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10 Best Ergonomic Recliners of 2021

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Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases.

It’s been a long and tiring day at work. You’ve come home with its repercussions, which have taken the form of anxiety, stress, and body ache.

Now, this is a scenario familiar to most of us, right? Well, all you need is a recliner to provide you with the required comfort and support for optimal relaxation.

However, choosing the best reclining chair from a wide range of options is not that simple. To be honest, it’s quite hectic and time-consuming. This, in turn, may become another reason for your anxiety. You wouldn’t want that now, would you? Well, neither would we.

That’s why we’ve come forward with this guide, providing detailed reviews of the 10 best ergonomic recliners of 2021. Along with this, we’ve included a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help simplify your decision-making.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get going!

Top Ergonomic Recliners

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageOways 3D Massage Chair
  • Maximum suggested weight capacity: 330.69 lbs
  • Three adjustable levels: upper back, full-body, lower back
  • 20 minutes of automatic massage time
hstcstbl-table__imageFDW Wingback Recliner Chair
  • Reclining back with dual-function foot extension
  • Available colors: black, brown, and grey
  • Built using Polyurethane and hardwood
hstcstbl-table__imageHbada Ergonomic Recliner Chair
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250lbs
  • Suggested height: 5’10”
  • Built-in lumbar support and rotatable headrest
hstcstbl-table__imageIrene House Power Lift Chair Recliners
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Powered by German brand Okin motor
  • Overstuffed pillow design
hstcstbl-table__imageBonzy Home Reclining Office Chair
  • Solid five-legged chassis
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Reclining angle: 90 to 135 degrees
hstcstbl-table__imageHuman Touch Perfect Chair PC-420
  • 100% full-grain leather upholstery
  • Zero-gravity seating for relaxed breathing
  • Manual reclining option
hstcstbl-table__imageDomesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Includes a 2-button recliner control
  • Made using faux leather and steel alloy
hstcstbl-table__imageEsright Electric Power Recliner
  • Maximum weight capacity: 330lbs
  • Reclines up to 150 degrees
  • Five modes of vibrating massages
hstcstbl-table__imageFjords Reclining Chair 215 Muldal
  • Available finishes: teak, cherry, walnut, and espresso
  • Includes a matching ottoman for leg support
  • Cast molded cold cure foam seats
hstcstbl-table__imageOslo Collection Mac Motion Leather Recliner
  • Includes a matching angled ottoman
  • Maximum weight capacity: 280lbs
  • Top grain leather seating with walnut finish

Working area in modern office with carpet floor and meeting room. interior 3d rendering

  1. Oways 3D Massage Chair

First up on our list, we have this 3D rocking massage chair from Oways, a name known to produce high-quality and low price healthcare household appliances. It provides self-propelled interval massages comparable to that of a professional therapist, covering your entire back, hip, and neck.

OWAYS Massage Chair, Rocking Massage Chair and Recliner,...
  • FULL BODY RELAXATION - massage rocking chair comes with deep...
  • PERSONALIZATION DESIGN - The rolling massage nodes move up...

Why Did We Like It?

Made using high-grade birchwood and breathable, soft linen fabric, the Oways 3D Massage Chair is an environment-friendly, safe, and comfortable option to consider. It is engineered to perfectly fit the human body with wooden armrests that provide a natural feel during the massage session.

That’s not all; the model features high-quality, high-density foam that is resistant to breaking down. In other words, it can bear loads without losing its shape due to pressure. Now, moving on to its functions, we were pleased to know that this 3D massage chair is also easy to rock, thanks to its anti-slip mats.


You’ll be able to enjoy comfortable and relaxing neck, back, and full-body massages using the multi-mode function. What’s more? The two high-frequency, low noise, vibrating motors will enable you to make adjustments to stimulate muscles and release tension. Apart from this, the powerful vibration will help promote blood circulation and metabolism.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The chair is a bit small in size. So, we wouldn’t recommend it for those above 6 feet as it may cause discomfort. But nonetheless, it deserves its number one spot on our list. The reason being its multi-functional modes, superior build, and high-frequency vibrating motors.

  • Airy and straightforward aesthetic design
  • An adjustable and detachable pillow
  • Handheld remote control for convenience
  • Kneading and tapping functions to relieve aches
  • Ensures full-body relaxation
  • Not suitable for tall users
  1. FDW Wingback Recliner Chair

Next up, we bring you your very own modern and stylish push-back recliner chair cum sofa. Perfect for your living room or office, it is built using solid hardwood to ensure maximum stability and durability along with full-body relaxation, so that you may unwind in peace.

Wingback Recliner Chair Leather Single Modern Sofa Home...
  • ✔【DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN】Our recliner chair is...

Why Did We Like It?

The sophisticated and sleek Wingback Recliner Sofa from FDW is the perfect accent for your living room or office. In other words, not only does it serve as a comfortable de-stressing spot, but it also enhances the decor of your home.

Furthermore, the solid hardwood frame and legs of this chair ensure stability as you recline while its heavy-duty steel-reinforced backrest offers optimal support. So, you’ll be able to sit back comfortably and relax your full body with the help of this recliner.


In fact, it is upholstered with durable Polyurethane. Hence, there’s no need to worry about stains or water spills. Why? With PU being completely waterproof, it is relatively easy to clean.

Not only that, but we also found the chair easy to install. To be honest, the entire setup took only 10 minutes. Plus, we didn’t even require any additional tool to secure its parts into place.

What Could’ve Been Better?

In our opinion, the FDW Wingback Recliner is a value for money option that’s worth the investment. However, we didn’t like the fact that it can’t be held in any specific position for too long. This means that it pushes down pretty easily but doesn’t lock itself in place.

  • Sunlight-resistant exterior
  • Built to last
  • Waterproof and easy to clean upholstery
  • Easily adjustable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can’t be locked in position
  1. Hbada Ergonomic Recliner Chair

Hbada, a globally reputed brand that deals with the manufacture of professional office furniture, comes forth with this ergonomic recliner designed to ensure all-day comfort at work. With its multiple tilts, lift, and height settings, it can be easily adjusted to help you find your ideal reclining position.

Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair - High-Back Desk Chair...
  • ERGONOMIC RECLINER - Synchro tilt reclines the backrest...
  • BREATHABLE MESH - Contemporary ergonomic black mesh office...

Why Did We Like It?

For us, the highlight of the Hbada Recliner is its synchro-tilt function. It reclines the backrest of the chair, thereby increasing the angle between your torso and thighs. This provides you with a more comfortable and ergonomic sitting position.

Not only that, but you can also adjust its height and tilt accordingly. And once the desired position is reached, use the tilt lock function to secure it in place. It doesn’t just end there. This office chair is designed with armrests, a pullout footrest, lumbar support, and a rotatable headrest to support different parts of your body.


Perfect for all-day use at offices, the mesh backrest promotes increased airflow, keeping you cool during long sessions. Apart from this, it features waterfall seat cushions that slope slightly downwards, reducing stress on legs. For these reasons and more, we consider this recliner to be among the best office chairs available in the market today.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Without a doubt, this recliner is the most comfortable choice for long hours at work. However, we weren’t quite impressed by its overall quality. That being said, Hbada could have paid a bit more attention to its build. It lacked stability. This is why we felt it to be quite shaky while reclining.

  • 5-star silenced wheel base
  • Durable and robust steel frame
  • Ensures ergonomic sitting position
  • Breathable mesh promotes increased airflow
  • Tilt lock function
  • Lacks stability
  • Quality control issues
  1. Irene House Power Lift Chair Recliners

At number four, we decided to come forward with this classic and compact power lift recliner from Irene House. Now, this recliner is ideal for elders or anyone at home with limited mobility. This is because it is primarily designed to make getting in and out of a chair a breeze.

Irene House Power Lift Chair Modern Transitional Chair Lifts...
  • This recliner is powered by German Brand Okin motor,It...
  • Supports up to 300 lbs,push the entire chair up to help...

Why Did We Like It?

Equipped with the German brand Okin motor, this recliner from Irene House comes with a power lift function, making it a reliable option for senior citizens. That’s not all. It also works as a perfect reclining sofa chair, thanks to its overstuffed pillow design on the back, armrests, and seat.

In fact, you can easily recline it to infinite positions with just the push of a button. Using the extendable footrest, you’ll be able to sit back, stretch, and relax while watching TV, reading, or even while sleeping.


Furthermore, it features a compact size and ergonomic design. In other words, you can place it in the smallest room of your home to reduce stress and strain. Apart from this, we loved the inclusion of side seam pockets that allow you to place small items and remote controls. The recliner also comes with all the required accessories to help you install it with ease and efficiency.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Rest assured, you’ll be falling in love with this chair as soon as you sit on it. However, ideally, it has been designed for shorter individuals.

The height of the footrest and backrest is not suitable for taller users, so they may find the chair quite uncomfortable. Apart from this, we found the seat cushioning to be a little stiff compared to the other options on the list.

  • Available in various styles and colors
  • Infinite positioning
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Suitable for seniors
  • Side pocket design for convenience
  • Not for tall individuals
  • Stiff seat cushioning
  1. Bonzy Home Reclining Office Chair

We now come to another comfortable office chair from Bonzy Home, a brand dedicated to offer you the best value for money home products, including recliners, desks, and chairs. The desk chair will enable you to work for long hours in a more relaxed state with sophisticated support for all-day comfort.

Bonzy Home Reclining Office Chair - 300 LB Capacity...
  • ✅Comfortable - Thanks to this state-of-the-art office...
  • ✅High End Desk Chair - This adjustable task chair is made...

Why Did We Like It?

From a high-quality aluminum alloy lifting rod to a steel butterfly tray, Bonzy Home provides all the required accessories to help you set up this executive office chair with ease. And the best part is that all these accessories are made using the best quality materials, making them sturdy and durable.

In other words, you can rely on this recliner to ensure long-lasting comfort for the years to come. It is designed with nylon, mesh sections for enhanced breathability, keeping you cool despite the long working hours. Apart from this, it features adjustable armrests and a curved backrest that offer optimal support at all times.


What impressed us the most is its concealed telescopic footrest that can stretch up to 19 inches. Not just that, but the footrest can also be integrated into the tray when not required. What else? Well, you’ll be able to roll from one area of your office to another, thanks to its big sturdy foot, which features a five-legged, wheeled chassis.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only downside to this exceptional recliner chair is that it is not suitable for short individuals. This is because of its design, which makes it ideal mostly for taller people. Apart from this, it is a durable and comfortable office chair that is pretty easy to assemble, even for beginners.

  • Native sponge padded lumbar support
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-density sponge padded seat
  • Only suitable for taller individuals
  1. Human Touch Perfect Chair PC-420

Want to feel your very best? All you need is the newly developed state-of-the-art massage provided by this recliner from Human Touch. Having said that, the PC-420 is a hand-crafted zero-gravity chair, available in various styles and finishes. Endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic, it is perfect for individuals with severe back pain.

Human Touch Perfect Chair "PC-420" Premium Full Grain...
  • Neutral posture positioning evenly distributes body weight...
  • The Recline Lever. The smooth recline motion eases the...

Why Did We Like It?

First things first, we noticed the zero-gravity seating design of this chair. Now, for those who don’t know, this is a neutral position developed by NASA to support astronauts during ascent into space.

The feeling of weightlessness comes with various health benefits. Hence, the PC-420 is perfect for patients with severe back pain and those recovering from surgery. In fact, it makes you feel more relaxed by improving blood circulation and expanding lung capacity.


Furthermore, we loved the innumerable styles and finishes of this chair. Hand-crafted with solid wood from the rubber tree and high-tensile steel, it offers long-term durability. This is teamed with a premium leather upholstery that gives you the feel of luxurious comfort.

Apart from this, the Human Touch Perfect Chair comes with a head pillow and lumbar support, featuring a release valve. This will allow you to customize your seating position accordingly.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Truth be told, we were able to achieve the most relaxing experience with this zero-gravity chair from Human Touch. However, it was a bit difficult to get it back to its normal seating position. This is probably because of a flaw in its design. Also, it was comparatively uncomfortable while in the upright sitting position.

  • Exclusively endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractors
  • Wide and long armrests
  • Health benefits with zero-gravity positioning
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Available in various styles and finishes
  • Sitting position is not comfortable
  • Flaw in design
  1. Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner

Known for its clever design, the Domesis Renu Power Lift Recliner Chair can be easily assembled and disassembled within minutes, provided you have the right tools. Furthermore, it’s innovative design and engineering allows it to fit through any door, making it a recommended option to consider buying.

Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner, Brown
  • ASSEMBLE IN MINUTES - The laminated hardwood and steel frame...
  • 2 BUTTON POWERED RECLINER CONTROL- An easy 2 button...

Why Did We Like It?

Built using laminated hardwood and steel with the right amount of high-density foam cushioning, the Domesis Renu Power Lift Recliner is worth the investment. It is upholstered with a soft, durable, and breathable leather blend fabric that resembles the feel and look of top grain leather. Thus, its premium and luxurious design make it the perfect addition to any room.

The recliner also offers ergonomic support, thanks to its well-padded seat, backrest, armrests, and legs. In other words, it serves as the perfect resting spot after a hard day’s work. What’s more? Well, unlike other power lift chairs, this model requires less than four inches of clearance to recline.


Hence, it can even fit rooms with space constraints. That being said, we also liked its two-button powered remote control. It allows you to easily get in and out of the chair by simply holding the up and down button.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Being significantly easy to assemble, the power lift recliner can be set up in any room within minutes. However, we found it to be a little unstable. There’s a risk of tipping over, even if you lean slightly towards the front. So, we’d suggest you be a bit careful while using this chair.

  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Fits through any size doorway
  • The remote control is easy to operate
  • Durable, comfortable, and breathable
  • Risk of tipping over
  • Lacks stability
  1. Esright Electric Power Recliner

Now, you can stand up or lie down with ease, thanks to the smooth and safe electric power lift mechanism of this recliner from Esright. Offering optimal support and comfort to your neck, back, arm, and legs, the chair helps relieve stress and tiredness with its 8-point massage system.

Esright Electric Power Lift Chair Recliner Sofa for Elderly...
  • 【Power Lift Chair with Silent Motor】Esright lift chair...
  • 【Vibration Massage & Lumbar Heating】The recliner chair...

Why Did We Like It?

In our opinion, the Esright Electric Power Recliner is one of the most stable and reliable options out there! Its latest sturdy and durable framework teamed with an upgraded motor helps lift seniors smoothly without applying pressure on their backs and knees.

In fact, you can easily control its reclining function using the easy to operate control panel located on the right armrest. Not only that, but the chair also comes with a USB port, side pockets, and a cup holder, further adding to your convenience.


Equipped with softly-padded cushions, an adjustable backrest, and extendable footrest, the recliner ensures maximum comfort and relaxation. Plus, with its various massage and vibrating modes, it manages to relieve pain and anxiety from the different parts of your body.

Coming to its surface, the entire chair is covered with high-quality artificial leather that promises to offer more luxury and comfort than real leather. That’s not all. The dirt-resistant surface is also easy to clean.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite being easy to assemble, we’d suggest planning its set up in advance. This is because the chair is quite bulky and heavyweight. So, you’ll require two people to move it around. Not only that, but it also requires sufficient space to recline. Therefore, it’s not ideal for small rooms with a lack of space.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Features a dirt-resistant artificial leather surface
  • Includes USB port, cup holder, and side pockets
  • Smooth and safe power lift mechanism
  • Durable and sturdy metal structure
  • Heavyweight and bulky
  • Not ideal for small rooms
  1. Fjords Reclining Chair 215 Muldal

Featuring an integrated and active release system, the Fjords Reclining Chair Muldal provides the best neck support, allowing your body to relax with improved blood circulation. Easily adjustable with just a single movement, it has been designed to optimize your sitting experience like never before!

Fjords Hjellegjerde Leather Norwegian Ergonomic Scandinavian...
  • Genuine Fjords Leather Muldal Swivel Recliner and ottoman...
  • It is an ergonomically designed chair that provides...

Why Did We Like It?

Available in two different sizes, the Fjords Recliner is designed to offer your continuous support and comfort. In fact, it not only relaxes your body but also helps prevent your back and legs from getting tired.

Plus, with its built-in unique gliding mounts, be rest assured of the best individual positioning, which is determined by the weight of your body. Having said that, you need not worry about its set up. Why? It comes fully assembled, so there’s no need for further installation of parts.


Moving on to its physical appearance, we loved the fact that its laminated wood base comes in different finishes to choose from. Hence, you can easily buy an option that will most definitely enhance the aesthetics of your home decor.

Other than this, the brand utilizes cast cold cure molded foam for constructing its seat, backrest, armrest, and ottoman. This is because this molded foam retains its suppleness longer than the regular ones.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We wouldn’t recommend the Fjords Recliner Muldal for tall individuals. This is because its head pillow is not high enough to offer optimal neck support for those around 6 feet. Now, this isn’t a major issue. But if required, you may purchase a neck pillow extension so that it doesn’t compromise your overall relaxation.

  • Integrated active release system
  • Built-in unique gliding mountings
  • Offers the best individual resting position
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Available in various styles and sizes
  • Not for tall individuals
  1. Oslo Collection Mac Motion Leather Recliner

With over 35 years of experience in creating several seating innovations in the home furnishing industry, Mac Motion comes forward with its line of comfortable and stylish recliners. On that note, let’s check out this timeless leather chair from the Oslo Collection that promises to ensure optimal comfort and luxury at all times.

Oslo Collection Mac Motion Leather Recliner with Matching...
  • Expresso top grain leather upholstery
  • Norwegian styling

Why Did We Like It?

Built using MX-2 memory foam to add extra cushioning, the recliner from Oslo Collection absorbs and equalizes body weight to relieve pressure from your body. Along with this, it comes with a multi-dimensional headrest that helps keep your neck in the most comfortable position.

In fact, the model reclines easily to ensure optimal relaxation. This is teamed with lumbar support that manages to keep your spine aligned in its natural curve. It doesn’t end there. Taking your comfort to the next level, the angled ottoman allows you to place your feet up after a tedious day at work.


We were also impressed by the design and finishing of this recliner that matches every home decor. With leather being timeless, you never have to worry about it going out of style. And that’s not all. This high-quality leather furniture is easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, you need not bother about dropped cups or liquid spills any longer.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The Oslo Collection Mac Motion Recliner, with its matching, angled ottoman will surely offer you the ultimate relaxation experience you desire. However, it may take some time to achieve this. That’s because its assembly is not quick and easy. In fact, we took quite a lot of time to get it installed.

  • 360-degree swivel for easy movement
  • Features a multi-dimensional headrest
  • Lumbar support keeps spine aligned
  • Easy to clean
  • Reclines easily
  • Not quick to assemble

3d render of contemporary arm chair and ottoman in modern setting

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, were you able to make a choice? Well, it’s okay, even if your answer is no.

We understand that choosing a recliner that best meets your requirements is not an easy task, especially if you have a list of exceptional options. So, there’s no need to panic. In fact, we’ve got your back!

To help you out, we decided to come forth with this comprehensive buyer’s guide. In this section, we explain the critical points that need to be considered when buying an ergonomic recliner.

Read on to know more…

  1. Comfort and Support

As you already know, every recliner is expected to ensure optimal comfort and support to its user. The combination of both helps in providing him or her with the ultimate relaxation experience.

This is why it is important to check the features and build of the model before making a purchase. Ensure that the armrests, backrest, seat, and footrest are all padded with sufficient cushioning. Also, the foam should be molded so that it retains its shape, despite the applied pressure.

We recommend choosing a recliner that’s easily adjustable, allowing you to adjust the reclining angle and chair position according to your comfort. That’s not all. Most chairs also come with lumbar support to align your back as per the natural curve of your spine. In fact, this is a critical requirement for those suffering from back pains and other related issues.

  1. Durable Build

You obviously wouldn’t want to invest in a recliner that will break within just a few months of use. So, make sure you consider its build quality during the selection process. For this, check the materials used for its construction process.

A recliner with a sturdy metal or robust wood framework will definitely go a long way. Apart from this, it’s better to opt for a model with high-quality leather or faux leather upholstery. Why? Well, firstly, leather is timeless and long-lasting when properly maintained. And secondly, you won’t need to worry about stains and spills since it is dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

  1. Reclining Function

This is undeniably a crucial factor that will play a vital role in determining your purchase. That being said, check the reclining function to see if the chair reclines well with no screeches, squeaks, and noises.

Not only that, but it should also be easy to recline backward and then back to its original upright position. In other words, the recliner needs to offer a smooth and safe experience for its users at all times.

  1. Additional Features

Now, these features aren’t as critical as the other factors listed in this section of the article. But they further add to your convenience, thereby worth mentioning.

On that note, a recliner designed with side pockets will help you store your remote control and other small belongings while resting, watching TV, or while reading. Apart from this, you can also choose to opt for a unit that comes with a matching ottoman and USB cable support.

Working area in modern office with carpet floor and meeting room. interior 3d rendering


We all need a cozy spot at home for unwinding and de-stressing after a long and tiring day. But this space would be incomplete without an ergonomic recliner. Designed to offer maximum comfort and relaxation, these chairs recline smoothly to help relieve pain and anxiety within no time.

On that note, we come to the end of our informative and review-based guide. And we hope that the buyer’s guide provided valuable insight to help you make an informed purchase.

However, before concluding, let’s take a quick recap of our favorites. Oways 3D Massage Chair is our number one recommendation. FDW Wingback Recliner is built to last while Hbada Ergonomic Recliner is the best office chair.

With this, we’ll now take your leave. Till next time!

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