13 Best Garden Hose of 2022

View of a watering hose from which water pours against a lawn with flowers of daisies

A garden hose is, more often than not, underrated for a tool that is so versatile.

Think about it – a garden hose does so much more than just water your lawn. You can use this tool to wash your car, water plants, and even bathe your livestock.

Indeed, most people wouldn’t prefer trudging along with a heavy bucket to do these jobs? In that case, you might be on the lookout for the best garden hose for a multitude of tasks. But a garden hose isn’t all that interesting to read about, is it?

To guide you through this endeavor, we have crafted this list of the 13 best garden hoses of 2022. To be sure, we went through dozens of customer reviews and recommendations. However, we didn’t just rely on what we read. We also tested these products for a few weeks and finally curated a list of our top 13 picks.

So, let’s cut to the chase and give you the deets!

Top Garden Hose

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageFlexi Hose & 8 Function Nozzle
  • Easily withstands 12 bars of water pressure
  • 50 feet in length
  • 8 rotating nozzles
hstcstbl-table__imageThe FitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose
  • Triple-layer latex with strong interwoven elastic fiber
  • Expands up to 25 feet
  • Free rotating 8 pattern nozzle
hstcstbl-table__imageFlexzilla Garden Hose
  • Special outer cover resists abrasion
  • Extends up to 50 feet
  • O-rings for a leak-free watering experience
hstcstbl-table__imageBionic Steel Garden Hose
  • Expands up to 100 feet
  • Rust-free 30.4 stainless steel body
  • Superior burst strength of 500 PSI
hstcstbl-table__imageGardGuard Garden Hose
  • 9 functional rotating nozzles
  • Expands up to 50 feet
  • Withstands 3 to 12 water pressure bars
hstcstbl-table__imageVieneci Garden Hose
  • Expands from 33 feet to 100 feet
  • 9 functional safety nozzles
  • 3750D polyester fabric body
hstcstbl-table__imageAterod Expandable Garden Hose
  • Double layered latex core with solid brass fittings
  • Expands up to 50 feet
  • 9 function spray nozzle
hstcstbl-table__imageGrowGreen Garden Hose
  • Grows up to 50 feet - retracts to the original length
  • Lightweight - 2.49 pounds
  • Extra-flexible and easy to handle body
hstcstbl-table__imageBuheco Garden Hose
  • Expands from 33 feet to 100 feet
  • 4 layer latex core
  • 9 pattern spray nozzle
hstcstbl-table__imageZalotte Garden Hose
  • Extends from 9 feet to 25 feet
  • 9 function spray nozzle
  • Durable 3 layer latex core
hstcstbl-table__imageHigen Garden Hose
  • Inner material 100% natural latex
  • Collapsible and portable
  • Can be attached to 9 spray nozzle head
hstcstbl-table__imageTOCZIM Garden Hose
  • Expands up to 100 feet
  • Strong and durable 4 layer latex core
  • Lightweight - 4.7 lbs
hstcstbl-table__imageOUTZEST Garden Hose
  • Expands up to 50 feet
  • 9 function sprayer nozzle
  • Leak-Proof cover with 3750D polyester fabric

Gardening tools on rustic wooden background, top view

  1. Flexi Hose & 8 Function Nozzle

We begin our list with the Flexi Hose & 8 Function Nozzle garden hose. This garden hose is 50 feet long, giving you adequate room to maneuver it along your garden’s length. Being high-quality and lightweight, it is perfect for all your watering requirements – both in and outside your garden.

Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose 50...
  • The Flexi Hose expandable garden hose automatically expands...
  • Strong fittings for reliability! Solid 3/4 inch brass...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, we like how sturdy and durable the Flexi Hose is. With a double latex pipe and ¾ brass connectors, this garden hose ensures a leak-proof experience. As the name suggests, it is extremely flexible – allowing you to control its movement with ease.

The next best feature about this garden hose is its expandable length. Although it measures 17 feet, the expandable feature allows you to stretch it up to 50 feet! This makes it convenient for you to use its features without having to attach it to different watering points. Furthermore, you can store the hose easily in any small space, as it returns to its original length within minutes.


Finally, we found the eight rotating nozzles to be very versatile. You can use this feature for a plethora of jobs – watering your plants, cleaning your car, hosing down your pets, and more.

What Could’ve Been Better?

In all honesty, this garden hose exceeded our expectations in terms of functionality. However, we did not like that it automatically shrinks once you turn off the water. This feature is useful for storage, but we don’t like the automatic shrinking mechanism. Of course, it is not really an issue we cannot work around.

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Control different nozzles at your fingertips
  • All brass fittings
  • On/Off switch at the end of the hose
  • Automatically shrinks to the original size on turning off the water supply
  1. The FitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose

If you are looking for a shorter hose that is exceptionally durable, we suggest FitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose. This garden hose expands up to 25 feet, is lightweight, versatile, and can withstand regular wear and tear. Moreover, with competitive pricing, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose - Triple...
  • 3 Times extension in length, easy to operate and store: Only...
  • A retractable hose suitable for multiple purposes: Expanding...

Why Did We Like It?

If you don’t need a 50-foot garden hose and are looking for something slightly more durable, this product is a good fit. It expands up to 25 feet but retracts automatically once you stop the water supply. This feature makes it convenient to store in smaller spaces. Moreover, weighing only 1.8 lbs, it is lightweight and portable.

Unlike typical garden hoses, this one runs for over 2000 uses without wearing down. The triple layer inner latex material and the extra-strong interwoven elastic fiber give super strength and durability to it. Moreover, brass fittings ensure that there is no leakage or dripping during use.


Lastly, this product comes with a free spray nozzle – adding to its versatility. There are 8 modes on this nozzle which enable you to use the spray feature for various watering tasks. From a fine mist to a cone, jet, or soaker, choose whatever spraying experience you need.

What Could’ve Been Better?

In spite of the functionality of this hose, there is one flaw we’d like to point out. The manufacturer advises users against keeping it outside in the sun for long periods. In many cases, this is not possible, and we wonder how it could affect the product’s long-term durability.

  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Never tangles, knots, or twists
  • 13 layer inner latex tube adds durability
  • Shut On/Off brass valve
  • Cannot store it outside in the sun
  1. Flexzilla Garden Hose

The next product we have for you is the Flexzilla Garden Hose. If extreme durability is what you need, then this product is an excellent pick for you. The special polymer blend allows you to use it in the harshest conditions -without any significant damage or wear and tear.

Flexzilla HFZG550YW Garden Lead-In Hose 5/8 In. x 50 ft,...
  • Leading Manufacturer Of High-Quality Products
  • International Renown For Our Diverse Range Of Award-Winning...

Why Did We Like It?

If you plan on using your garden hose for various activities, you need something extra strong and durable. Flexzilla constitutes a special polymer blend that endures any weather and harsh condition – even sub-zero conditions. Moreover, the outer covering is abrasion-resistant, enhancing its durability.

What’s more, the special hybrid polymer is memoryless. This is helpful because no matter how you twist and turn the hose, it will immediately return to its flat position. Additionally, the crush-resistant anodized aircraft aluminum ends make it always ready for your next watering session.


This product is perfect if you like to use it to feed your livestock, pets, or even drink out of the hose yourself. Since it is lead-free, you don’t have to worry about drinking unsafe water.

We must also mention that the hose extends up to 50 feet. This gives you adequate stretching capacity to water the ends of your lawn without switching between taps.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Even though the manufacturer states that you can use the hose at a maximum water pressure of 150 PSI, this is not entirely true. The maximum PSI decreases as the temperature of the hose rises, which we think is a disadvantage.

  • Extreme flexibility in all weather conditions
  • Lead-free drinking water
  • Does not kink or crush under pressure
  • moryless special hybrid polymer
  • Maximum PSI decreases with increasing temperature of the hose
  1. Bionic Steel Garden Hose

Do you need a super long, highly durable garden hose for different needs? Then the Bionic Steel Garden Hose is an excellent choice for you. This heavy-duty product extends up to 100 feet, giving you immense maneuvering power. Additionally, the stainless steel make gives it more strength and durability than its typical competitors.

Bionic Steel 100 Foot Garden Hose 304 Stainless Steel Metal...
  • Ultra Durable: Our hoses are constructed from a...
  • Flexible and Lightweight: The unique interlocking flex...

Why Did We Like It?

The most notable feature of this garden hose is its rust-free, 30.4 stainless steel body. Not only does this give extra strength and durability, but also makes it completely weather-resistant. In fact, you can freeze it in sub-zero temperatures, or keep it out in the sun – the garden hose will suffer absolutely no damage.

Another high-quality feature of this product is its ability to extend up to 100 feet. To top it off, the interlocking flex design allows you to stretch it without puncturing or tearing its body.

616A+MAn6 L

What’s more, you can enjoy superior water pressure of up to 500 PSI. This allows you to use it for pressure washing your car and windows conveniently.

Finally, we like that this hose does not expand or retract like other garden hoses. It is a simple feature, but it allows you to have uninterrupted water flow without shrinkage.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We’d like it if the hose could be fitted with a rotating nozzle, offering different spraying modes. You can still control the water pressure using the On/Off valve. Even so, having the option of varying spray modes allows you to use it for a variety of watering needs.

  • Does not expand or retract – giving uninterrupted flow
  • Aluminum crush-resistant fittings with stabilizer collar
  • Heat and freeze-resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to coil up
  • No rotating nozzle
  1. GardGuard Garden Hose

Unlike the last four offerings, GardGuard Garden Hose offers 9 functional nozzles for all your needs. The rotating bezel makes it easy for you to switch between the nozzles. Moreover, the outer coating comes with a non-slip surface and is easy to grip.

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

We were impressed by the rotating nozzle offering not 8 but 9 different modes of spray. Switching the nozzle heads was effortless thanks to the rotating bezel design. We also liked the ergonomic handle and non-slip body of the garden hose, giving it incomparable comfort.

This garden hose sits at 17 feet initially. However, you can conveniently expand it up to 50 feet. Furthermore, it will automatically shrink back to its original length after use. This allows you to store it in smaller spaces without hassle.

In terms of material, the hose uses high-density, double layer latex for its core, and 3750D polyester fabric for its covering. Harsh climatic conditions or increased water pressure cannot damage it easily – giving you years of worry-free watering experience.

What Could’ve Been Better?

To be honest, the 9 functional nozzles brought this garden hose to our attention. However, it cannot be used for drinking water, which we think is a minus point. Of course, you can still use it for feeding your plants – just not for drinking yourself!

  • Effortless operation with ergonomic grip
  • Buckle stent for uninterrupted flow
  • Convenient connecting to faucets without an additional adaptor
  • Automatically retracts to the original length
  • Cannot be used for drinking water
  1. Vieneci Garden Hose

Coming to the next item on our list, we have the Vieneci Garden Hose. Like the previous product, it comes with 9 functional spray nozzles. However, it’s difference lies in how far it expands – up to 100 feet. The heavy-duty hose is perfect for all kinds of watering requirements.

VIENECI Hose 100ft Garden Hose Expandable Hose, Durable...
  • 3 Times Expandable Garden Hose: Only 4.5 LBS, it's...
  • 10 Functions Spray Nozzle: VIENECI water hose nozzle...

Why Did We Like It?

When comparing this product to its competitors, we found that it was quite a tough contender. Vieneci sits at an original length of 33 feet – which we think is excellent in itself. However, we were surprised to find that it expands more than 3 times its size. Coming up to 100 feet in total, the garden hose is quite long and efficient.

We also liked that it comes with 9 rotating nozzles – giving us a range of spray options to choose from. Whether we need a fine mist, a full spray, a soaker, or even a powerful jet, this hose offers it all. Moreover, it can withstand up to 12 bars of water pressure, making it strong and durable.

61Ie vyFKEL

When it comes to storing it away, all you need to do is drain out the water from the pipe, allow it to retract, and coil it up.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the hose is strong and durable, it cannot withstand long hours in the sun or harsh conditions. You have to carefully store it away from sun exposure, which could be difficult if you like to keep it in the open lawn.

  • Convenient pressing system to control water pressure
  • Storage bag and holder included
  • Expands 100 feet for greater coverage
  • Exquisite design and durable covering
  • Cannot withstand harsh conditions
  1. Aterod Expandable Garden Hose

Next up on the list, we have the Aterod Expandable Garden Hose. It was designed to keep in mind users who wish to have a heavy-duty product without compromising its weight and portability. Designed to be extra flexible, this hose offers extensive coverage with supreme comfort.

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

For us, the highlight of this garden hose is its comfortable non-slip body, ergonomic handle, and extra-flexible design. Although it starts at a meek 17 feet, it expands up to 50 feet within minutes. Moreover, it conveniently retracts once you turn off the water supply, making storage efficient and hassle-free.

In terms of the material, the durable latex core is protected by a high-strength woven casing. The hose’s flex design ensures that it does not twist, knot, or get tangled during use. We also liked the hanger feature included with it – allowing us to hang it up after use conveniently. There is also a storage bag included for easy storage.

Last but not least, this garden hose comes with 9 nozzles with a rotating bezel design. This allows you to switch between different modes for different watering requirements efficiently.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Overall, we loved this product by Aterod. If we could change one thing, we wish that we could extend the hose up to 50 feet without having to turn the faucet on at full blast. Of course, we can still control the water pressure with the nozzle – but the pressure can become excessive.

  • Can be used for a variety of watering needs
  • Highly portable and user-friendly
  • Withstands up to 12 bars of water pressure
  • Solid brass fittings ensure leak and break free experience
  • Need to turn on the faucet at full blast to expand the hose completely
  1. GrowGreen Garden Hose

Are you looking for a heavy-duty garden hose that is lightweight and space-efficient? The GrowGreen Garden Hose is a great product designed with efficiency and precision in mind. When you’re done using it, simply store it in its heavy-duty storage sack for space-saving organizational skills.

GrowGreen Heavy Duty Expandable Garden Hose, Strongest...
  • Expandable Garden Hose Up To 3X Its Size: The GrowGreen...
  • Our Garden Hoses Are Designed To Make Life Easier. This...

Why Did We Like It?

First things first, we must appreciate the lifetime warranty offered by GrowGreen. Although this hose is very functional with a durable body and firm grip, a lifetime warranty is a welcome addition.

That’s not all; this hose is made of pressure-resistant latex material, which enhances its durability. The solid brass connectors ensure that you enjoy a leak-free watering experience without any fuss. Moreover, the body is super flexible, sturdy, and can withstand high wear and tear.


Moving on to storage, we like the heavy-duty storage bag offered with this hose. Initially, it was just 17 feet in length. However, once you turn on the water supply, it expands up to 50 feet, giving you immense coverage.

In terms of functionality, you can choose from 8 different spray patterns for all your needs. Switching between the nozzles is convenient, thanks to the rotating design on the head.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As you know, the hose automatically retracts once you turn off the water supply. However, this ‘automatic’ process occurs after the water is completely drained out from the pipe, which may take some time. This isn’t an issue – but it does take a fair amount of time.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Pressure resistant latex core with a special covering
  • No twisting or knotting
  • Water takes time to drain out completely
  1. Buheco Garden Hose

Bid goodbye to garden hoses which burst under water pressure in the winters. The Buheco Garden Hose is built with strength and durability in mind. Additionally, it expands up to 100 feet, giving you maximum coverage of any large space. Storage is never an issue with the bag and holder included.

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

We loved how versatile and aesthetic this garden hose was. Expanding up to 100 feet, we got maximum coverage of our lawn or garage and did not have to reattach it to a different faucet. Moreover, the 9 pattern spray nozzle can be used for a variety of watering jobs – from watering plants to washing a car, and even power-washing windows.

Furthermore, it is made of a 4 layer latex core, giving it superb strength and durability to withstand high water pressure. The body automatically expands when you switch on the water supply. Once you are done, conveniently coil the hose and store it either in the bag provided, or hang it from its holder.

We were most impressed by the additional products and support provided. Not only do we get one-year after-sales support, but also several additional free products. These include; a storage bag, hook for hanging, rubber gaskets, and a 9 sprayer nozzle.

What Could’ve Been Better?

It took about a minute or so for the hose to inflate completely. Although this isn’t a huge issue, you do end up losing some amount of water pressure while it is inflating and expanding to its full length. You need constant high pressure to get the maximum benefit.

  • Thick rubber gaskets to ensure leak-free watering
  • Tough 3750D polyester fabric
  • Anti-skid and anti-freeze handle
  • The lockable trigger for comfortable lengthy usage
  • Requires constant high-pressure water supply
  1. Zalotte Garden Hose

Next up on the list, we have the Zalotte Garden Hose – perfect in looks, design, and functionality. This product extends up to 25 feet, automatically contracting to become a space-saving tool for your garden. Moreover, with a 9 pattern spray nozzle, it allows you versatility in terms of watering tasks.

Why Did We Like It?

This product has been designed for long-term use. With a durable 3 layer latex core and solid brass fittings, it is completely leak-proof and withstands 12 bars of water pressure. Furthermore, this also ensures that your safety is taken care of – there is no risk of the pipe bursting even with high water pressure.

The mouth of the hose is also fitted with a leak-proof, anti-rusting alloy punch. Additionally, the rubber washer ensures no chance of wastage of water by leaks or spills.


In terms of the body, this hose is made with an extra-flexible 3750D polyester covering. This super durable covering protects the 3 layer latex core – making it an extra- durable yet flexible product.

Finally, the anti-skid, soft rubber grip makes using it a comfortable and convenient experience.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although it says that the hose can withstand 12 bars of water pressure, the manufacturer recommends using just 4-8 bars of water pressure to extend the hose. We wonder if using more water pressure may damage the integrity of the hose in the long-term.

  • Has a wide coverage
  • Does not twist, tangle or kink
  • High-strength polyester fabric for protection
  • Sturdy bag and hook for storage
  • Should maintain a standard range of water pressure
  1. Higen Garden Hose

Are you looking for a lightweight option that is both durable and functional? Then Higen Garden Hose is a good product for your needs. With an expanding length of 100 feet and a weight of just 4.2 lbs, it is an excellent offer for all your gardening needs – and more.

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

Do you find carrying buckets of water to be tiring on your body? Or maybe the good old watering can just isn’t doing the job for you. In that case, Higen offers you a great alternative to help you with all your watering needs.

This hose conveniently expands up to 100 feet, offering vast coverage. That’s not all; it is lightweight and portable too.

What impressed us the most was the 9 pattern spray nozzle that we could attach to the hose head. It comes with a metal triangle lock in the form of a convenient lever. You can lock the spray nozzle at a single adjustment to use it for a period of time – without tiring your fingers. Moreover, the rotating switch allows you to change between nozzle settings easily.

To top it off, the rubber coating is anti-skid with a comfortable grip. This gives us a good handle on the pipe.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While this hose works efficiently for all our watering requirements, we noticed that it takes a while to expand and inflate ultimately. You will have to give it a few minutes to fully drain out before storing it safely.

  • On/Off valve for easy control
  • Strong and sturdy piping
  • Anti-skid and anti-freeze handle
  • Metal triangle lock lever
  • Requires some time to inflate and deflate completely
  1. TOCZIM Garden Hose

We have almost reached the end of our list, but still have a couple of great products for you. The Toczim Garden Hose is another option you can consider in terms of durability and expansion length. Moreover, it is designed to fit easily into a storage bag for convenience.

Why Did We Like It?

When a manufacturer says that this product has been designed to make our lives easier, we just had to test it out!

We found that the expanding strength of this garden hose was superior – reaching 100 feet in length. Moreover, the 4 layer latex core made it a durable and robust tool. Even with regular use, we found that there were minimal wear and tear. The 3750D polyester fabric cover enhanced its durability, making it resistant to breakage, tearing, and puncturing.


In terms of functionality, the 9 pattern spray nozzle allowed us to use it for a variety of watering jobs. Furthermore, a bezel design makes switching between nozzle settings a breeze. The additional buckle stent ensures that we can enjoy uninterrupted water flow.

Finally, we loved the storage bag and hook that was provided – giving us convenient storage options.

What Could’ve Been Different?

While many competitors offer a lead-free interior, allowing us to drink water from the garden hose, this one doesn’t. Even though we don’t think this is a huge issue, we wish it could’ve come with a lead-free lining.

  • Reliable, leak-proof brass connectors
  • Extra-flexible material
  • The advanced design doesn’t tangle or knot
  • Easy to store away in a bag or holder
  • Cannot drink water directly from the hose
  1. OUTZEST Garden Hose

We have finally reached the end of our list. However, we should mention Outzest Garden Hose, which is our last product. The Outzest Garden Hose is an excellent product in terms of design and functionality. Furthermore, we love the exciting orange and black color combination – adding a splash of color and style.

OUTZEST 50ft Expandable Garden Hose, Leakproof Lightweight...
  • Expandable feature. Garden hose expands from 17 to 50 feet...
  • Durable 3750D fabric material.

Why Did We Like It?

Despite being the last product on our list, several qualities made this garden hose a good choice. It expands up to 50 feet, automatically retracting once you shut off the water supply. Besides, it comes with convenient storage options in the way of a hook for hanging it or a storage bag. Upon retracting, it measures just 17 feet, which is suitable for storing in a small space.

The non-slip, ergonomic handle was effortless and comfortable to handle. Moreover, the extra-flexible body allows us to maneuver it without worrying about tangling or knotting.


In addition to that, the superior leak-proof design is something we liked – since leaking can decrease water pressure and cause wastage.

Lastly, we liked the 9 pattern spray nozzle on it. It gives us versatility of usage – so we could clean a car, water the garden, wash windows, and even bathe our pets!

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this product’s durability is excellent, we could not keep it out in very low or high temperatures for too long. Over time, harsh conditions will damage it, so it has to be stored carefully.

  • Extra-flexible design
  • Leak-proof covering
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The orange color scheme is aesthetic
  • Cannot withstand extreme weather conditions

garden hose in front of white background

Garden Hose Buyer’s Guide

By now, you’ve gone through the entire list of top recommendations for garden hoses. So, could you decide on which one you liked best? If you did, great! However, if you are still on the fence about which one to pick, we have some more information to help you.

Take a look at this guide that we have designed specially to help you make your final choice.

  1. Length

When it comes to length, bigger is not always better. Remember that the longer a garden hose is, the heavier it is to carry around. Alternatively, look into the shorter options which offer expandable features. More often than not, they are not too heavy, but also provide excellent coverage.

If you do opt for a shorter hose, you might have to alternate between different faucets. As long as you are okay with that, you can go for a shorter hose length.

  1. Handle

In our opinion, the handle and grip are one of the most important and deciding factors. This is the part of the hose you will hold on to constantly. If it does not have a comfortable grip, your fingers will quickly tire. Furthermore, if you need to hold down a button for the water supply, you will quickly tire yourself.

Look for options where you can lock the nozzle – this way, you don’t need to hold down a button for water. Also, look for a comfortable anti-skid grip for optimal comfort and efficiency.

  1. Material

Finally, it is also essential to consider the material of the product. You have to ensure that it has a sturdy covering. This will prevent it from easily damaging with regular wear and tear. Moreover, the body must be flexible enough for you to maneuver without any strain, cracks, or breaks.

You should also ensure that the components are entirely water-proof and rust-proof. It is obvious why you would want this – otherwise, you need to worry about replacing the parts regularly.

Coiled rubber hose water sprayer on wooden board gardening concept.


By choosing the best garden hose for your requirement, you can do a variety of tasks without straining yourself. Although weight, portability, and length are important factors, you should also consider price when making your final choice.

That being said, we have finally come to the end of our comprehensive guide. We hope that you have all the knowledge you need to make an appropriate choice.

Before we sign off, we want to reiterate our findings. In terms of durability, we liked the FitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose. However, if you are looking for length and aesthetics, Bionic Steel Garden Hose would be our choice.

For those who need something that will withstand extreme weather conditions, we recommend going for the Flexzilla Garden Hose.

With that, we’ll take your leave. Until next time!

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