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10 Best Portable Ballet Barres Right Now | Buyer’s Guide

Best Portable Ballet Barres 2

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Did you know that professional ballerinas are not the only people that can use barres for training? Ballet is a very popular dance form for kids, teenagers and adults alike. It is not just a source of entertainment, it is actually pretty good exercise and has various health benefits.

If you think ballet is easy, you should really reconsider your opinion. It is an activity which requires very high levels of dedication and discipline in order to learn it, let alone achieve mastery over the art of ballet. There are a lot of props used in ballet which help ballerinas develop their form. Ballet barres are the most popular piece of apparatus used by ballerinas.

The use of barres helps ballerinas can help them achieve extreme steps. It is very good for those looking to stretch. You could even be someone doing pilates or even use it to help you develop your form with regular dancing.

If you are an aspiring ballet dancer or if you are already learning, having a ballet barres at home will help you practice as often as you can. Check out our roundup of the 10 best portable ballet barres right now so that you can make the best purchase decision when you get the perfect one for yourself.

Best Portable Ballet Barres

Best Portable Ballet Barres 1

1. Vita Vibe – Prodigy Series Portable Double Ballet Barre – Best Portable Ballet Barres

Our top choice for the best portable ballet barres right now is the Vita Vibe Prodigy Series model with double aluminum freestanding ballet barre. There are a wide number of options when it comes to choosing which color you want to go for and this model comes in five different sizes.

Vita Vibe - Prodigy Series Portable Double Aluminum...
  • Recommended for home and light commercial use
  • Made of strong yet lightweight 1-1/2" diameter powder coated...

Ideal for use in both commercial and home settings, this is a very strong product. The Vita Vibe Prodigy series portable barre comes with a powder coated finish for a very pleasing look and a durable finish.

Easy to assemble, you will not even need any tools to set one of these up wherever you want. You can adjust the height of the horizontal barres based on your own preference and you can disassemble and move it around whenever and anywhere you want.

The wide base along with the non-slip rubber feet provides much needed stability and it has simple to use composite clamps. This portable barre will help you balance during the ballet practices and allow you to make the most of your practice routines.

2. Softtouch Ballet Barre – Barre with Massive Weight Capacity

Another one of our favorites on the list is this ballet barre by Softtouch. This model has a massive weight capacity of almost 300 pounds. That is a lot considering the fact that this is just a freestanding and portable ballet barre.

No products found.

Easy to clean and maintain, this will be a favorite because you can rest assured that it is a hygienic ballet barre even if you have to share it. Just make sure you keep up with cleaning it regularly after use.

You can easily adjust the height to a level that is more comfortable for you to use. With the Softtouch Ballet Barre, you can rest assured that you will have a very stable piece of apparatus to work with. it does not move from its place, it does not slide and it will not tip over unless you really make an effort to. The safety lock, one engaged, holds it steadily in place.

The high quality construction makes this a very sturdy tool for use in both professional and home use. The fact that it is made from lightweight materials makes this a very portable unit. There is a bronze coated finish which doesn’t just make it look good, it also provides the portable barre good protection.

All the ends are capped with rubber for added protection for the person using it and for the floor underneath it. The 1.5 inch thick rail makes the perfect thickness for someone looking to stretch or practice their moves. One of the most convenient tools you can have, this is a worthy entry on the list of the best portable ballet barres right now.

3. Vita Vibe Wood Ballet Barre – Best Traditional-feel Ballet Barre

Available in two different sizes, the 4 feet and 5 feet tall versions of this portable ballet barre are both excellent choices when it comes to getting a ballet practice tool for use at home. The frame of construction on this model is very durable as it is made from high quality aluminum. That also makes it a very lightweight ballet barre for you to use at home.

Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Ballet Barre - Portable Double...
  • Sanded Smooth Hardwood Ash Cross-bar with Durable...
  • Both Barres are Fully Height Adjustable

The powder coating adds to the beautiful look of the barre and gives it a good layer of protection even over a long period of use. The smooth hardwood ash crossbar adds a little more weight to it but the added stability you get from that surface for your ballet practice makes it all worth it. This is one of the most ideal tools for stretching and dancing. In fact, it is so good that professionals can also use this.

The adjustable height is a real winning factor with the Vita Vibe Traditional Wood Ballet Barre. You get a lot of the convenience that a modern and portable ballet barre ahs to offer as well as the feel of using a traditional and fixed ballet barre.

It is very easy to assemble and you do not need any tools to set this all up. The composite clamps make the adjustments really east and the sure grip hand knobs help you free stand with ease.

4. Klarfit – Easy Fitting Ballet Barre for Home

The Klarfit Portable Ballet Barre is another amazing entry on the list. This portable ballet barre is more than ideal for use to practice at home. Not very large in size, this is a very nimble portable ballet barre you can easily fit inside your home.

Klarfit Anna-Marie Ballet Barre- Double Ballet Bar,...
  • FIT AND GRACEFUL: The Anna-Marie double ballet barre by...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: The double ballet bar offers a wide range...

It is a multifunctional product that you can use for more than ballet practice. You can even use it for stretching and fitness workouts. You can set it up anywhere and use it even in a professional ballerina’s capacity because of how good it is. The construction is with tubular steel that makes it sturdy and very safe to use.

This stable ballet barre comes with a powder coating that gives it a very good look and added protection. The non slip rubber coating on the feet along with the base makes it a very stable tool to use. You can easily adjust the height to a level that is more comfortable for you.

The best thing about its size is that you can easily store it away without a problem whenever you are not using it.

5. Vita Vibe Portable Double Ballet Barre – Best Double Ballet Barre

Vita Vibe really is one of the most dominant manufacturers when it comes to making portable ballet barres. Another entry on the list which is produced by Vita Vibe is the portable double ballet barre. This is a very portable and durable unit that is powder coated aluminum.

Vita Vibe - DBNB5 Prodigy Series Portable Double Ballet...
  • Both Barres are Fully Height Adjustable
  • Includes Carry / Storage Bag

You can choose between two different sizes when you’re buying the portable double ballet barre based on your requirements and preferences. There is also a carry bag included in the purchase that makes transporting it a lot easier.

Free standing becomes easier with the Vita Vibe portable double ballet barre. Ideal for home use and in commercial settings, the finishing on the ballet barre has anti-microbial properties. That prevents any buildup of harmful bacteria on the ballet barre and keeps you safe even after long term use.

The rubber and nonslip coating on the feet make sure that your floors will not get damaged while you use the portable double ballet barre. Easy to assemble with simple adjustments, you can store it conveniently whenever you’re not using it.

6. Costzon Portable Ballet Barre

Costzon has made a portable ballet barre to rival the best of the best in the industry out there. Easy to adjust the height, the Costzon model includes six fasteners and a detachable crossbar in the middle. There is a rust proof lacquer coating on the body which protects it from the elements and damage even over a long period of use.

Costzon Portable Ballet Barre, 4FT Adjustable Double...
  • Reinforced Sturdy Construction: Built for durable use, the...
  • Perfect Size & Height Adjustment: The base is 4ft wide, with...

You can expect no odor from it no matter how much you use it and it is a very comfortable ballet barre to use.

The high quality fasteners work well with the overall design to provide a stable ballet barre for you to practice with.

7. Vita Vibe Fitness Barre – Freestanding  -Best Fitness Barre

The entry of the Vita Vibe Fitness Barre really shows why the ballet barres by Vita Vibe are clearly the most accessible ones in the market. They are all fair priced and steady ballet barres which make excellent tools for use at home and professionally to keep yourself in practice.

Vita Vibe Fitness Barre - Freestanding Stretch/Dance/Pilates...
  • Strong and durable aluminum construction
  • Durable Dark Mystic Gray Finish

The Vita Vibe Fitness Barre is perfect to cater to both your ballet practice and general fitness workout routines. It has a foldable construction which allows you to assemble and disassemble the unit with ease. You can even build your own ballet barre using this and extend the length if you want to so that more people can use it at the same time.

You can adjust the rail to different heights so that you get the perfect height for your own convenience. You can lock them in place so that you do not need to readjust every time you use them. Since the adjustments are easy to make, you can adjust it as much as you want for different exercises which require different heights.

The stand has a nonskid coating on the feet which adds more stability and prevents it from slipping.

8. GoFit Portable Adjustable Ballet Bar Set GoBarre

The list of the 10 best portable ballet barres would not be complete without something by GoFit in there. This manufacturer caters to a lot of fitness needs over a wide range of products and they obviously had to have a portable adjustable ballet barre.

GoFit GoBarre Home Workout Set – Adjustable, Portable...
  • Be a ballerina anywhere with the portable GoBarre Workout...
  • BALLET BAR – TheGoBarre ballet bar is perfect for dancing...

The GoFit model is not just a single ballet barre, it is a complete set. Not only do you get a pretty good ballet barre that makes exercising a lot more convenient, you also get  a DVD that will teach you a lot of helpful tips so that you can perfect your workouts. You also get an exercise ball and a flat band that will take your workouts to the next level.

There is a 4 feet hardwood rail that gives the same feel of a traditional  ballet bar and an adjustable height. The knobs on the leg make sure that the rail is securely set into place without any chances of disturbance.

Bear in mind that there is a reason why this is not on the top of the list. Customers have reported finding trouble assembling it particularly with the nuts while you are assembling the unit. When you do set it up right though, you can rest assured that you have a sturdy unit that will last you a very long time.

9. Softtouch Ballet Barre 5.5ft Portable Dance Bar – Comfortable Portable Ballet Barre

If there is one company that really knows how to make comfortable ballet barres, it has to be Softtouch. This minimalistic and stylish model comes with a single rail that is nice to the touch, strong and incredibly steady.

No products found.

The stand on the Softtouch ballet barre has a beautiful bronze colored powder coating finish and it comes with non skid rubber caps on the feet. The wide base and the rubber caps prevent the ballet barre from skidding or tipping over. The diameter of the rail is perfect for anybody to use at 1.5 inches thick.

Whether you need a ballet barre for ballet practice, pilates or just dancing moves, this is a freestanding ballet barre which is nothing less than perfect.

The only issue you might face with the Softtouch Ballet Barre is that the powder coating might start to come off at one point and that reveals the metal underneath it. Do not worry though. This happens only if the bar’s powder coating is damaged.

10. Vita Vibe – Prodigy Portable Single Barre

The last entry on the list of the 10 best portable ballet barres right now is unsurprisingly another entry by Vita Vibe. This portable ballet barre is another one from the Prodigy series and it is a single bar version of the model. This portable single handrail is one that will last you a very long time whenever and wherever you need it.

Vita Vibe Ballet Barre - B48 4ft Portable Single Bar -...
  • Recommended for home and light commercial use.
  • Proudly Made in the USA

The Vita Vibe model does not take up a lot of space, it is very easy to assemble and you can store it away easily whenever it is not in use.

The barre is made of aluminum which is lightweight yet sturdy and it features a special anti-microbial coating that has a satin silver finish.  Your workouts will not just be enjoyable and effective, they will also be very safe. The nonskid coating on the feet makes it a very stable ballet barre to work out with and it protects the floor from any damage even over a long period of use.

Of course, there had to be a reason why this is the last entry on the list. The Vita Vibe Prodigy is a little too lightweight for the liking of a lot of people. For the people who are used to heavier models or fixed ballet barres, this might not be the ideal choice to go for but for everybody else, this can be the perfect ballet practice tool you can get.


Best Portable Ballet Barres 3

Portable Ballet Barres Buying Guide

Now that we have narrowed down the number of choices you have as far as choosing the best ballet barres go, let’s help you narrow down even further and make the perfect buying decision for you. Here is a look at three of the most important things you need to know and consider so that you can make the best buying decision when it comes to getting a portable ballet barre for yourself.


There are two main types of ballet barres: fixed and portable. We have taken a look at portable ballet barres in this guide because they are obviously the best option to use at home. In terms of the rails, there are two different options: Single or double rails.

Double rails are particularly helpful for stretching and they also provide a great option for people who have kids that want to take part in the workouts as well. You can adjust both bars to different levels so that you do not need to readjust them for different exercises.

When it comes to material, the aluminum rails on these have started to come in really handy. They are lightweight and they allow manufacturers to give them a strong and antimicrobial coating which keeps the unit hygienic.

There are portable ballet barres which still feature wooden rails. Wooden rails provide that distinct traditional feel which no PVC or metal can match. You just have to keep in mind that those units will be heavier.


One of the most important considerations to make is regarding the dimensions of the portable ballet barres. How tall should it be? What is the ideal length? What should the thickness of the barre be?

The height of the barre should be adjustable in the models you consider so that you can get the perfect height just for you. The general rule is that the horizontal barre has to fall between your hip and your waist when it comes to use as a ballet barre. Having an adjustable ballet barre will allow you to make changes to the height based on the exercise you need it for.

The standard average length of the barre is 4 feet and the ideal thickness of the rail is 1.5 inches.

What is a Home Ballet Handrail?

The last thing you need to understand is that what even is a home ballet handrail? Essentially, it is a horizontal rail that allows you to keep practicing your balancing moves while you are at home. You can also take care of your training needs right at home without the need to head out. It has to be easy to move around the house so you can use it wherever you find the space.

Portable ballet barres are designed in a way that neither you or the ballet barre tilts when you use them. If you ever use a chair for the same purpose (which people do), there is always the risk of the chair easily slipping from under your hand.


A portable ballet barre is an essential part of every ballet dancer’s routine. Even if you are practicing at home and you do not really have aspirations of becoming a high level professional ballerina, you can still understand the importance of how useful this can be.

Instead of improvising with a chair or drawer to get the stretches and exercise done, it is better to get a dedicated tool that offers you the best experience and it is safe. As you can see, there is a very wide range of options that you can choose from. We have listed down 10 of the best portable ballet barres right now and reviewed them as well to make choosing the right one more convenient.

We really hope you found this article useful. May you get the perfect one for your needs. Stay safe and have fun!

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