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5 Best Snowboard Stomp Pads to Consider Right Now

Best Snowboard Stomp Pads

 Stomp pads are an invariable addition to any snowboard and we have the five best snowboard stomp pads here just in time for the holiday season!

However, with the market being full of cheap and otherwise unreliable products, you have to be extra careful while buying stomp pads. Hence, with this guide, we intend to review the five best snowboard stomp pads for your snowboard, so you can make the best of this snowboarding season!

Without further ado, let’s begin with the product reviews!

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Best Snowboard Stomp Pads

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  1. Grayne Metal Studded Snowboard Stomp Pad

This compact and lightweight studded stomp pad is small, sleek and can fit snugly on to most snowboards with ease. It is transparent, and it won’t even be perceptible most of the time you use it. It works well, is really easy to install and won’t leave you wanting for more rigidity and strength.

NEW Grayne Metal Studded Scraper Snowboard Stomp Pad Clear...
55 Reviews
NEW Grayne Metal Studded Scraper Snowboard Stomp Pad Clear...
  • Premium design:Ergonomic and ultra-lightweight in-ear design...
  • High quality built-in design: Built-in premium Shockproof...


In our experience, the Grayne Metal stomp pad has been one of the best products that we’ve seen in recent times. If you’re worried about losing contact at times when there is too much snow around, the Grayne stomp pad will hold you in place regardless of what the situation is.

The traction that these stomp pads provide is beyond reproach. One must keep in mind that these are ultimately perishable items and eventually do need replacing from time to time. In light of that, these pads actually last much longer and perform much better than you’d expect a regular set of stomp pads to.

These stomp pads might not look like much (actually being invisible), but they do have the performance justifying taking them to the snow fields. These trade form for function, and that’s a compromise you’ll readily make if you want the best in traction.

  • Comes highly recommended by users 
  • Works well, lasts long, value for money purchase 
  • Holds even under strong ice and snow conditions  
  • Not the most stylish product out there 
  1. Dakine Spike Stomp Pad

The Dakine Spike is another affordable, easy to use and install stomp pad. The plastic studs are a wonderful way to ensure that there is no grip issue especially when executing those tough snowboarding moves. This truly delivers high-end non-slip traction which makes it a definite contender.

Dakine Spike Stomp Pad - Clear - Snowboard Stomp Pad
  • Molded spike pattern for maximum traction, Sections can be...
  • Peel and stick adhesive


The Dakine Spike comes with spikes, as the name suggests. The spikes are actually meant to work as anchors for your winter boots to hold them in place. And at that, the Dakine Spike excels. There are zero complaints regarding its performance at holding you in place.

As was the case with the Grayne reviewed above, there is the issue of product design – or rather, in this case, the lack of it. Personally, we’re okay with having minimal, almost imperceptible designs, but the compromise on form for function is definitely perceptible in this case.

Other than that, the product performs well, holds you in place even in the snowiest conditions, and is good enough to keep you in place for the harder tricks. Also, this set of stomp pads is wonderful for those just beginning to get the hang of snowboarding – hence for beginners, this is a solid pick.

  • Performs incredibly as a stomp pad 
  • Will hold you even in low friction conditions and in large amounts of ice and snow 
  • Plastic spikes fit well with boots 
  • Not for those who are fond of aesthetically pleasing products 
  1. Stage Pyramids Stomp Pad

This stomp pad is actually only a single small pyramid, so you’ll need a few in order to hold you into position in the snow. Each of these studs holds well to the board so you can engage in the sport while being assured of your position on the snow. Like the ones above, they aren’t too obtrusive to the design yet add much to the functionality.

Stage Pyramids Stomp Pad
  • 9 piece set of silver pyramids
  • Arrange on your board however you like


The Stage Pyramids are a wonderful piece of kit, wherein you actually have all the control you want over the overall look and feel of the board with your custom designed stomp pad. You can have as many or as little as you want, depending on how much traction you need on the snow.

Hence, you can enjoy (and show off) how your board actually looks, and enjoy the protection and peace of mind that comes along with this set of studs. If you’re wondering about the shape, it’s actually very conducive to providing grip when you actually need it.

The snow might be expected to wear these down in relatively little time, and to that end, we’re glad to inform that these stomp pads can easily last you for several months before finally demanding a change. So, if smaller, design-your-own stomp pads are your thing, you know what to shop for.

  • Complete control over stomp pad design 
  • Pyramid shaped pads provide incredible amounts of grip whenever needed 
  • Sticks incredibly well to the base of the stomp pad 
  • Beginners will have a hard time deciding how much grip they need with these pads 
  1. ToejamR Snowboard Stomp Pad

The ToejamR stomp pad is a singular stomp pad which has a larger surface area than any of those covered in this review. Hence, you receive all the benefits of a regular pad, but you also get a larger area to rest your feet on. Also, might we add, it is easily the best looking stomp pad of these.

Toejamr Snowboard Stomp Pad - Wolf Paw - Gray
205 Reviews
Toejamr Snowboard Stomp Pad - Wolf Paw - Gray
  • Made of Long Lasting Ulta-Light EVA foam - to increase air...
  • LARGE 7" x 5" Genuine Stomp Pad


The ToejamR is a considerably large stomp pad, albeit flat and not studded as the others are. It holds much better than the smaller pads, considering the larger area the adhesive has. Other than that, the effects of not having studs do start to show from time to time – however, over the vast majority of cases, the grip is adequate.

These are more form than function, which is evident from the lack of any studs whatsoever. However, these do allow your feet to rest well, which is necessary for beginners to get a feel for snowboarding, but more seasoned snowboarders may easily find themselves in situation these pads are not equipped to deal with.

  • The design is large and comfortable 
  • The pads will require change over a considerably longer period of time than smaller pads 
  • Recommended for beginners and children 
  • The lack of studs does show from time to time 
  1. Dakine Star Studs Stomp Pad

Like the stomp pads covered above, these pads are actually just single star units which can be joined together in any permutation for you to have the ultimate snowboarding experience. The star shaped design deceives you on how well it can actually hold you through snow and ice.


Like Dakine’s previous pad reviewed earlier, this one does not disappoint in any way. The grip added by these pads is extremely useful, hence you are assured of grip in even the snowiest conditions. They are deceptively hard to get into place – make sure you follow the instructions properly!

The Dakine Star Studs make for a wonderful stomp board which doesn’t cost you much and delivers the high quality stomp pad experience as any other high-end stomp pad does. This makes it ideal for seasoned and professional snowboarders!

  • There is complete flexibility with respect to design  
  • These are relatively inexpensive  
  • Performs well
  • No hard deal-breakers  

That wraps up our review of the five best stomp pads for snowboards on the market today! We hope that you now know what are the most important things to look for in stomp pads, and if in confusion – any of the five mentioned above will do the job perfectly well. Happy hunting!

Top Snowboard Stomp Pads to Consider Right Now

Image via Yann Allegre@yann_allegre

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