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13 Best Shower Head to Enjoy Today | Buyer’s Guide

Best Shower Head

Let’s be honest, showers are not just ornate rituals any longer.

Those few minutes under the shower in the morning is the only time we get to disconnect ourselves from the annoying buzz of the outside world.

And a showerhead with weak water flow doesn’t really help you disconnect or relax; rather, it only adds to your frustration. Have you faced similar problems recently? Is your showerhead clogged, broken, or you’re simply tired of weak sprinkles? Maybe it’s time to get a new one. 

But before you go out to pick one from the diverse range of innovative showerheads, you must take a second to know the best options available around. In order to help you with that, we reviewed some of the most popular types available in the market and addressed the reason behind their popularity.

And, after a thorough scrutiny, we bring to you 13 best showerheads to enjoy today. At the end of this handy guide, we will also address the essential things you must keep in mind in order to pick the one that suits all your needs.

So, let’s get started!

Best Shower Head

Close up of Water flowing from shower in the bathroom

  1. Kohler Forte Multifunction Showerhead

After years of research, Kohler showerheads bring to you a refreshing massage spay that you can use for soothing muscle aches and pains. The rainshower spray of Kohler Forte Multifunction Showerhead is simply ahead of its time. Its upgraded technology aerates the stream to create larger and softer water droplets. 

Kohler K-22169-G-CP Forte 1.75 GPM Multifunction Showerhead...
  • MULTI FUNCTION SHOWERHEAD: 3-spray showerhead includes full...
  • EASY FUNCTIONALITY: Thumb tab allows you to transition from...

Why Did We Like it?

With a 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate, the Forte showerhead will definitely bring style to your bath. It aerates the stream to create larger water droplets that, in turn, make the spray feel much fuller and warmer. Also, to deliver you a fulfilling bathing experience, the easy-grip spray face provides three alternate settings- wide coverage, soft aerated, and massage spray. 

Plus, the spray allows single-handed operation. We tried using the spray setting with one hand, and it adjusted smoothly without any hassle. We were further impressed to observe that the MasterClean spray is absolutely immune to scale buildups. 

We are also happy to tell you that Kohler Forte can be a great option if you want to live your dream of enjoying a rain shower while seated in a comfortable hot tub. Moreover, the brass ball joint of the showerhead securely pivots the head to hit the farthest corners of a tub or stall. 

Moreover, you also get the option of connecting it with other Forte faucets and accessories. 

However, on the flip side, the kit does not include a shower arm and flange. So, you will have to buy it separately.

  • Advanced spray engine offers 3 mode settings
  • Easy-to-clean spray face
  • Easy to install
  • Coordinates with Forte accessories
  • Has a lasting finish that is tarnished and corrosion resistant
  • Does not include shower arm or flange
  1. Moen Engage Magnetix Handheld /Rain

For those who are on the lookout for a showerhead that features a gracious and uncomplicated design, Moen Engage is a great option to consider. The showerhead is inspired by the patterns found in nature to deliver you a six-function downpour for a refreshing showering experience.

Moen Engage Magnetix Chrome 2.5 GPM Handheld/Rain Shower...
3,866 Reviews
Moen Engage Magnetix Chrome 2.5 GPM Handheld/Rain Shower...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Chrome finish is highly reflective for a...
  • MAGNETIC BASE: The magnetic docking system allows you to...

Why Did We Like it?

The product is perfectly designed to deliver an ageless yet fashion-forward experience that blends effortlessly with the regular American lifestyle. You get to enjoy a six-function downpour setting (rinse, pause, massage, relaxing massage, soothing massage, and wide coverage) with this model.

Also, its magnetic handheld shower is a lot easier to maneuver than the traditional counterparts. The Magnetix technology brings to you an innovative Magnetic Docking System that snaps the handheld unit securely to the dedicated socket. 


We were also greatly impressed by its easy installation process and ergonomic design. The 1.75 GPM showerhead comes with a dedicated pause button that allows you to stop its spray without altering its temperature setting in any way.

Also, we must mention that the kink-free metal hose allows substantial reach and flexibility. Backed with Moens Limited Lifetime Warranty, the product definitely produces an exceptional variety of great showering options. 

However, some users have reported that the magnet tends to lose its power after a few years of rigorous use. 

  • Chrome finish versatile design
  • Magnetic base and docking system
  • Has multiple customizable shower settings
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Features a kink-free metal hose
  • The magnet tends to lose its power
  1. SR SUN RISE Rain Mixer Shower Combo Set

This recommendation is for all those who do not mind spending a few extra bucks for a well designed, durable, and versatile product. It’s definitely worth the pocket pinch as it features a high-quality Stainless Steel showerhead and a solid brass shower arm that will last you for years to come.

SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo Set...
5,617 Reviews
SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo Set...
  • Quality Promise: All-metal sturdy construction. Mixing valve...
  • Prevent Water Hammer: This pressure balance valve has...

Why Did We Like it?

We were instantly impressed with its massive 10-inch showerhead that gives you a natural rainfall-like experience in the shower room. It also comes adorned with a solid pressure balancing shower mixer valve that delivers an extremely comfortable and relaxing bath.  

It also has an extensive water diverter, fitted with connectors that helps you turn water to the stationary showerhead as well as to the handheld shower simultaneously. And the advanced Air Injection Technology turns the product into an eco-friendly water saver that is ideal for modern bathrooms. 

With this product, you will not only be saving more water but will also get to enjoy a consistent and powerful rain shower even if you live in a low water pressure zone. Its pressure balance valve cartridge controls the water pressure precisely and also saves you from being scalded by frequent fluctuations in the hot and cold water pressure.

41vHu377 fL

Moreover, we really appreciate the fact that the product was constructed while keeping durability as its first priority. It’s because this product comes with an explosion-proof stainless steel tube and water-resistant shower hose that has ten layers of chrome plating for preventing corrosion. 

Though its premium construction will easily last you for several years, SR SUN RISE has got you covered with a lifetime warranty

  • Comes with a pressure balancing shower mixer
  • Features a 10-inch showerhead &15.7-inch shower arm
  • Has a 10 layer chrome-plated finish
  • Features an advanced Air Injection Technology
  • Allows you to save more water
  • Ideal for cleaning bathrooms and washing pets
  • None as of yet
  1. Moen Two Function Showerhead

Moen has reserved yet another place in this coveted list with its impactful velocity rain shower model. If you want to enjoy exceptional water coverage with adjustable spray patterns while conserving water in the process, simply opt for this rainshower at the earliest. 

Moen Velocity Chrome Two-Function Rain Shower 8-Inch...
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Chrome finish is highly reflective for a...
  • POWERFUL RINSE: Advanced, self-pressurizing Moen...

Why Did We Like it?

This product inarguably offers one of the most luxurious shower experiences you will find in this price range. Its 100 powerful nozzles  release a steady stream of water flow that rain all over your body, giving you a soothing spa-like showering experience.

Coming to its core features, the 2 spray modes of this velocity showerhead let you personalize your bathing experience as per your preference. It includes a flip lever that adjusts the water flow and allows you to choose between the full spray mode and the concentrated rinse mode.

Needless to say, like all Moen products, this showerhead brings style, elegance, and functionality in one plane. It features a sophisticated, timeless design that fits seamlessly into your upgraded bathroom settings.


It also comes in four unique variants; rich, dark-brown bronze, highly reflective metallic chrome, warm gold, and brushed nickel finish that automatically amplifies the decor of your washroom.

However, on a negative note, certain users reported a dripping issue with the model. But you can avoid this by simply keeping the showerhead pointed straight up for a few hours after you finish your bath.

  • Features a chrome finish durable design
  • Delivers 3 times more spray power
  • The handle lever has temperature control settings
  • Provides an 8-inch full coverage
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Has a dripping issue
  1. Artbath Black Shower Faucet Set

This kit has everything in-store to elevate your shower experience to an entirely new level. It includes a rain shower head, handheld showerhead, shower arm, 59-inch PVC shower hose, brass shower holder, and shower mixer control valve for a fulfilling shower. 

Why Did We Like it?

This shower system includes everything you would need to enjoy a soothing waterfall-like effect each time you take a shower.

Firstly, the high-pressure rainfall showerhead offers a gentle and satisfying downpour even in the areas of low-pressure installation. And, what lets it achieve this amazing feat is the innovative rain sprinkler. Simply put, the sprinkler mixes the right amount of water with air to increase the water pressure to 100%, delivering you a quality shower experience. 

The product also comes equipped with a corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant construction, making it one of the most durable products in our list. The showerhead is made with the highest quality 304 stainless steel and hard rubber nozzles that prevent minerals and hard water from blocking the vents. 


The multi-layered electroplating also plays a part in reducing surface corrosion, which is generally caused by the humid environment of the shower room. 

However, the installation process is a bit tricky, and we would recommend you to call a plumber to fix the intricate parts. Once done, you will be all set for the ultimate showering experience.

  • Has a dual function shower head
  • Comes with a pressure balance valve
  • Lifetime warranty period
  • Allows replacement of parts within 5 years
  • Made of durable metal
  • Needs to be installed by an experienced plumber
  1. ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Showerhead

The ShowerMaxx luxury spa truly lives up to its name. Its stylish design, durable craftsmanship, and peerless functions make it an ideal choice from all those who want to upgrade their shower rooms into a luxurious hotel spa. Its premium nozzles come in various shapes and sizes to deliver you a spa-like massage effect and revitalize your mood.

ShowerMaxx, Luxury Spa Series, 6 Spray Settings 4.5 inch...
  • SHOWERMAXX is perfect for luxury hotels and home owners.
  • owners. SHOWERMAXX OFFERS six adjustable spray . High...

Why Did We Like it?

The user-friendliness and flexibility that the model offers at this affordable price range is simply commendable.

The product comes with a step-by-step installation guide that makes it quite easy to set up without any professional guidance. Plus, the showerhead offers six adjustable sprays, which you can select as per your mood and preference. 

We also loved the Shampoo-spray mode and the Power-spray modes. While the former offers extra rinsing pressure, the Power Spray mode reduces muscle pain and tension significantly. 

Moreover, the product is equipped with precision-engineered jet nozzles that come with anti-clogging and self-cleaning facilities. Plus, it has a Mesh Filter/Sand Disk that keeps the water flow clean and protects it from unwanted sediment. 


Additionally, the ABS Mount connected with the Brass Ball joint gives you the freedom of tilting the angle of the showerhead in your preferred direction. 

We have no qualms saying that the manufacturers left no stones unturned to provide you with a satisfying experience as the product comes with a lifetime warranty.

While some users reported the metal coiling to be a bit flimsy, we are sure the ‘Peace of mind’ lifetime warranty will have you covered with any unforeseen mishap.

  • Built with high-quality, durable material
  • Has precision-engineered silicone nozzles
  • Features a stretchable 70-inch Steel hose
  • Has a 2.5 GPM increased water flow
  • Features a mesh sand filter disk for sediment filtration
  • Metal coiling is not up to the mark
  1. Wassa High-pressure Showerhead

This compact, best value product from Wassa is just what you need to bid adieu to those days of leaky and low-pressure showerheads. This self-cleaning, durable model comes with stainless steel filters and silicon jets that prevent mineral, lime, and hard water deposits from accumulating in the showerhead. This prevents leaks and enables it to deliver the fastest and strongest water flows every time.

No products found.

Why Did We Like it?

To begin with, this high-pressure showerhead is best suited for households with low water pressure. Also, it’s quite easy to install. Once you hand tight this model on the shower arm, it amplifies your water pressure drastically and helps you enjoy a soothing warm shower.

Coming to its core features, the product is specially designed to provide faster and heavier flows for your showering comfort. If you are used to weak and weedy showers, let us assure you that the G ½ inch brass connection of this model is extremely durable and is built to prevent leaks. Adding to your convenience, the brass swivel ball joint allows you to adjust the direction of the water flow at any angle you want to. 

Overall, the Wassa showerhead delivers soft and smooth water drop feeling, that soothes your muscles and helps you relax after a hard day’s.

However, you might need to use a thicker Teflon tape, as the one that comes with the package is not quite suitable for heavy usage.  

  • High-pressure showerhead
  • Easy to clean nozzles
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Easy installation within minutes
  • Connect to any standard shower arm
  • The Teflon tape doesn’t work well after a few days
  1. Ana Bath Dual Showerhead with Handheld Spray

The Ana Bath Dual Showerhead comes with a shower hose, handheld shower as well as a shower head that delivers a complete, and balanced rinse every time you take a shower. Designed with convenience and flexibility in mind it adds to the long line of elegant showerheads from Ana Bath.

Ana Bath 5-Inch Anti-Clog High Pressure LARGE Dual Shower...
2,959 Reviews
Ana Bath 5-Inch Anti-Clog High Pressure LARGE Dual Shower...

Why Did We Like it?

The first thing we would like to point out is that this premium model comes equipped with a 5-inch wide ergonomic grip handle, which provides a drenching rainforest-like experience. The AnaBath shower head is bound to keep you hooked to the shower for hours and is ideal for all those who don’t want to settle for anything less than the very best.

Also, we were pleasantly surprised to find that this unit was built with eco-friendliness in mind. Its water-efficiency technology cuts down on your utility bill while offering an excellent water flow, making your shower time extremely satisfying and enjoyable. 

Coming to its unique spray patterns, it gives you the opportunity of combining all its features together to enjoy a one-of-a-kind soothing massage. Nothing will brighten up your spirits this summer, more than spending a few minutes under the Ana Bath Dual Showerheads muscle relaxing massage mode.


Unlike many other models, this product allows you to remove the water restrictors from both the shower heads for even more water pressure. The showerhead includes a rotating knob on the left side with precise stopping points that helps you select water flow either from the central head or the hand-head, or both, according to your preference.

And, on top of all the excellent features, the product also comes with a 3-year warranty. 

However, we are a little skeptical about the durability of the diverter, as many users have complained that it stopped working after 2 to 3 years of usage. This puts a dent in the overall impression of what seemed to be an ideal showerhead in terms of affordability and versatility. 

  • High Quality, Heat Resistant product
  • Includes Precision Engineered Anti-Clog Nozzles
  • Comes with an angle-adjustable overhead bracket
  • Includes a 5-Function Showerhead with Brass Ball Joint
  • Includes a 50-inch long Shower Hose
  • The diverter is not durable
  1. Speakman Signature High-Pressure Showerhead

This model from Speakman Signature never fails to please as it comes with a premium shower hardware and icon adjustable showerhead. Constructed entirely of brass, this bathroom accessory is bound to be the centerpiece of your bathroom. Here’s what it has in-store to offer:

Speakman S-2252 Signature Icon Anystream Adjustable High...
  • ICONIC STYLE: This solid brass shower head has clean lines...
  • ANYSTREAM TECHNOLOGY: The adjustable shower head’s...

Why Did We Like it?

Firstly, before getting into the details, let us point out that this system provides a wide range of settings and diverse spray patterns that you can choose from. Its premium craftsmanship includes a 360-degree spray adjusting technology that allows a smooth transition between its diverse spray patterns with just a simple rotation of the shower heads handle. 

Also, the model is equipped with plungers that optimize the water pressure and controls the spread of water while it’s leaving the showerhead. This allows it to build and intensify the pressure, making it an ideal powerful shower for the low-pressure households.

Moreover, the plungers come equipped with self-cleaning technology to resist hard water and sediment buildup, cutting down your maintenance costs. 

Overall, we can say this model is specially designed to deliver awesome soaking current and the perfect shower imaginable. 

But again, all would have been great if each of the spray settings had the provision of intensifying the water stream. Although you get a lot of options to play with, some of the modes do not seem efficient enough to deliver a high-pressure shower. 

  • Features a 360-degree anystream technology
  • Easy to clean low maintenance product
  • Comes with self-cleaning plungers
  • Features a corrosion-resistant finish
  • Promotes ease of installation
  • Some of the spray settings do not allow high-pressure shower
  1. Pfister Showerhead with Shower Arm

Well, this model easily qualifies as one of the cheapest and most elegant showerheads we have come across till now. Not only does it brilliantly capture the timeless sensibilities of French Country design, but it also elevates the natural decor of your otherwise mundane shower room. 

Pfister Marielle Raincan Showerhead, Brushed Nickel
  • 2.5 GPM Shower Head
  • Includes: Metal Shower Arm and Flange

Why Did We Like it?

The Pfister Showerhead amazed us with the functionality it delivers at this affordable price range. First of all, its brilliant technology exceeds the EPA WaterSense standards by reducing water consumption by 30%. This helps the average American households to save almost $200 on their annual bill. 

It’s specially constructed to deliver a mild rainfall-like experience every time you take a shower. The best part of this model is that you get to enjoy a steady and quality water flow even in low-pressure areas. The rainwater spray creates a soothing spa-like sensation that feels wonderful on your skin.

We would also like to mention that Pfister’s water droplets are much larger than what the other models provide. This helps them retain heat for a longer period of time, leaving you refreshed and revitalized every time you are in need of a warm shower. 

Also, most of the customers were thrilled with the efficiency of its water flow. This wonderful showerhead comes with the latest water pressure tune-in technology that maintains ideal water pressure every time you take a shower.

Moreover, the showerhead also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. So you won’t need to stress about the unforeseen events you might run into while installing or using the showerhead. 

  • Has brass ball joints for reliable performance
  • Complaint with CEC water-efficiency standards
  • Includes a rain spray
  • Reduce water consumption by 30%
  • Delivers soft flow for relaxing experience
  • None as of yet
  1. Voolan 8’’ High-pressure Showerhead

Many people who live in low-pressure households dream of bathing under a high-pressure rainfall shower. And with the Voolan 8’’, you can now live your dream to the fullest. Its 8″ shower head offers great coverage, providing that classic rainfall effect and high-pressure water flow you always desired.

Voolan High Pressure Rain Shower Head - Rainfall Shower head...
  • WONDERFUL WATER PRESSURE - The combination of ultra-thin and...
  • WATER SAVING - The kit also includes a california compliant...

Why Did We Like it?

The beautiful modern design of this model is apt for winning your guest’s compliments and admiration every time they pay you a visit. The 8’’ ultra-thin square-shaped showerhead features brilliant engineering and comes with a promise of no-leakage. 

You’re assured that this durable model will last you a lifetime. This is because, the model comes with a rust-proof and slippery 304# stainless steel construction that ensures your showerhead doesn’t get corroded. Also, its spray outlets are made up of soft silicone so that you can easily wipe away lime or calcium build-up with a slight touch of a finger.


Also, the polished and brushed stainless steel finish does not only deliver high durability, but also complements every bathroom with its Dulux bathroom fixtures. 

However, we were really upset to figure out that the showerhead does not restrict the water flow in any way, and you eventually end up using too much water. Despite the 2.5 GPM promise, we felt the water flow was definitely double or maybe even triple that amount. 

  • Features a rainfall showerhead
  • Comes with self-cleaning nozzles
  • Quite easy to install
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Features a 360-degree adjustable ball connector
  • Uses too much water
  1. Aqua Elegante 3 Inch High-Pressure Showerhead

We all feel irritated when we simply cannot get all the soap off our skin no matter how much we try, due to low water flow. But with the Aqua Elegante shower head, you can finally say goodbye to those days of frustration. It delivers a barrage of large water droplets that are perfectly dispersed to cover your skin completely.

Aqua Elegante 3 Inch High Pressure Shower Head - Best...
11,970 Reviews
Aqua Elegante 3 Inch High Pressure Shower Head - Best...
  • 💦 UNLIKE OTHER SHOWER HEADS THAT are made from cheap,...
  • 💦 DON'T PUT UP WITH SHOWER HEADS THAT clog up or spray in...

Why Did We Like it?

The Aqua Elegante high-pressure showerhead is bound to make your daily showers as satisfying and pleasurable as it had never been before. With this product in your buying list, you won’t need to put up with mediocre showerheads that clog up every alternate month or sprays water in weird directions. 

Its nozzles are made of mineral resistant silicone that prevents calcium buildup. And, buyers confirmed that even after months of use, they did not find any clogging issues on the nozzles and could enjoy jet water flow. 

The Aqua Elegante comes with a clear manual with step-by-step instructions along with pictures, so that you get to enjoy soothing showers right away after unboxing the product. The kit also includes a free roll of High -Quality Teflon tape that eliminates the risk of accidental leaks.

51aGEraF 6L

Another commendable feature of this product is its solid brass fittings that stand the test of time without any cracks or splits like the plastic counterparts. Also with its 42 high-pressure nozzles, the Aqua Elegante serves as one of the best showerheads that deliver fantastic water flow along with optimized water pressure.

But before you sign up for this, let us tell you that sometimes the water droplets flow out like power-packed jets that might hurt your skin. It would have been an excellent bargain at the price if it only included an adjustment screw; however, that doesn’t seem to be the case with this model.

  • Available in various color schemes
  • Includes 42 high powered nozzles
  • Features durable construction with brass fittings
  • ABS thermoplastic resin resists corrosion
  • Jet like flow hurts the skin sometimes
  1. Waterpik High-Pressure Shower head

Waterpik is a top-class reliable brand that delivers almost everything we look for in our showerhead. This premium model featuring 12 spray settings and a 3-way diverter comes at a very affordable price range and delivers unparalleled value for money.

Waterpik High Pressure Shower Head Handheld Spray, 2-in-1...
5,336 Reviews
Waterpik High Pressure Shower Head Handheld Spray, 2-in-1...
  • POWERPULSE MASSAGE SHOWERHEAD: High-pressure 2.5 GPM flow...

Why Did We Like it?

First and foremost, we were simply blown out of our wits to observe the fantastic functionality it delivers at this affordable price range. One of our testers described the Waterpik showerhead as “refreshing and overly stimulating” as this unparalleled model comes with the cutting-edge PowerPulse massage system. 

The Power Pulse massage is no less than a revolution in the field of showerhead technology. It delivers about a 2x massage force than most of the other competitors in the market. And, the 12 intense water spray patterns of this model provides a wonderful Power Pulse massage to relieve you from any persistent cramps and muscle sprains instantly. 


Secondly, we mustn’t forget that besides featuring a showerhead, the kit further comes with a handheld shower as well, offering you higher opportunities for comfort. Both of these shower heads include six mode settings that deliver you maximum comfort.

All you need to do is attach it with your standard shower arm, and it will deliver you an intense showering experience.

However, we did not like the fact that its mount is not a good fit for small showerheads.

  • Provides high-pressure flow
  • Has a power pulse massage system
  • Features 3-in-1 shower mode
  • Can be installed easily
  • Is quite affordable and durable
  • Sometimes the mount doesn’t fit into smaller showerhead fixtures

Detailed shot of a shower-head with shower spray. Horizontal orientation.

Shower Head Buyer’s Guide

Showers occupy a vital part of our lives. It’s one of those elixirs of life that offer you refuge from the back-breaking stress of the day. But, to get the right results, you will need to know what will work best for your bathroom.

First you must learn about the water pressure levels in your area. You also got to check whether the tool showcases a durable finish, whether it includes all the updated features, and consider many more such aspects. 

Undoubtedly, the journey to find the perfect product becomes quite a bit overwhelming at times. But you need not worry. We are here to help you get the enhanced showering experience that you deserve. 

On that note, here are a few things you must consider before beginning your search in full swing:

First and foremost, narrow down your choices

There are thousands of varieties available in the market, and it will be impossible to get your mind around one if you are not clear about what you want in the first place. So, ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers on a piece of paper. It will give you clarity on what you should be rooting for in your showerhead. 

  • What’s my budget?
  • Do I need an ergonomic or designer model?
  • What are the benefits of choosing a high-pressure showerhead in a low-flow area?
  • What are the drawbacks of the same?
  • What will suit my requirements better, a rain shower head, a handheld shower, or a combo kit?
  • What are the valves and pipes I currently have in my shower?

Secondly, consider the water pressure it delivers

Older showerheads used to pour 8 gallons in a minute. And once you start considering the factors such as the average length of your typical shower, the number of showers you take per week, etc., it will make sense why EPA limits recent models to 2.5 gallons per minute. 

But, even with that 2.5 gpm restriction, it’s possible to enjoy a comfortable shower. Most renowned manufacturers have come up with efficient models that deliver an extremely satisfying user experience, using just a fraction of water as compared to the earlier models.

The only thing is that you must buy one that suits the water pressure of your household. For example, some showerheads shootout many small streams consecutively to deliver a more wholesome feel than the aerated ones. But, in case of high water pressure, it might result in a stinging shower. 

Also, while the aerated heads produce a refreshing shower, in case of low water pressure rinsing the shampoo from hair might become a prolonged, exhausting task. 

So, to avoid such unforeseen events, make sure you have a fair idea of the water flow of your house and buy the showerhead accordingly. Also, you can try to find a showerhead that comes with a pressure-compensating flow regulator that tailors the flow as per the actual pressure in your home.

Thirdly, know your showerhead preferences 

Generally, three types of showerheads are available in the market; fixed, handheld, and 2-in-1 combo kits. And in case you want a rainfall or spray showerhead, you must know that they will be mounted permanently to the wall or the ceiling. 

On the other hand, the handheld ones are connected to the wall with flexible tubes or hose, providing you with a wide range of motion flexibility. You will find them to come with a fixed-mount bracket, and you can fix them low or high on the wall as per your requirements. These are also really useful for cleaning the bathroom and can also be used for bathing pets and children.

However, in case you are confused about which one will suit your purpose the best, you can also opt for a 2-in-1 combo unit. In this case, you will get a fixed showerhead head along with a handheld unit attached to it. 

Fourthly, check the materials and finishes 

As the water in the United States has 3 to 50 grains per gallon, it will be essential to buy a showerhead that comes with easy-to-clean nibs and features rust-proof construction. 

Most of the premium showerheads feature brass, porcelain, or stainless steel construction as they are known for their abilities to withstand rust and corrosion. Most high-quality shower heads are made of brass as this hassle-free material rarely needs replacements. 

You can also go for the low-maintenance stainless steel ones as they are not only lightweight and durable but are also naturally resistant to stains and rust. The metal retains its luster over time and is also fit for withstanding extreme temperatures. 

In case you want to upgrade your otherwise mundane shower room and give it an elegant, vintage-style makeover, opt for the porcelain. They are a little more expensive than the other alternatives but are ideal for giving your bathroom the classic look it deserves. 

The showerheads also come in various color schemes and finishes, and you can choose any one of the following to complement the other faucets in your bathroom:

  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Brushed or polished chrome
  • Brushed or polished nickel
  • Copper
  • Polished or antique brass
  • White
  • Off-white


To give your standard shower room a much-needed boost, you can choose from some of the great options above. The good news is that almost all the showerheads we reviewed in our list provides an excellent water flow and also comes with great features and functionality.

However, if none of them catches your fancy, simply go through our detailed buyer’s guide and thoroughly consider the aforementioned parameters to ensure you end up with one that fits all your needs.

Good Luck!

Close up of Water flowing from shower in the bathroom interior

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