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5 Best Fire Pits for Wooden Decks [Buyer’s Guide & Reviews]

Best Fire Pits for Wooden Decks

Fire pits for wood decks are essentially like any other fire pit – other than the fact that they were specially designed to prevent heat from damaging your wooden deck. These types of fire pits have another very common use – they are installed on plastic decks; the design and construction of the fire pits ensure the plastic does not get damaged from all the heat.

If, however, you do have a wooden deck, then this type of fire pit helps prevent your wooden deck from depreciating and remaining brand new. That being said, we have reviewed several best fire pits for wood decks and have compiled 5 of the very best, stay tuned!

Best Fire Pits for Wooden Decks

1. Outland Living Fire Pit 401 –Best Fire Pit for the Wooden Deck

Being around for about less than a decade, Outland Living is the youngest company featured here. In this time, Outland Living has managed to specialize in products like fire tables and fire pits. So much so that the company has made it a point to focus all of their efforts and focus on making their products appealing for the niche market.

Outland Living 401 Series - 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire...
  • Perfect addition of functionality and style for your...
  • Product dimensions – 44” L x 32” W x 24” H | Max...

All of their efforts were paid off by introducing the Series 401 to the industry and this product managed to become our editor’s top pick!


One of the most impressive qualities of this fire pit is the fact that every section and component of this product has been made with very high-quality materials. The burner of this product has been made with stainless steel which means that the product will not be prone to rust while also keeping it safe from permanently scorching.

The frame of this product has been made with very strong aluminum which is also known to be similarly quite resistant to corrosion and rust. This is one reason why the frame of this product also works perfectly as a decent heat sink.

Lastly, the exterior of the Series 401 fire pit has been wrapped with resin woven polyethylene to create a nice wicker design and bring about an aesthetic touch for your home.


As we mentioned before, this particular feature of fire pits is a very important consideration and will remain a consistent topic in all the other reviews for best fire pits for wood decks. This is specifically because each fuel source has its advantages and disadvantages.

In the Outland Lining Series 401, propane has been used for the fuel source and this makes the product both versatile and convenient. This fuel source of the product will make the Outland Living Series 401 fit for a little light cooling while also making it easy for users to refuel. Refueling these products will be more of a simple hookup as opposed to other sources.

  • This product produces about 35,000 BTUs
  • The fuel source of this product is propane
  • It features automatic ignition for a user-friendly experience
  • Larger than the usual fire pits
  • Glass tabletop rim
  • Base of this product has been made with Resin
  • Average burn time of about 12 to 16 hours 
  • Fire pit is slightly heavier than the average product
  • The central pit isn’t the largest on the market 

2. Christopher Knight Home Crawford Outdoor Best Propane Fire Pit Table 

The Crawford Outdoor fire pit may be a licensed product of Christopher Knight Home, but in reality, they are both completely symbiotic and distinct entities. Both of these organizations, however, have among the oldest histories of outdoor products on our list – which also means they have had plenty of opportunities to perfect their products and services in the fire pit market.

Christopher Knight Home Great Deal Furniture | Crawford |...
  • DIMENSIONS: 32.00"L x 32.00"W x 24.00"H
  • One (1) 40,000 BTU Propane Gas fire pit with lava rocks...

It should also be noted that neither of these business entities is known to specialize in fire tables or fire pits – even though they have been successful in launching this high-quality product.


The best fire pits for wood decks should be easy to manage and the Christopher Knight Home Crawford Outdoor fire pit does exactly this. One of the most convenient factors about this product is that this is one of the few fire pits in the market that do not require assembly. Even some of the simplest fire pits in the market require mediocre amounts of assembly.

Furthermore, this fire pit is propane burning one – which make the Christopher Knight Home Crawford Outdoors very easy to refuel and hook up right from the get-go. Both the refueling and installation process can be done without getting help from professional services and facing their added costs.


Flame Options

Even though this is not the only fire pit out there for wooden decks that use propane as a source of fuel – but there is no doubt about the fact that it is one of the best in this category. Why is it the best? Well, the Christopher Knight Home Crawford Outdoor get a 40,000 BTU heat output from its propane source.

On top of this, this fire pit is among those products that will be able to provide you with 3 options for the setting. With these options, you will be able to set the heat levels accordingly. On top of this, the fire pit starts automatically with an electric flame. This means you don’t need any accelerant while lighting the fire or have to go out to collect tinder.

  • Larger than the average fire pits in the industry
  • Maximum of 40,000 BTUs of heat output
  • Comes with a lava rock filler
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with a cover
  • Product features a stone composite top
  • Features an automatic electric ignition
  • 12 hour burn time and 4 settings for the flame
  • Extraordinary weight 
  • Underwhelming performance in windy conditions

3. Real Flame T9620NG-GLG BalticBest Natural Gas Fire Pit   

Out of our complete list of best fire pits for wood decks, Real Flame is a company that is the most storied and the oldest. What’s more? This company was founded because of the demand for fire accelerants for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

Real Flame T9620NG-GLG Fire Table, Glacier Gray
  • DEFINE YOUR SPACE: Create the ultimate outdoor space with...
  • MODERN AND SIMPLE: Designed to be timeless, our fire pit...

From these humble origins, this company excelled over to making products that are using their original formula for gel fuel for exclusive fire pit products. With this specialization, this company is providing the industry with products that are exactly what the customers need.

Fuel Source

Among the best qualities of the Real Flame T9620NG-GLG is the fact that it is the only product on our list that works with natural gas. While this may make it unique, it also may be potentially difficult for some first-timers to install and operate on their own.

On the positive side, however, natural gas tends to be a source that burns clean fuel and will not produce the fumes that are normally associated with propane or the smoke that emanates from wood.

Naturally, you can’t avoid the obvious dilemma – which is why we would highly advise this product’s consumers to hire professionals to install the line for natural gas supply. This installation will also increase the overall cost of this product.



Although this product requires professional installation, the quality of fuel and savings brought forward by this product aren’t the only benefits of the Real Flame T9620NG-GLG.

Another considerable advantage of getting this fire pit is its heating capacity which exceeds every other product on this list and reaches a scorching 50,000 BTUs. Furthermore, this is also the only product in our review that has a body made out of pure concrete.

This means that the product doesn’t only deliver great insulation but will also stand firmly against the depreciating effects of the weather. The other fire pits out there are mostly manufactured with different kinds of metal – which make them weaker against weather conditions.

  • Only product on our list that is fueled with natural gas
  • Biggest heat capacity of 50,000 BTUs
  • Body made out of pure concrete
  • Frame made out of steel 
  • Comes with a lava rock filler, lid & cover
  • Automatic ignition for easy usage
  • Its unique pivoting head design makes it easy to cut and trim grass
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Concrete body translates into immense weight
  • Most Expensive product on our list 

4. Catalina Creations Fire Pit –Best Metal Fire Pit for the Wood Deck

The best way to describe Catalina Creations is that they come up with the most unique products and that they are not a corporation on their own. Instead, Catalina Creations is a brand that falls under the umbrella of Asia Direct Inc.– the wholesale distributor.

Catalina Creations 29" Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit | Large...
  • STURDY: 29.5” wide x 19.7” tall, and weighs 45 pounds
  • FIRE BOWL: 29.5” wide cast iron cauldron comes with 4...

On top of this, this brand is just about a year old but had managed to specialize its focus into the manufacturing of fire pits that are exclusively for wood decks. To top it all off, you will find that this product is perfect for your wood deck if you wish to keep warm.

Fuel Source

Among the best things about this fire pit from Catalina Creations is that it is a wood-burning fire pit. While it may have a few caveats, this fire pit will provide you more radiant heat as opposed to its competitor products that use other fuel sources.

On top of all of this, because it uses wood as its fuel source, you will find that this fire pit gives off this great smokey smell. Lastly, it is also safe to say that wood is among the cheapest fuel sources in the market of fire pits. All you will have to do, however, is to be willing enough to find the wood and chop it up on your own.



Using wood as its source of fuel does allow this product from Catalina Creations to generate more radiant heat than the other products on this list, this product takes it a step further. The cast iron body of this product help enhances the radiating heat capability of this product.

Cast iron, if you didn’t already know, is a very dense material which can conduct heat better most other products. Due to this, this fire pit from Catalina Creations will be able to radiate heat more efficiently to everyone sitting around, even after the flame has been killed.

  • Much lighter than its competitors
  • Spark screen to protect those who sit around it
  • Among the add-ons of the product, you will also find a fire poker
  • Designed with see-through cutouts
  • Comparatively cheaper than its competitor products 
  • Smallest one in our review
  • More prone to rust and other forms of weather damage than the other fire pits 

5. Sunnydaze 42 Inch Fire Pit – Best Budget Fire Pit for Wooden Decks

The Sunnydaze fire pit is yet another product on our list that isn’t a company of its own and is manufactured by a larger umbrella of products. Sunnydaze is a brand that has its distinct identity but the brand falls under the umbrella of Home Décor and Serenity Health.

Sunnydaze Cosmic Fire Pit for Outdoors - 42-Inch Large...
  • Perfect for large gatherings: Large 41.5-inch round diameter...
  • Long lasting and heavy duty: This deep metal moon and stars...

All of the above means that the manufacturer of this product has not specialized in the production of fire tables and fire pits – even though they have been around for about 2 decades now. They will most definitely have a lot of knowledge about these products because 2 decades is quite a lot of experience, even though they didn’t manage to specialize.

Fuel Source

The Sunnydaze is a fire pit that also relies on wood like its predecessor on this list of best fire pits for wood decks. This will, therefore, mean that this product can bring about more radiant heat as opposed to those products that rely on natural gas and propane to work.

Using wood as your fuel source also means that the user will have the ability to keep their overhead costs quite low. Users will, however, have to go out on their own to collect and chop wood to use this fire pit.



Beyond the fact that this product uses a very convenient source of fuel, the Sunnydaze brings about yet another advantage. This fire pit is the least expensive product on our list and this does not point to the fact that it is a poor quality product. While being the least expensive, this fire pit is also the largest and the lightest in this review! This, on its own, has made the product the best in 3 categories.

  • Lightest fire pit on our list 
  • Least expensive fire pit in our review
  • Largest in size 
  • Easy to assemble on your own
  • Comes with a spark screen and a fire poker
  • Interesting cutouts in its design 
  • More prone to rust as opposed to most other fire pads in the market
  • Less durable as opposed to some of its competitors 

Best First Pits for Wood Decks – The Buyer’s Guide

While the above mentioned 5 products were the best of all the fire pits we reviewed, we still need to learn a thing or two about how to choose the best product for your needs. Our buyer’s guide briefly explains the most important considerations you need to keep in mind while choosing a fire pit.

Who Needs Fire Pits for Wood Decks?

If your home has a deck made out of wood (or any other weaker material for that matter), you may want to look for the best fire pits for wood decks. Naturally, you would like to enjoy the tranquility and warmth of a fire pit with your friends and family. The only problem you face is that the low melting point of your deck or its flammability stops you from doing so.

Don’t worry; all you need to do is make sure that your choice of fire deck has been specifically and specially designed to protect whatever material your deck is made out of. The radiant heat from these fire pits have been tried and tested to be completely harmless.

What Constitutes to the Best Fire Pits for Wood Decks?

There isn’t just one answer to this question. The perfect answer for you will depend completely on what you wish to attain from your fire pit. If you simply want your fire pit to generate some radiant heat, then you don’t necessarily need to buy the same fire pit that can be used for light cooking.

Not all fire pits can be used for grilling and fuel sources of the fire pit are the reason behind this. If the fire pit burns wood, then it will be safe for a little light cooking, but it will require an additional fire pit pad.

How to Look for the Best fire pits for wood decks?

Figuring out which fire pits are perfect for wood decks on your own can turn out to be quite a confusing and difficult task. For this very reason, we have gone forward and compiled some of the very best fire pits for wood decks in the market.

In this guide, you will also find why each fire pit is the best alongside specific features that may be exactly what you were looking for or what your home needs. That said let’s move right onto our list of best fire pits for wood decks.


Analyzing all the materials that are used to form fire pits in terms of their benefits and drawbacks can become daunting. On top of all of this, every specific part of fire pit consists of different material and you will need to understand the specific component to understand the significance of the materials used.

The issue of materials tends to become even trickier if you throw in the additional fire pads into the mix because the materials of the fire pit may be the same as the pads. This is troublesome because both these products have been intended to serve completely different purposes entirely.

Even though considering the materials of fire pits and fire pads is necessary, it is one of the most important considerations while looking for the best fire pits for wood decks.

  • Resin

While the resin is technically made from plant materials, the most common among the types of resin is the one that is made of synthetic polymer and is known as polyethylene. This material is a little tricky when it comes to outdoor products because the synthetic material will be in close contact with high levels of heat and direct flames.

Most synthetic materials tend to have low melting points and fail to withstand the stress from these temperatures in the long run. What’s more? Polyethylene is known to have the lowest melting point when it comes to all the materials used in fire pits.

If you purchase a fire pit that uses resin in the different materials it is manufactured from, you should make sure that there is at least one insulating layer between the resin and the flame. When flame will be produced in such a manner, then a great deal of the heat will be warded off the resin material.

  • Steel

Steel is a very common material in fire pits for a multitude of reasons, one being that steel has a very high melting point and is among the strongest materials to be used to manufacture fire pits.

The melting point of steel is one of the most important reasons why most fire pits have steel somewhere or the other in their manufacturing process. Steel will usually be seen in the burner, the frame, and the entire body of the fire pit.

What’s even better? Steel tends to be one of the materials that make the overall weight of fire pits lighter. The major issue with this material, however, is that when it is exposed to certain elements, it comes down with corrosion and rust. This problem will become especially troublesome when your home is host to recurrent weather changes.

  • Concrete

Concrete, as you may have seen in all the product reviews above, isn’t exactly a common material for fire pits – but this isn’t the case because of its effectiveness. The only reason that concrete is not used for most fire pits is that it makes the fire pit very heavy.

Other than the weight, however, concrete is easily one of the most effective materials to be used in the manufacturing of fire pits. This is because concrete pits tend to remain cooler to touch even in the most scorching temperatures. Concrete will also never melt, even if the entire fire pit was to catch fire.

  • Cast Iron

Cast Iron should be considered the ideal material for most purposes, but this doesn’t mean that the material doesn’t have its limitations. Other than these, however, cast iron can be the best material to use if you wish for your fire pit to generate heat and keep you warm.

Cast iron absorbs heat beautifully and once it reaches its capacity, it begins to radiate the heat outwards. Cast iron can also continue to radiate heat even when the fire has been put out!

  • Aluminum

Depending on the fire pit you are considering, aluminum tends to work multiple functions. Even though this is the case, aluminum should generally not be used to make the body of fire pits. Instead, aluminum should be used for the frame of the fire pit because it resists the different environmental stresses around while also being a strong material.

Aluminum is also considered a great heat sink while also being the most common material in fire pits because it prevents these products from damaging the wood decks underneath.

Best Fire Pits For Wooden Deck Conclusion

As you may have determined on your own, the best fire pits for wood decks depends completely on what you’re looking for. There are numerous differences between all the fire pit products in the industry. The subtlest difference can mean a huge difference.

If you are looking for a fire pit that is versatile, easy to use, and clean, then you need to consider the Outland Living Fire Pit. This product is highly recommended for people that are looking for the best form of versatility for the most reasonable price.

If, however, you’re looking to keep warm from your choice of a fire pit, then you need a product that uses burning wood as fuel. This means that the best fire pits for wood decks in your home are the ones from Catalina Creations.

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