portable Outdoor Bulb

The DOMEZAN solar light is one of the most convenient options you can find in the market as it allows you to mount it anywhere you want with an adhesive. The light is extremely affordable and provides you with bright illumination for several hours in any small room.

DOMEZAN Solar Light Indoor, Portable Outdoor Emergency Light...
  • [Environmentally Friendly]– Our eco-friendly solar light...
  • [Longer Battery Life]- Built in long lasting high...

· Dimmable Light

These solar-powered lights come with two brightness modes that are preset and have the option of dimming and has an SOS and strobe mode.

· One-Year Warranty

Buying this solar light isn’t just affordable, it also comes with a 1-year warranty along with 30 days return policy. This makes it the perfect buy for buyer’s who are buying their first solar-powered light.

· White Light

You get a bright nice white light illumination from the light that is perfect for lighting up small spaces like the garage, shed, or a barn.

· High Battery Life

This solar light has a strong battery life, which can provide you with around 4 to 6 hours of bright illumination on a full charge.

10. Solar Light Mart ROXY-G2 / Lighting Kit

The Solar Light Mart is perfect light for outdoor use and makes for a great shed light with its auto sensor for darkness, that ensures the light automatically turns on when the sun goes down. Apart from that you also get an adjustable dimmer with the light, so you can set the brightness level.

Roxy-G2 Solar Outdoor/Indoor Ceiling Pendant Lighting Kit,...
  • Light fixture is fitted with Lithium battery: 3.7V 2400mAh....
  • Aluminium frame polycrystalline solar panel: 6V 2W. Cable...

· Compact

This solar light has a compact shape and is small and lightweight, but it does provide you with enough illumination to easy light up any area easily.

· Waterproof

Another great feature of this solar-powered light is that it is waterproof, ensuring that you can use it for any outdoor use, like installing them on walkways or in the garden. The lights won’t get water damage when it rains, thanks to their waterproof protection.

· Special Lens

This solar light has a unique design and comes with a special lens that allows you to enhance the lighting effects and illumination of the light.  

Best Solar Powered Shed Lights 1

Solar Shed Lights – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Solar shed lights work extremely well and provide your dark and dreary shed with a lighting source without contributing to your electricity bill. To help you pick the right solar light for your shed, this buyer’s guide will point out important features that you need to consider before buying one.

How Do Solar Shed Lights Work?

The best thing about solar shed lights is that they require very little maintenance and are a convenient light source that helps you save money on electricity costs. You can easily mount these lights on any wall, pole, or a horizontal surface, and most of the time these lights come with an extension cable that allows you to install the light inside, with the solar panel placed outside.

Solar shed lights work through solar power, which means they take energy from the sun during the day time to charge the solar panel, which is converted into light at night. It’s imperative that you place the solar panel in a place that gets direct sunlight so that the solar cells can easily absorb the sun’s energy. These solar lights come with an auto-detect function that senses when light is required and will automatically light up once it gets dark. The lights turn off when sunlight comes out, and the solar panel starts charging again.

Important Considerations When Buying Solar Shed Lights

If you’re buying solar-powered shed lights for your shed, you need to do your research, and once you start looking you’ll be easily overwhelmed by the range of choices on offer. What you end up choosing depends on your preferences, as some light are well-designed while others may be quite expensive, and the low-priced solar lights may not last for a long time or be as effective. Taking pointers from customer reviews isn’t going to help you much either, especially because there are so many fake reviews online.

Solar-powered shed lights come in all shapes, designs, and colors while boasting different features, so there are quite a few things you must consider before buying a solar shed light for your shed.

1. Type of light your shed needs

One of the main factors to consider is why your shed needs a light, which is self-explanatory but there’s always a reason behind it. For instance, if you’re using your shed for work, you may want an ultra-bright light but if you only want a light because you want a well-lit shed, you may want to get a medium bright light in the shed.

2. Durability and safety of the lights

Irrespective of how good looking or cheap the light is safety should be your ultimate priority. Solar shed lights can get damaged easily as well, so you should choose a light that is long-lasting and made of good quality materials. The quality and durability of the light can be determined by reading product reviews and about the manufacturer.

3. Size of the shed

You must also consider the size of your shed when buying a solar-powered shed light, as it will determine where exactly you put your lights up. Is the area small or large? You may need to get a big light for a large shed, or maybe choose to put up more than one light. You can put up any type of solar-powered shed light for smaller sheds.

4. Other factors

Some other factors that you must consider are your budget for the lights, and how long you plan on using the light in the shed. You don’t want to keep the shed lit for the entire day, so if you plan on using the light for only 4 to 5 hours a day, you may want to get a light that offers you that. Your geographic location is also an important factor, and if you live in a city that doesn’t get much sunlight, then solar-powered shed lights may not be a good solution.

When you’re buying solar-powered shed lights in 2022, it’s important to keep the above-mentioned factors in mind, to make the right choice.


The most in-demand solar lights in the market today are solar shed lights, as they provide you with convenient illumination for small spaces. Buying these lights is a one-time expense; in return, you get an economical solution for lighting up your outdoor areas. If you’re worried about the environment and want to cut down on your electricity bills these solar lights provide you with the best solution as they’re environmentally friendly and don’t produce any waste. These lights are also convenient, have hassle-free operations, provide effective lighting, and are extremely versatile.

We have shared the top 10 best rated solar-powered shed lights of 2022, which will illuminate your outdoor areas. You can pick any one of the options that we have shared, based on your preferences and your budget. All the solar lights are perfect for illuminating your shed, so happy shopping.

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