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15 Best Retractable Awnings | Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Retractable Awnings

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The weather is one of the few external sources that us humans have no control of. In addition to mesmerizing us often, the weather can be a hindrance in our routine life, preventing us from carrying out our day to day activities.

We can compensate for the lack of control we have over the weather and the climate by ensuring that our property is well protected. Let’s put it this way: the less the damage the weather inflicts on our day, the better the likelihoods of us spending it better. This is where retractable awnings come in handy. Whether hanging or placed above a point of ingress on a building, the mechanism allows the canopy to roll into itself for protection from strong winds and rain.  

You can set the retractable awning in the outdoor areas of your home, lawn, patio garden, and even rooftop. Some people also put the retractable awnings near the balcony space, windows, and entryways. Shop owners that are affected regularly by rains and looking for cool shade under the heat of the sun also use the retractable awning.

The accessory is easy to set up and dismount with users facing no problem in setting up the awning. However, before you go about buying a retractable awning or choosing from the list below, it is essential to find out the factors that make the best stand out from the rest, find these after our best awning list, in the buyer’s guide!

Best Retractable Awnings


1. Advancing Classic Series — Best Patio Awning

When it comes to premium-quality awnings, only a few companies have developed as solid a reputation as the Advancing classic series. Although the series has the tendency to cost significantly more than its competitors, it is famous for its high level of quality.

ADVANING 13'X10' Motorized Patio Retractable Awning |...
  • 𝐂𝐎𝐋𝐎𝐑 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐒𝐈𝐙𝐄 : 13' x...

Even though the classic series is a low-end model of the Advancing Lineup, it comes with several features not commonly seen in other models.  

The retractable awning model is one of the rare models that function efficiently both under an electric motor and manual operation. In comparison to other models that offer the same feature, the Advancing is a bit more versatile and has a longer potential lifespan than any other product we reviewed.

Beyond the mechanism, it is the profile that presents far more options and versatility. Awnings are used virtually for any opening into a structure, whether it is a door or a window. However, you don’t necessarily need a retractable awning that is 10″+ wide.  Thankfully, advancing solves this problem by offering ranges of sizes from 8′ x 7′ all the way up to 16′ x 10′.

2. Diensweek Patio Awning — Best Awning for Windy Areas

Diensweek is one of the few companies that sell almost exclusively online through Amazon. Usually, this is a bit of a red flag for users. However, the quality of the company virtually exceeds all expectations. Considering the price of the product, this is arguably the best awning available.

Diensweek 12'x8' Patio Awning Retractable Manual Commercial...
  • HIGH-QUALITY STANDARD : Backed with a 2 years warranty and...
  • DURABLE MECHANISM : Build with an entire corrosion resistant...

The canopy of the awning sets the standard for the product. The awning is made of T5 aluminum — one of the most durable aluminum used for outdoor residential applications. The frame of the retractable awning can bear winds rated class-4 on the Beaufort scale. While this is not exceedingly strong, it is considerably better than any of the other frames in this review.

3. Sunjoy Marquise Retractable Awning — Best Motorized Awning

Sunjoy started by producing primary electronic accessories, this is visible by the use of electronics for the development of the product. The retractable awning by Sunjoy has earned quite a reputation for itself by being a solid, budget-friendly electric retractable awning.

Sunjoy 14′ x 10′ Marquise Half-Cassette Motorized...
  • Stylish awning with a pleasing stripe pattern. Pitch degree-...
  • Great when placed over a door to create an inviting and...

The awning features a semi cassette to ensure that the electric motor and the other retracting components are protected from inclement weather and other potential issues. The use of protective gear prevents a negative impact on the performance of the mechanism.

The Sunjoy is also equipped by a well-made frame that uses materials such as steel and aluminum. To ensure that the frame of the awning is protected from rust and corrosion, Sunjoy reinforces the frame by powder-coating.


The retractable awning is also equipped mechanically for manual functioning. However, users can only use manual operation if the motor malfunctions for some reason. The manual use of the mechanism can interfere with the motor’s normal function.

4. Outsunny — Best Retractable Awning for Deck

Aosom, pronounced as “awesome”, is credited with the creation of numerous brands in different product categories. Of its many subsidiary brands, Outsunny is the one responsible for the production of retractable awning for deck.  

Outsunny 12' x 8' Retractable Awning Patio Awnings Sun Shade...
  • SOLID DESIGN: This retractable awning is constructed of an...
  • ADJUSTABLE CANOPY: This retractable door canopy features a...

Since Outsunny is a subsidiary of a brand responsible for providing accessories to a wide range of products, it has focused knowledge to present a reliable quality product.

One of the best qualities that make products from Outsunny stand out is that it is made up of durable and treated polyester. You can judge the quality with the weight of the canopy that weighs a fairly heavy 280g/m and the protection the canopy has against UV radiation.

Despite having great features and durability, the product is marketed as a budget-friendly model which implies that the product will have inevitable shortcomings.

The steel and aluminum fabrication may suffice otherwise but the thin gauge used in the production may not be as strong and rigid as you expect. The lack of sturdiness in the frame is one major shortcoming of the product.

5. Best Choice Products — Best Budget Retractable Awning

Although some of the other products made by Best Choice have left consumers wanting more, the retractable awning, however, fails to leave a lasting impression. The broad range of products and market strategy of merely undercutting the competition’s prices leave a lot to be desired in terms of their retractable awning.

Best Choice Products 98x80in Retractable Awning, Aluminum...
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: A light, but strong powder-coated...
  • ALL-WEATHER COVERAGE: An ideal space to enjoy the weather,...

This doesn’t imply that this awning is a poorly made product; it is just that the users cannot expect the same standards they have from the other awnings.

The retractable awning can boast of having a frame made of aluminum and steel that is powder-coated to protect it from rust and corrosion. The problem for the product lies in the canopy which is a mixed bag and fails to leave a lasting impression. Protected from UV and water-resistant, the canopy sags in the middle allowing water to accumulate. The canopy also does not work well for consumers who prefer dry as it is a bit more transparent.

6. Best Massage Retractable Sun Shade Awning

If you are looking for a canopy that is all-weather resistant, then the Best Massage retractable awning is just the product you need.

Patio Manual Retractable Sun Shade Awning, 13'x8.2' Door...
  • Material: aluminum + Polyester
  • Opening Size:13'*8.2' N.W: 16.6KG G.W: 19.2KG

The canopy is not the only component that impresses the user, as the frame made of high-quality polyester does its job effectively too. White powder coating on the frame protects it against all weather conditions.  

Like other retractable awnings, the product provides protection against the sun and the rain. You can use it outdoors like your patio, garden, and the rooftop. If you are looking for a product that is attractive and stylish and resonates the beauty of your house, then the retractable awning measuring 12 x 8.2 feet will not disappoint you.

7. Uenjoy Patio Awning Manual Retractable

Although manual in nature, the retractable awning from Uenjoy allows for simple opening and closing. The reinforced fabric of the awning protects your room and the furniture within from UV rays. The water-resistant nature of the fabric comes in handy during rainy days, as installing it above your rooms and windows prevent rainwater from entering.

No products found.

You can also place the awning on a reinforced brick, concrete, and wooden walls. The awning is ideal for occasions like a courtyard, patio, and balcony likewise. It also helps in keeping your home cool and safe from the sunlight.

8. Awning Assist Brace Retractable Patio Awning

If you live in an area custom to light winds and warm weather, this awning from Awning Assist is ideal for you. In addition to being easy to assemble and install, the awning keeps your outdoor area or workplace safe from unwanted UV rays and winds.

Awning Assist Brace - Universal Wind Support Pole Leg for...
  • Stabilize awning in light winds, increasing shade value and...
  • Easy to install, universal kit, one cut to size, fit 95% of...

¾” thick and 7’ tall, the awning comes with a powder-coated kit that extends the product’s life. The awning also comes with supporting poles so you can install the awning in your patio. The supporting legs of the awning are removable, making the replacement rather convenient. The cost-effective product keeps your patio shaded while protecting your space from unwanted UV rays and winds.

9. Royal Shade Beige Rectangle Sun Shade

Royal Shade surprised each and every one by producing an awning quite different from the other forms of awnings mentioned in this review. The sunshade sail canopy comes with 200GSM durable high-density polyethylene that protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays. The 8’x12’ awning has a corner-to-corner measurement that helps you to install the canopy tightly without any sagging.

Royal Shade 8' x 12' Beige Rectangle Sun Shade Sail Canopy,...
  • ⚑ Measurement: measurement is taken from corner to corner,...
  • ⚑ Durable material: shade Sail is made of 100% 200 GSM...

The knitted fabric used in the canopy helps wind and water pass and prevents the formation of pooling water on the top. The fabric and the material used prevents the extended exposure of the sun from damaging the canopy. Each corner of the canopy has D’ rings which are double-stitched reinforced to the edges of the fabric, assisting in the easy installation of the product.

10. CO-Z Retractable Deck Awning

If you are looking to make your outdoor space as comfortable as your home, then you need an awning that provides the warmth during winter and the cool during summer. The retractable awning by CO-Z does just that.

No products found.

The product has a canopy that is resistant to flame and water while the awning is also resistant to UV rays. The powder-coated aluminum alloy frames and hand crack make the process of installation as well as opening and closing considerably easier. This retractable awning that fits the diameter of 13’x8’ is perfect for entry doors, patio, backyard, and balcony.

The product, however, is ideal only for wall-mounting.

11. Goplus Manual Patio Retractable Deck Awning

If you are looking for an awning that is suitable for placing above doors and windows, then this deck awning by Goplus is the answer to your needs.

Goplus® Manual Patio 8.2'×6.5' Retractable Deck Awning...
  • Brand new and good quality;ideal for shading of windows and...
  • 100% water-resistant polyester fabric;Retractable with steel...

The awning prevents the entry of UV rays with the help of the polyester fabric that forms the canopy. The retractable awning is water-resistant too and with the help of a sturdy steel crank handle, aids the opening and closing. The canopy measuring 8.2’ x 6.5’ is suitable for solid brick or concrete walls.

The white-powder coating of the aluminum makes the awning a rustproof product. You can install the sunshade over the courtyard, gardens or entryways.

12. Goplus Retractable Deck Awning

Goplus Retractable is one of the few products that shield your property and the furniture within from UV rays. The sunshade is a waterproof item that has reinforced texture explicitly designed to prevent the entry of the UV rays.  

Goplus® Manual Patio 8.2'×6.5' Retractable Deck Awning...
  • Brand new and good quality;ideal for shading of windows and...
  • 100% water-resistant polyester fabric;Retractable with steel...

Powder-coating of the aluminum alloy frames has made the product durable while the hand crank makes the opening and closing of the canopy a lot simpler.

The awning measuring 6.4’x4.5’ is perfect for events and gatherings in outdoor areas. The awning by Goplus ensures that the outdoor living space is kept warm during the winters and cool in the summer season.

13. XtremepowerUS Retractable Sun Shade Awning

Mounting the awning by your balcony door, windows or outdoor areas is sure to make your house look more elegant. The retractable awning 8 x 6 feet in size comes with a sturdy aluminum frame and a polyester fabric ideal for creating shade against the sun.

XtremepowerUS Retractable Patio Sun Shade Awning Cover...
  • Ideal for use at cafes or restaurants for back porches or...
  • The Awning is ideal for shading of windows and balcony door,...

The aluminum frame has a white powder coating that helps in preventing the rusting process. The polyester fabric used for the canopy is water-resistant; using a sponge and cloth is enough to clean it.

The steel crack handle helps in the retraction of the awning while the winding handle makes the installation easy and fast.

14. E.share Retractable Sun Shade

Although retractable awnings serve the purpose of providing shade, many users still complain about the short nature of the awnings. Staying true to all the promises E.share solves the problem of length with the advent of an awning covering an area of 20x20x20.

E.share 20' X 20' X 20' Sun Shade Sail Uv Top Outdoor Canopy...
  • SIZE: 20' x 20' x 20'
  • Sun shade can be used over a patio, driveway or other...

The revolutionary product has taken the industry by storm, as it reinvents the idea of day pool parties. With stainless steel D-rings available at each edge, the canopy covers a large area protecting your from the sun, UV rays and the rain. The canopy is made from sunscreen fabric and extends from highly durable and weather-resistant ropes tied at each end of your lawn.

The awning adds convenience to your life with the easy and fast installation process.

15. Tentproinic Awning Sun Shade

While traveling, there are moments when you want to sit by the countryside and gaze at the view ahead. However, the heat from the sun and the lack of shade available make you change your plans. With the help of the revolutionary awning sunshade, you can now enjoy cool shades during long travels too.

Tentproinc RV Awning Sun Shade 8' X 14' 3'' Black Sunshade...
  • UV BLOCK & OPEN VIEW – Used as front RV awning, blocks...
  • LOWER TEMPERATURE - provides you a roomy and cozy shade...

The completely retractable awning not only provides shade from the front but also from the top. The product is available in various sizes and colors and prevents the UV rays from hitting your eyes and skins.

The shade stays cool. You can enjoy yourself under its shelter in the hot summer. The awning can also withstand cross-winds as the air will flow from the sides for more comfort. The product is easy to install and dismount, as there are plastic stakes and bungee balls available. The product is also light in weight and easy to transport.

Best Retractable Awnings Buyer’s Guide

Here is a list of some of the crucial factors that you need to consider before choosing a retractable awning.


 The first thing that you need to consider is how you want your awning to retract. Both electric and manual retracting mechanisms have their own flaws and benefits.

While manual retracting mechanisms are common and more directly available, they require your direct participation to function.  On the contrary, electrical awnings are a thing of convenience. With the simple press of a button, an electric motor will do all the functions for you. However, with the convenience electrical mechanisms offer, the user still has to pay a  high cost of repair in case of a mechanical failure.

The more parts available in an electrical awning also indicate a higher possibility of an electrical failure.


Once you decide on the mechanics of your preference, the next thing to decide on is the material that you want your awning to have. This generally means the canopy of the awning. The material used in an awning determines how well the canopy can hold up under different atmospheric conditions.

People can choose the material for the canopy from PVC, Polyester, and Canvas. Each material has its own flaws and benefits that you need to consider before choosing a retractable awning.



The next thing that you need to consider is the durability of the awning. In the case of a retractable awning, even mild exposure to the elements of nature can turn out to be detrimental and wreak havoc. Therefore, you need to prioritize durability when choosing one since it affects the product’s lifespan.


One of the main reasons why households and owners of grocery stores opt for retractable awnings is because it protects them from the sun.

However, anything that is exposed to the sun for long durations will eventually begin to degrade under the effect of ultraviolet radiation. Most retractable awnings are bound to suffer from sunlight damage.

Regardless of the materials, you use for the canopy, the heat and the rays will eventually have an effect. The damage is either in the form of the ultimate failure of your retractable awning or making it less attractive in nature diminishing any additional value attached to the property.

Therefore, the blame for the eventual disintegration of the retractable awning lies more on nature than the materials used in manufacturing.

One thing that you need to remember is that the most vulnerable part of a retractable awning is the canopy since all the other components are either made of metal or plastic. When buying a retractable awning, keep the materials used in manufacturing the canopy and the factors that will affect it on top of the priority list.

Now that you are aware of the factors that you need to consider before buying a retractable awning, here are some of the best retractable awnings.


Retractable awnings give you the liberty of enjoying all weathers outdoor. You can throw parties and allow people to gather under it for full comfort.

However, when buying an awning, don’t forget to take into consideration the factors mentioned above. You also need to ensure that you get the size correctly as per the area you need to cover.

Needless to say, choose from the 15 mentioned above because they are the best in the business.     

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