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Best Lawn Edging for a Legendary Garden [Buyer’s Guide]

Best Lawn Edging Products 2

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Lawn edges can be amazing when it comes to demarcating land in your yard or even to set up a perimeter for your precious flower bed.

Though they are used much more for aesthetic purposes than fencing; lawn edges can still be of use when protecting your crops from critters and other small animals.

However, in today’s garden care market, these little practical boundaries come in various shapes, sizes, build and design patterns. And we know how exceedingly tricky it can get to pick the one that can fit your needs and your garden the best.

And in our review cum guide today we will be going over some of the leading lawn edges that are available today, along with the type of build materials they come in and their various pros and cons.

So sit back and read along!

Best Lawn Edging Products

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageDimex EasyFlex Plastic No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit
  • One of the most pocket-friendly lawn edging products
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Water resistant
hstcstbl-table__imageMaster Mark Plastics 95340 Terrace Board Landscape Edging Coil
  • Flexible coil-like structure
  • Can be easily cut and customized
  • Withstands all forms of water damage
hstcstbl-table__imageEverEdge Steel Lawn Edging
  • Galvanized steel build
  • Comes with an amazing powder coating
  • Molded spikes
hstcstbl-table__imageEmsco Group Trim Free Landscape Edging
  • Comes in 5 uniquely different styles
  • It’s mower accident safe
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly
hstcstbl-table__imageSuncast FSE10LT Edging
  • Water and heat resistant lawn edging model
  • Eco-friendly resin build
  • Cost-effective and reliable
hstcstbl-table__imageGreenes Fence Half Log Edging
  • Elegantly designed
  • Resists very high heat and cold temperatures
  • Customizable plank heights
hstcstbl-table__imageDimex EasyFlex Commercial Grade Aluminum Landscape Paver Edging Kit
  • Has the highest melting and freezing point
  • Metallic sheen
  • Completely fresh water resistant

Best Lawn Edging Products 1

  1. Dimex EasyFlex Plastic No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit

The Dimex EasyFlex Plastic edging kit will be the best choice for homes with small gardens and backyard trellis farms. Though Dimex may be a name which most garden enthusiasts have not heard of, as they primarily deal with manufacturing plastic products, their edging kit is really quite good and has only of late been growing in popularity.

EasyFlex 3000-100C Traditional No-Dig Landscape Edging, 100...
  • Kit contains (1) 100 ft. coil of 1.5 in. tall landscape...
  • Easily makes curves and straight sections in DIY landscaping...

The reason why we are recommending this lawn edging kit for the more domestic users with smaller yards is because it’s not at all extravagant in its build or even in the pricing. They are quite cheap as a high-quality edge kit, but still, some might find it to be a bit more expensive than the other plastic models in the market.

The reason behind the relatively higher cost is the better quality of build that Dimex provides this product. Plastic as an edge material is not know to be all that flexible or all that durable against extremely high and extremely low-temperature conditions.

However, Dimex is able to make this edging kit incredibly flexible and make it have very high resistance to heat and cold. But that’s not to say that it’s completely immune to the effects of extreme heat and frost. It still suffers from the same issues as that of plastic, but just has higher resistances; it will still melt in excessive heat and crack up in excessive frost.


Additionally, another aspect of the Dimex edging kit which we absolutely loved is the ease of installation. Most plastic edge products out there will require one to dig up the soil to a particular level and only then will he/she be able to put in the edge.

But with the Dimex, that is not the case. Installation is effortless, to say the least, and you will not have to dig anything up to refill the edge when done. Instead, the edging is uniquely held in place by plastic stakes which can be easily struck in with either a metal hammer or even a rubber mallet.

However, the height of the edge was rather disappointing to us. It was much shorter than the standard average available in the market and not all that durable against excessive physical force. So, make sure that during installation, you are hammering the edging in as per the given instructions, or you might run the risk of accidentally breaking it.

  • One of the most pocket-friendly lawn edging products in today’s market
  • Is extremely easy to set up, and can be done without the need for professional help
  • Water resistant against both fresh and saltwater
  • Incredibly flexible for a plastic based lawn edge
  • Has a higher melting and freezing point than other plastic lawn edges
  • The edge height is rather too short and rather disappointing
  • Is not all that durable against physical force
  1. Master Mark Plastics 95340 Terrace Board Landscape Edging Coil

Master Mark Plastics have been in the field of making reliable and long lasting yard edging products for some time now. They are quite a popular brand among garden care professionals and enthusiasts alike.

And though like Dimex their landscape edges are made from plastic, each of their edging products come in different grades of plastic which help them to cater to a versatile range of needs and uses. However, unlike Dimex, whose plastic edging is a bit more expensive than the standard models, the Master Mark edging is much more affordable in comparison.

No products found.

The prices for their edging kits [all the plastic variants] are indeed very reasonable and can virtually accommodate any form of lawn edging job.

However, just because it’s cheaper, doesn’t mean that the Master Mark lacks quality in any way; much like the Dimex edging, it’s incredibly flexible as it’s made with a tightly wound coil. A lot of homeowners today like to stylize their lawns with wavy edges which support aggressive curves.

Now, in our experience, to edge or rather demarcate sharp as well as frequent and continuous curves one would need lawn edges which are as flexible as possible. And Master Mark provides just this flexible versatility with their edging coil.

But, in our eyes, this sort of flexibility is not the only attractive feature of this product; it’s highly customizable as well and practically effortless to install. You will be able to cut the coil in whichever way you like; it’s not all that difficult to cut through, and if you need particular edging pieces with different sizes, you can effortlessly do that with the Master Mark.

In terms of longevity, it has all the strengths and weaknesses that any standard plastic based edging tool has. It’s highly resistant to water, even salt water, but doesn’t do all that well during extremely hot and frosty temperatures or even against physical damage.

And apart from structural durability, another aspect of the edging product that we find rather inconvenient is the height and size. The Master mark is available in only one size variant, and the height is pretty low as well. So, we will not be using recommending this edging kit if you have a trellis farm to contour and want to protect from small animals.

All in all, the Master mark landscape edging coil is just amazing when it comes to providing the optimal edging solution to those homes which are either by the sea or see a lot of rainfall over the years.

  • Flexible coil-like structure makes its mode of use very versatile
  • Can be easily cut and customized to various sizes
  • Withstands all forms of water damage, even salt water corrosion
  • A much more affordable and reliable variant of plastic edging tools
  • Has just one single size variant
  • Can’t withstand physical pressure all that well
  1. EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging

A lot like Master Mark in its product range and history, EverEdge is quite popular for making specialized lawn care products for years now. Their latest range of landscape edging tools are by all means one of the very best that the current market has to offer, with the steel variant being the one that we are fond of the most.

But that’s not to say that steel based tools are something which is all that new to EverEdge in any way. They have created their niche around steel-based products alone, and they have been one of the leaders in providing customers with high-end steel products in all facets of garden care.

EverEdge Steel Lawn Edging 5" Slate
  • 5 Galvanized all-in-one steel landscape edging
  • Each pack contains 5 x 39" lengths - a total of 16.25 ft.

Their edging kit is a bit different from the other standard steel based lawn edges as it’s made out of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is one of the more durable types of steel out there and is significantly less likely to rust than those variants as well.

Not only does it last longer, braving the toughest of summers and winters without a hitch, but unlike plastic, it’s extremely resistant to all forms of physical force and can be perfect for a lot of landscape project.

The steel frame of the EverEdge also comes with a protective powder coating, which helps it to withstand constant exposures to water and even salt water to some extent. However, the coating can wear off over time, and constant salt water exposure can create pockets in its structure to make it rust and rot from the inside.


In terms of flexibility; at first glance, we honestly did not feel that the EverEdge kit would be all that flexible, but when put to the test, its bendable nature really did surprise us. You can customize the edging tool to meet your needs, and as it comes with pre-installed molded spikes,  installing them is very easy.

And though the EverEdge might be out edging product of choice for large estates which support eccentric edges, it’s quite expensive and may be out of reach for a lot of homeowners. It also comes in a single length variant, which is again another con in our books; hence versatility might not be one of the strong points of this product.

But to make up for the lack in length variety, EverEdge does allow this product to come in three different height variants so it can be used for both domestic use and commercial where it helps to keep animals out of farms.

  • Galvanized steel build has a much higher durability rating than standard steel
  • Comes with an amazing powder coating for reliable water resistance
  • Molded spikes make the tool very easy to install 
  • Comes in convenient 3 different height variants
  • Fairly expensive compared to the others on the list
  • Coating can fall off with time and constant exposure to salt water
  1. Emsco Group Trim Free Landscape Edging

Whenever we think of the Emsco Group and their range of products, the phrase ‘jack of all trades, master in nothing,’ keeps repeatedly propping up in our minds.

And the reason for us to think that is not all that surprising really. For as much and as long as we have known the Emsco Group [even after doing a thorough research of their product history], we have never found a single product type that this manufacturer focused on.

Emsco Group 2032HD Bedrocks Trim-Free Gray, 20 Feet –...
  • 20-FOOT LAWN EDGING - Includes 20 feet of landscape edging...
  • TRIM-FREE LAWN EDGING - The unique trim-free flange on the...

From home tools to yard care to other utility products, the Emsco Group has dipped their toes in a little bit of everything.

And apart from their product type, they do not specialize in any form of material as well. So, the reason why we have put their edging kit on our list today is quite simple really; we loved the product as soon as we had used it.


One wouldn’t expect such a company (who makes a little bit of everything) to create a product which is as reliable as this edging kit turned out to be. And we would be recommending this for those homeowners who have a lawn mower and like to use it often.

One complaint many customers have with edging products is that when accidentally hit by a mower, more often than not, they instantly break. The Emsco group comes up with a very unique solution to this by providing their product with a flange.

This flange prevents the lawn mower from actually ever coming in contact with the lawn edging no matter how fast it’s going and keeps the product safe from all forms of mower-related damage.


Additionally, the installation of this edging product is simple as well. However, it’s simple in terms of the steps needed to follow alone; the installation does take a considerable amount of time to complete.

The spikes that come with the kit are not exactly as long as one would hope for, so it’s not going to prevent the lawn edging from rising up all that well. You will have to invest a certain amount of time in setting them on the ground properly.

Moreover, the Emsco Group lawn edging is not all that flexible as well so it may not be recommended for lawns which boast more aggressive curves. And though they are very affordable, structurally they are not as durable as some of the other products on the list, although they do survive extreme weather conditions rather well.

  • This edging product comes in 5 uniquely different styles
  • It’s mower accident safe and can go perfectly with both riding and push mowers
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly and will fit domestic homeowners amazingly
  • Constructed to be much thicker than other standard models
  • Takes a long time to install
  • Not as flexible or as structurally durable than the others on the list
  1. Suncast FSE10LT Edging

Suncast has been the go-to manufacturer for outdoor, lawn and garden use products for years now. They specialize in using resin as the base material for making all their products, as they like to strike the perfect balance between functionality, resilience, and eco-consciousness.

The resin compound that Suncast uses in their model designs is a proprietary formula, which keeps each product not just resistant to extreme environmental conditions but constant water exposure as well.

Suncast Quick Edge Multipurpose Outdoor Design Border...
  • Natural plastic stones keep mulch, dirt, and other...
  • Stones can be installed in minutes by simply sliding the...

The Suncast resin lawn edging has been growing in trend off-late, among those homeowners who want a very eco-friendly solution to all their lawn edging needs. The biodegradable aspect of this edging set is what makes it such an amazing choice if you are planning to grow a small trellis farm in your yard.

As it’s nontoxic, it will not be harming your crops in any way and will help protect them from critters at the same time. Another, aspect of this edging which we really love is the plastic like shine of resin.

Not only is this shine capable of giving the yard a certain stylistic accent, but it’s also ‘paint ready,’ and you can drape it in some color to stylize the yard the way you want it to.

Resin-based lawn edges are one of the most affordable products of that line, and the case is quite the same for Suncast as well. This lawn edge from them is incredibly budget-friendly and can fit any domestic environment perfectly.


However, we will not be recommending this edging set for homes which are either by the sea or face extremely harsh winters. The Suncast set has much of the same problems which resin based products do, which is, even though they show no problems under extreme heat they have a much worse durability than steel to salt water and than plastic to frost.

Moreover, the Suncast resin lawn edging is not at all flexible. It is the least flexible product on our list, and using them for homes with a lot of curves may indeed be a serious problem. However, as it just shifts every foot along the hinge, if you have a larger estate with a mid to large sized lawn, then this edging might just be the perfect fit for you.

The Suncast lawn edging is quite easy to set up as well. It just takes a few hours to install it, and you will not be needing the aid of a professional for it.

  • A very water and heat resistant lawn edging model
  • Eco-friendly resin build is biodegradable and will not harm your yard in any way
  • Cost-effective and reliable, popular among both homeowners and professions
  • Designed to be thicker than the standard models
  • Not as flexible as we would have hoped
  • Cracks easily in cold weather and when exposed to salt water for a long time
  1. Greenes Fence Half Log Edging

Greenes Fence is going to be the more traditional garden/yard based product manufacturer on our review today. They exclusively deal with making products with wood and has a target set of customers for whom they specialize their product designs to make tools which far surpasses their competitors in all fields.

The Greenes Fence Half Log Edging is all about aesthetics in our books. The edging is so elegantly designed that it will be able to provide an air of sophistication to your garden while at the same time making for a very environmentally-friendly edge choice.

Greenes Fence 18 in. Half Log Edging (24 Pack)
  • Wooden landscape edging
  • Flexible plastic backing allows it to be installed as a...

Wood can stand up to extreme temperatures rather well. It’s far superior to plastic in terms of resistance to heat and frost, but not as durable as steel in that category though.

The Greenes Fence Half Log Edging goes really well when trying to make boundaries for flower beds or even yard foot walks. The traditional appeal can have a rather pleasing effect to the mind, and although they produce a mellow effect, you can always choose to color the blocks and customize the yard the way you want it to.


Apart from the appeal, the other factor which we absolutely love about this lawn edging is that it comes in a variety of available sizes. No two-yard can have the same flower bed length and width, and that is exactly why Greenes Fence allows their customers to pick the size that can best suit their needs without having to go into customizing or even additional purchases.

Another feature of the Greenes Fence edging that adds up a lot to the aesthetics is that it also provides alternating plank heights to the customer. It will give you a lot of options to stylize the edging the way you want it to and further enhance the aesthetic beauty of your yard.

However, we will not be recommending this edging set for those whose homes see a lot of rainfall. As wood doesn’t do all that well against water, prolonged exposure to it will make it rot in just a few days time, and even if you pain it or coat it in varnish, water might seep in and destroy the planks from the inside.

Constantly alternating are also not good for wood planks. Though it can resist high levels of both heat and frost, if the temperature constantly oscillates between the extremes, then the wood will start to crack up.

  • Elegantly designed and provides a rather traditional touch to the yard atmosphere
  • Resists very high heat and cold temperatures amazingly well
  • Customizable plank heights will let you beautify your yard the way you want it to
  • Edging product comes in various sizes to fit all types of flower beds
  • Doesn’t fair against water corrosion all that well
  • Cannot take constant temperature changes
  1. Dimex EasyFlex Commercial Grade Aluminum Landscape Paver Edging Kit

It came as quite a surprise to us when a solely plastic based company like Dimex made an aluminum-based garden product which was as reliable as any of their top plastic designs.

Their landscape paver edging kit is by far the best aluminum based lawn edge that we have ever used. This model is incredibly water resistant and comes with one of the best longevity ratings to both extremely high and low temperatures.

Dimex 1856-48C EasyFlex Aluminum Kit, 48-ft. Paver Edging,...
  • Includes (8) 6 ft. edging pieces and (24) anchoring spikes
  • Will not rust, crack, rot, or become brittle

Structural integrity is something that aluminum has an abundance of, unlike plastic or even resin and wood, it effortlessly withstands physical force without many problems.  

Aluminum unlike steel is naturally rust resistant and doesn’t need any special form of coating to keep itself durable and long lasting. However, unlike some of the other aluminum lawn edges out there this model from Dimeex is not as flexible, so contouring it around lawns with a lot of curves may not be such a wise decision.

But you can still try and fit it around sharp angles and even follow curves, but it’s important to note here that you will be bending the edge here rather than flexing it. And though this might be fine for a one time use, bending it, again and again, will compromise the structural integrity of the aluminum bracket.


The malleability of aluminum comes with a lot of customizable options as well.  As the edging is very easy to install, you can lay out unique patterns of it along your farm space or even flower beds, and give them a rather ultra-modern touch. The aesthetic appeal can be quite soothing if done correctly with a sort of a minimalistic modernity about it.

As aluminum by law has no effect to water’s corrosive properties, using it at homes which sees a lot of monsoon rain over the years can be quite ideal. But aluminum though perfectly resistant to fresh water doesn’t hold up all that well against sea or brackish water.


Salt has a tendency to eat away at aluminum, and if you have a home near the sea, then the aluminum edges will become brittle very fast.

Moreover, aluminum-based lawn edges can be very expensive, and the Dimex model is going to have the highest price tag out of all the other on our list today. The edge length is rather low as well, and can indeed be very disappointing to a lot of homeowners who are serious about their yard care.

  • Lawn edging product with the best structural integrity
  • Has the highest melting and freezing point out all the other listed model
  • The metallic sheen can be very aesthetically pleasing
  • Completely fresh water resistant and will not rust or corrode
  • Salt eats away at aluminum
  • The most expensive product on the list, and out of reach for most average customers

Best Lawn Edging Products 3

Buyer’s Guide for the Right Lawn Edging Product 

When it comes to most other tools in your garden shed like, blowers, mowers, and tillers there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind before making the purchase. From engine to parts to warranty, a lot of aspects go into picking the one that can fit your needs the best.

However, for lawn edging products, the primary and perhaps the only aspect that you need to worry about is the material used in making it.

Lawn Edges today can be made out of a variety of base material each having its own unique properties and characteristics. So the edging material that you pick must fit not only your artistic tastes but your backyard setting and environment as well.

No single lawn edging material is completely durable to all external factors, they are each susceptible to at least one form of environmental hazards, and this is precisely what we will be discussing in our following list of the top 5 lawn edging materials.

  1. Plastic

The cheapest and perhaps the most popular lawn edging material; plastic is quite unique when it comes to withstanding the various corroding elements. It boasts something which a lot of garden care professionals like to call ‘pound-for-pound’ durability, which makes it quite a versatile lawn edging material for a lot of garden structures and environments.

The affordability of plastic is what makes it such an attractive option for so many homeowners, who are not all that serious about yard care. However, budget-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean that plastic is flimsy by design.

A1rLd SoK0L

This is where the ‘pound-for-pound’ versatility comes in when compared to the rest of the materials that we have listed today. Plastic doesn’t rust, no matter how much water you put it through it is still going to be one of the best edging materials to handle moisture and even sea water.

However, plastic doesn’t do all that well against prolonged heat and dry temperatures. When exposed to the sun directly for a considerable amount of time, plastic tends to discolor and show signs of wear and can get brittle on some occasions.

Excessive heat can melt it as well, whereas extreme cold will make it crack instantly.

  1. Resin Lawn Edging Material

Resin mimics plastic in a lot of the aspects, it too is a polymer-based compound but is essentially plant-based and are much more environment-friendly. But some of the cheaper resins are treated with a lot of synthetic and plastic compounds like petrochemicals so as to make them more durable and long lasting.

Synthetic resins (though not all that safe for the environment) can be an amazing alternative to all forms of plastic based lawn edging materials. Not only can they be more durable and withstand heat better, but some forms of them are much cheaper as well.

Natural resins are extremely resistant to water, but keep in mind that though it might not corrode under fresh water, salt water will affect its composition and damage it inevitably. This is where plastic takes the lead against resins, so if you live by the sea and there is a lot of salt in the atmosphere, then a resin-based garden edge may not be a wise pick.

However, resins are unaffected by extreme heat. They are much less likely to melt because of their special coating but (here comes the funny part) it is this very coating that makes the resin much more brittle than plastic under cold conditions.

  1. The Classic Wood

Nothing yells tradition louder than wood as a material for your garden edge. Wood as a land area demarcating material has been around since the dawn of civilization, and though in the early ages they were strictly reserved for the nobility, now it’s readily accessible to all homeowners.

In a lot of suburban towns, edging with wood is quite popular as well. One unique thing about wood is if you grow a lot of trees by yourself in the yard then you can make your own lawn edge out of them. But if you’re planning to buy them from the nearest store, then wood can indeed be a much more expensive option than both plastic and resin.


However, they are definitely not as expensive as the metal edges, and they also come in various designs and tree base types to pick from.

In terms of durability, wood is much more resistant to extreme temperatures than plastic and resin. But the disadvantage here lies in the fact that wood can’t keep up all that well with constantly changing temperatures.

Sure! If the weather is too hot or just too cold throughout the year with marginal changes in climate, then the wood edge will last you for years. However, if the temperature keeps fluctuating, then the wood will start to repeatedly expand and contract and can ultimately split.


Wood doesn’t do all that well against continuous exposure to water as well. You can try covering the wood with paint or even retreat it every now then, but with constant exposure, water will get in, and the wood will start to bloat and begin to rot from within. Mildew and mold are one of the most common forms of wood corrosion under such circumstances.

  1. Stainless Steel-Based Lawn Edging

When it comes to the metals, stainless steel is perhaps the most sought after material for all forms of lawn and garden edging. But keep in mind to not opt for just steel, the type should be of the stainless variant, and it is advisable to have it powder coated so that it lasts a considerably longer period of time.

Stainless steel if not coated will not be able to withstand the corrosive effects of water all that well. It will inevitably start to rust very fast and will become more brittle as the days go by (rust will form after many years even if it’s coated, it just prolongs the longevity). But, stainless steel can be incredibly durable under arid weather conditions, so, if your home doesn’t see thunderstorms often, stainless steel might be the edge material of choice.

Steel can brilliantly resist the effects of both extreme heat and cold weather conditions. It has an incredibly sturdy structural integrity that doesn’t even give an inch under the worst of environmental temperatures.

However, even with all the perks, steel is not all that easily opted into by the more average buyers as it’s very expensive and we will be recommending it more for those homeowners who are quite serious about their yards. Even though it might not be as expensive as aluminum, it still costs a fortune when compared to either plastic or resin or even wood.

  1. Aluminum Lawn Edging

If price is not an issue when it comes to edging your lawn, then a lawn edging product made out of aluminum would be the best possible option to go for. It’s one of the most versatile bases out there when it comes to providing all the perks of the above materials combined together while leaving out all the cons.

Though the most expensive edging material available today it’s also the best and has a fantastic durability against all environmental conditions. Temperatures no matter how hot or how cold do not compromise the structural integrity of aluminum in any way. Neither does it crack or melt, and though it might not be all that apparent but it’s technically more resilient than stainless steel and has a much higher melting and freezing point than it.


Aluminum resists water corrosion extremely well as well. By chemistry, it’s naturally resistant to water, and unlike stainless steel, it doesn’t need to be treated with a specialized coating, thereby making it the perfect choice for a variety of garden atmospheres.

However, aluminum disappoints when it comes to salt water exposure. Just like with resin, salt has a tendency to eat away at aluminum and create brittle pockets here and there in the structure and make it go extremely brittle.

All in all, with the combined abilities of all the other edging materials, aluminum can indeed be the best choice if cost and expense is not an issue. If you are a serious gardening enthusiast, then aluminum may be the way to go.

It’s incredibly flexible as well. Where stainless steel can be spun out to be thin enough to be flexible as well as durable, aluminum, on the other hand, has the potential to be spun out even thinner without compromising its properties in any way.

Final Thoughts

Lawn edges are made out of a variety of materials where each suits a single climate type and environment in particular. We hope that the guide and products that we listed out today was able to help you with your decision of picking a lawn edge that’s capable of not just tending to your needs but fits your lawn perfectly as well.  

Till next time!

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