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8 Best Humidifier for Eczema | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Humidifier for eczema and skin

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Even after all the progress made by science, medical scientists are still looking to find the root cause of eczema. For now, we only know that it happens due to the mix and match of some hereditary mutations and environmental triggers. It has also been noticed that individuals with the overactive immune system are more susceptible to develop eczema.

People who suffer from eczema know that dry weather conditions are a potent trigger for red and itchy skin patches. Unfortunately, there is no ultimate cure for eczema. All the available anti-eczema options just regulate and alleviate this chronic condition.

Topicals and anti-inflammatory medicines provide momentary relief to this baffling skin condition. However, there is an alternative to control and mitigate eczema that is cost-effective and also free of pharmaceutical chemicals and their accompanying side effects.

We are talking about humidifiers here, a humidifier is a compact appliance that adds moisture to the dry and arid atmosphere in any setting. It is a more natural and reliable way to add moisture to the air and consequently to your skin.

A humidifier offers a two-way relief to eczema patients: first it prevents the removal of moisture from the skin that happens due to dry air around; secondly, it gives back needed moisture to the skin that helps in alleviating eczema rashes and itchiness. A humidifier is not just effective against eczema; it can also help a household in relieving nasal congestions. Its warming-up action for the air also makes it easy for asthma patients to breathe.

There is another unusual and interesting domain where the use of a humidifier can come in handy. Wooden objects start shrinking which cause typical squealing that eventually leads to wear and tear. By maintaining the right levels of humidity indoors, a humidifier can also help you in extending the service life of your timber furniture and accessories.

There is a range of different humidifier models available in the market and it’s not easy to pick the one that can particularly help eczema patients. For this reason, we are going to review some of the best humidifiers that can impart relief to eczema patients.

Best Humidifier for Eczema

Best Humidifier for Eczema

1. Honeywell HCM350W – Best Humidifier for Whole Day Humidification

  • Features UV treatment and wicking filters
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • An Amazon’s Choice Product

Honeywell Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier is a compact machine designed with all the modern elements. It releases 99% germ-free cool mist into the dry air for a better-moisturized environment. In this small machine, an intricate chain of events happen. Firstly, the water flows from its tank through a passage where UV light kills all the germs and bacteria that are present in tap water.  

This filtered water then goes into a chamber where it is absorbed by state-of-the-art wicking filters through the capillary action. The filter is treated with Protec Antimicrobial that guarantees that no mold growth will take place on its lining.  

After passing through the filter and being converted into a fine mist, this sanitized water is added to the air volume that is drawn into the humidifier and then released back in the environment.  The tank of Honeywell HCM350W can contain 1-gallon of water that transforms into mist and adds into the air over the course of 24 hours.


The accessories that come with the machine are also worth mentioning.  You get a monitor that displays temperature and relative humidity. Moreover, a cleaning ball also comes with the package so you can clean the inside of the humidifier with an exclusive mop.

Lastly, a replacement filter also comes with the machine. In short, after buying a complete Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier package, you won’t need to do any humidifier-related shopping for a long time.


  • Offers 24-hour humidification from a single refill
  • UV and Protec Antimicrobial treatments ensure optimal water sanitization
  • A low-power and low-noise machine
  • Comes with valuable accessories
  • Easy to carry, clean and refill
  • Can’t serve large spaces
  • A bit heavy on the pocket

2. BONECO Cool Mist Ultrasonic – Most Technologically Sound Humidifier

  • 3-gallon tank
  • Features Hydro cell, EZcal and DMC
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

This BONECO appliance is a technological marvel packed in the form of a humidifier. BONECO Ultrasonic Humidifier has all the features that meet the standards of any of the high-quality Humidifier available in the market right now. To begin with, if features a 3-gallon tank that can serve to humidify rooms and lounges as big as 600 sq-ft for 24 hours.

No products found.

Moreover, you get a detailed digital panel with surface touch to set its control. You can adjust BONECO Ultrasonic humidifier for both cool and warm mist to suit the temperature. Then you also have the option to put it on auto-mode where the humidifier automatically adjusts its mist output with the changing room temperature.

BONECO has titled this humidifier ‘Ultrasonic’ because it converts the water into fine-mist through high-frequency vibration. Producing micro-mist through this unique method ensures that it readily evaporates when released into the environment.


We also like a comprehensive set of water treatment accessories that BONECO has used in this state-of-the-art humidifier. It features Hydro cell, EZCal, and DMC that make sure that water remains fresh and free of lime scales and mineral residues. Such thoroughly filtered mist is entirely harmless for people suffering from eczema due to their highly reactive immune system.

Even though BONECO/Air-O-Swiss Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier features 3-gallon tank, it still looks compact and sleek due to its ergonomic design. Moreover, the lustrous black finish is easy on the eyes and fits well with the rest of the items in a room.


  • Can Serve large spaces
  • Offers both cool and warm mist spray
  • low-noise (whispering) operation
  • Comes with surface touch digital panel and auto-mode
  • A bit expensive
  • Some users may find its digit panel difficult to operate

3. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic – Best Humidifier for Nighttime Use

  • 1.5 liter water capacity 
  • Includes power adaptor and disk cleaning brush
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

Pure Enrichment has introduced a compact humidifier for those who need it for personal use and don’t want to humidify an entire floor. This lightweight and intelligently designed humidifier has the capacity of 1.5 liter and can serve for 16 hours nonstop. In other words, it is great for overnight use for all those people who are looking to soothe their eczema itching during sleep. The humidifier is also fitted with a soft-glow blue light that can help in creating a perfect relaxing ambiance for nighttime sleep.

No products found.

But the use of Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Humidifier is not just limited to bedroom. You can also use in spaces such as lounges and studies where you just need a nominal addition of cool mist into the air to make the environment pleasant. The mist nozzle of Pure Enrichment can rotate 360-degrees so you don’t need to adjust it in the direction you want to moisturize. Moreover, you can also control the amount of mist the ultra-high vibrations produce.


We like the simplicity that Pure Enrichment has achieved in this high-quality humidifier. It features one-touch operation and automatic shut-off. If no one is there to attend the humidifier and water level drops low, the humidifier motor will automatically switch off to prevent electricity wastage.

You also get a 2-year warranty on this compact piece of an ultrasonic humidifier. This small humidifier can be an effective mitigation option for people suffering from chronic eczema.


  • A light body and ergonomic design
  • Also works as nighttime table lamp with its relaxing blue light
  • Perfect for small rooms and individual users
  • Features automatic shut-off
  • Filtration system is absent
  • No digital display or panel

4. LEVOIT Warm and Cool Mist – All-Purpose Humidifier

  • 1.5-gallon tank 
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • An Amazon’s Choice Product

LEVOIT Ultrasonic Air Humidifier is designed for all those users who are looking for a humidification solution all year round for their large rooms and lounges. With the capacity of 1.5 gallon, LEVOIT can continuously humidify an area as large as 750 sq-ft for one and a half day (at low mist output). In summers, you can get the cool mist out of LEVOIT Ultrasonic humidifier to mitigate sinuses and to relieve eczema-ridden skin. And during cold months, the warm mist can help in fighting off the respiratory issues stemmed from arid weather.

No products found.

LEVOIT Ultrasonic Air Humidifier also features a really good surface-touch control panel along with the LED display and hygrostat. The feature of hygrostat is quite valuable. It makes a humidifier self-sufficient i.e. it automatically starts working when moisture level drops in the surrounding air. Moreover, you can also set it through timer for any duration between 1 to 12 hours. In order to provide users with complete ease-of-use, LEVOIT is also offering a remote control with its ultrasonic humidifier.

One of the major objectives of a humidifier is to make the surrounding air pleasant. To achieve that, LEVOIT has gone one step further and fitted an aroma box in its ultrasonic humidifier. This means you can also use it as a diffuser with your favorite scented essential oils. Just add a couple of drops of any aromatic oil to the box and start your aromatherapy with this all-purpose humidifier.


  • Tank capacity is good enough for large rooms
  • Can be used as an aroma diffuser
  • Release both warm and cool mist
  • Totally remote controlled operations
  • The design could be better and more aesthetic
  • A bit heavy on the pocket

5. PureGuardian Ultrasonic – Humidifier with the Longest Running Time

  • 2-gallon tank
  • Feature UV-C and silver clean protection to sanitize mist
  • Fitted with a soft-glow bulb

If you are looking for a humidifier that doesn’t need water refilling every single day, then consider buying PureGuardian Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier. This humidifier can treat any small or large room with its fine humidification for 100 hours (over four days).

No products found.

It is a flask-shaped humidifier of 2-gallon water tank and features UV-C technology that makes soon-to-be-mist water free of germs. Moreover, PureGuardian Ultrasonic Humidifier also contains silver clean protection. This protective layer actually make the lining of the tank resistant to mold and mildew growth.


What we like most about PureGuardian Humidifier is its simplest control panel. Even though it can release both cold and warm mist, but you can easily set the humidifier for it, unlike many other humidifiers with similar configuration. Moreover, the compact body of PureGuardian also features an oil tray that let you use it as an aroma diffuser. While having all the necessary features of a high-quality humidifier, what we think missing in PureGuardian Humidifier are the digital display and hygrostat.

PureGuardian can operate on three different speeds, depending on the amount of mist you want to permeate into the room. Moreover, a soft glow light and a timer add more versatility to this ultrasonic humidifier.  

While using PureGuardian as a diffuser, don’t directly add the oil into the water tank. Use aroma pads that are separately available with the machine.


  • Humidifier with the longest running time
  • Ultrasonic mist generation ensures quieter operation
  • Can produce both warm and cold mist
  • Features aroma tray
  • No digital display
  • No hygrostat

6. Rosewill Ultrasonic Cool Mist -Quietest Humidifier on the Block

  • 1.3 gallon water tank (suitable for 250 sq-ft spaces)
  • Features auto shutoff
  • An Amazon’s Choice Product

Rosewill Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is one of the simplest designs on the block. It comes with an easy-to-fill 1.3 gallon tank. With this capacity you can easily serve a room of 250 sq-ft for more than 24 hours. Its mist nozzles have very unique construction. There are actually two nozzles installed opposite to each other on the top of the humidifier that rotate to give 360-degree coverage. The control of Rosewill is also pretty simple. There is single knob that is used as power switch and as well as to adjust mist rate on low, medium and high.

No products found.

For people suffering from eczema, this medium-size humidifier can prove to be a real blessing. Set it up beside your bed during the night and you will see how it will mitigate the itches and rashes caused by eczema. Rosewill has also installed a soft-glow blue light inside the transparent cover of the humidifier that radiates soothing rays that helps you in falling to sleep in lesser time.


Humidifiers regulate humidity levels in the atmosphere to make your indoors pleasant. However, a significant number of them do this with the unwanted byproduct of a humming sound. This is the reason why many people don’t put humidifiers in their bedrooms for overnight use.

Rosewill has taken care of this problem by making the most of ultrasonic technology in its cool mist humidifier. It only produces 32 decibels of sound while converting water into mist (for reference: a quiet library experiences 40 decibels of sound/noise). So, use it anywhere in the house without worrying about its sound.


  • Ideal for humidification during summer
  • Single-knob controls
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Fitted with a soft-glow night light
  • No digital display
  • Only produces cold mist

7. Anypro Cool Mist Humidifier – Smallest High-Quality Humidifier

  • 2-liter tank
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Features timer settings

Anypro Cool Mist Humidifier is another ultrasonic mist diffuser that works with the ‘noise’ of a whisper. It produces humming sound below 40 decibels, which is in fact lower than the magnitude of a whisper. Although Anypro Humidifier features 2-liter water container, its size is ergonomic so you can easily put it on your side table.

No products found.

You can operate Anypro Ultrasonic Diffuser at two mist speeds. At low mist setting, you can get the fine mist permeating in a space for over 16 hours. And at high mist adjustment, Anypro Ultrasonic Diffuser can offer continuous humidification for 10 hours. The other good thing about this Anypro product is that you can set a timer on its humidification. You can adjust the timer for 1, 3 and 6-hours. In other words, you can put the humidifier in auto mode. This feature comes in really handy when you are setting the humidifier for night or going out.


Since this is one of the smallest humidifiers on the block, Anypro has tried to make it a completely portable and easy-to-use package. For that matter, it comes with a detachable adapter so you can easily refill it just like a jar without carrying the cords and plug.

To make it a more versatile humidifier model, Anypro has also fitted it with a night light of soft blue hue. The cool mist along with cool blue radiance permeates tranquility in any interior.


  • Ideal for small rooms
  • Can be set for three different humidification intervals
  • Features soft night light
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Can’t run for longer hours
  • No digital display

8. Industrial Air Commercial Humidifier – Most Heavy-duty Humidifier for Home Use

  • 13-liter tank
  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • 5 adjustable spray nozzles
  • Feature trinuclear atomizer

As mentioned earlier, eczema is a genetic problem that can run in a family. If you are facing a situation where an entire household is suffering from borderline eczema, then this heavy-duty humidifier by Humidifiers will come in really handy. This vertically-shaped humidifier has a 13-liter water tank, which features a silver-ion filter. It maintains the quality of water at all times and hence the humidifier only produces germ-free mist.

No products found.

This hardwearing humidifier is fitted with five spray nozzles that are adjustable for 360 degrees. Moreover, a turbofan of 3200 rpm is used to spread and fire the mist to every nook and corner of the space. The fine mist coming out of Humidifiers Ultrasonic Industrial Commercial Humidifier is created through state-of-the-art trinuclear atomizer.

What we like about this heavy-duty humidifier is its ergonomic design. Even with that mist capacity, its vertical body doesn’t occupy much space. You can set it up anywhere in the house without changing the existing setting.

Humidifiers Commercial Heavy-Duty Humidifier features a digital display and an indicator for an empty water tank.  The ABS make of this humidifier also keeps its weight light.


  • Easy-to-use , single-knob operation
  • Ideal for entire floor plans
  • Silver ion filter ensures germ-free mist
  • Ergonomic design
  • No hygrostat
  • Can’t spray warm mist

Humidifier for Eczema Buying Guide

If you want to search humidifiers outside this list, then take the following features into account.

Cold Mist

On e-commerce websites and particular online stores, you can find a lot of humidifiers that will moisturize the air with vapors instead of mist. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a humidifier to alleviate eczema-related conditions, then vapor-based humidifiers will be of no use.

A mist produced without heating up water is deemed suitable for people suffering from eczema. Therefore, always look for a humidifier where the manufacturer clearly states that it gives cold mist.

Germ-Free and Mold-Free Options

Today, humidifiers don’t just come with misting operations. Many of them also feature germ-fighting and mold-exterminating elements as well (we have also discussed a couple of them). If you want a humidifier that can cut down the eczema-related skin conditions, then go for those state-of-the-art humidifier options.

For instance, UV light treatment and silver ion filtration are pretty common in humidifiers to kill almost all the bacteria and microorganisms present in tap water. Similarly, there are plastic molds that are intrinsically resistant to mold growth and used to make humidifiers’ tank and basins. Such value-added humidifiers will definitely come in handy when your humidification requirements are centered on the mitigation of eczema.


Whenever you are going to buy a humidifier make sure that it is exceptionally user-friendly. For instance, you can easily refill it, place it at the given space and can make the most of its misting ability. For that matter, try to get a dehumidifier with a small-to-medium water container because it won’t feel like a chore when you have to refill a couple of liters.

Similarly, try to get an option that features auto-mode and hygrostat. With these features, you will only have to refill the tank and the humidifier will take care of the rest of the activity on its own. However, such hi-tech humidifiers are expensive, so there’s that.

Easy-to-Clean with Permanent Filters or Filterless

This is a crucial point to consider while purchasing a humidifier for eczema. If a humidifier is not easy-to-clean, then it can aggravate the chronic skin condition instead of improving it. If a humidifier is fitted with removable filters, then there are strong chances that it will end up adding airborne irritants to the outgoing mist that will only worsen the reddened and itchy skin.

Therefore, always look for options with basins and tanks that are easy to clean and feature permanent or no filters.


It depends on the area and users you want a humidifier to cater. For single rooms and an individual user, any model with 1-2 liter capacity is good enough. However, for large rooms or entire floors, go for humidifiers that have the capacity of more than one gallon.

As discussed at the beginning of the piece, there is no ultimate cure for eczema. However, people can adjust their lifestyle and habits to lessen the brunt of this chronic skin condition. A high-quality humidifier producing germ-free cold mist can be a valuable addition to your home/office for keeping eczema-related problems in control.

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