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10 Best Electric Massage Tables of 2022

Best Electric Massage Tables

To stay healthy and function perfectly in all departments, our bodies need regular exercise. Most of us, however, can’t seem to find the time for exercise because of our busy schedules. If this is your excuse for not exercising, then you could consider an electric massage table where you can lay down and truly relax to get all the distress out of your body.

With the best electric massage tables, you will be mimicking what athletes do regularly to quickly heal their soreness and temporary muscle cramps. If you wish to experience similar magical healing powers, then you can browse through our list of top 10 best electric massage tables for 2022.

Best Electric Massage Tables

Best Electric Massage Tables

Mt MaxKing Electric Massage Table

If you get yourself this massage table, you will find that it is very comfortable to lie down in and it comes with adjustable heights. This product features an electric lift actuator which will all these automatic height adjustments quite easy to implement.

Mt Massage Tables Master Massage 30“ MaxKing Comfort...
  • 30" width x 73" length x 24" to 35" adjustable height, the...
  • Electric lift actuator which provides easy height...

This product has a motor that has been approved by the UL alongside a very strong steel frame. Because of these features, the electric massage table can support a weight of up to 600 lbs while also making it easy to root and move around.

Inside this electric massage table, small cell foams have been layered inside for your comfort. This also makes the construction completely water-resistant. Finally, this electric massage table has been designed into an ergonomic construction alongside having a soft face pillow.

Sierra Comfort Adjustable Massage Table

In 9th place from our list of best electric massage tables is the Sierra Comfort Adjustable Massage Table. This massage table has been constructed with waterproof leather. The makers of this massage table take things one step further by making it oil-proof as well.

SierraComfort Standard 2-Section Electric Lift Massage...
  • Steel frame / 3" High Density Foam Deck / Water & Oil...
  • Adjustable Table Height with Electric Pedal Assist / Manual...

Included with this product, you will find a very comfortable backrest which can also be adjusted for height. This can easily be done with a simple touch of a pedal and the electric motor will enable the table to be comfortably lowered or raised.

At the bottom of this table, you will find lockable wheels which make it easy for the massage table to be transported or moved around. Furthermore, this product requires a voltage of up to somewhere between 50 and 60 Hz while offering its users with an ergonomic headrest. With this headrest, you will be able to comfortably move around in several angles.

SkinAct Cloud Electric Massage Table

This is yet another wonderful product from our list of the best electric massage tables. This product comes in a luxurious beige color and features 2 electric motors. The first motor is used to adjust the table height while the other one is used to adjust the back and knee rest simultaneously.

Milo Electric Massage Table, Facial Bed Beige top and Dark...
  • Available Color: Beige High Quality Leatherette
  • Attachable Head rest with metal framing for Maximum...

This product has been manufactured using very high-quality leather to give you maximum levels of comfort. Attached with this product, you will find the most comfortable headrest which will be combined with a metal frame.

Another thing you should know is that this product is incredibly durable and very reliable. The SkinAct Cloud features a skin touch padding which provides for a luxurious experience.

Sierra Comfort 4-Section Massage Table

At 7th place is the Sierra Comfort 4 Section Massage Table which features a face pillow with an attached ergonomic headrest. Other than this, the product features thick foam padding. Using and cleaning this table is very easy as the upholstery is both oil and water-proof.

Sierra Comfort Adjustable 4-Section Electric Lift Massage...
51 Reviews
Sierra Comfort Adjustable 4-Section Electric Lift Massage...
  • Steel frame / 3" High Density Foam Deck / Water & Oil...
  • Adjustable Table Height with Electric Pedal Assist / Manual...

With the help of the electric motor of this product, you will be able to comfortably raise or lower the table. All of this will be possible with the simple touch of a pedal while the adjustable backrest will be able to comfort you with its many leg sections. You will also find removable armrests attached with the electric massage table. These can be replaced with the hanging arm shelf that will be included with the product.

Spa Luxe Electric Lift Massage Table

If you’re in search of an elegant product from our list of best electric massage tables, then the Spa Luxe is what you need. This product is both comfortable and soft while featuring adjustable face rests and arm shelves.

Electric Lift Massage Table with Headrest and Arm Shelf...
  • Adjustable Face Rest and Arm Shelf
  • 3" multi-layer Soft-foam system with Comfort Soft-touch PU...

The soft foam in this product has been multi-layered along with featuring a PU upholstery. This product also comes with a foot pedal that can help make all the adjustments very easy to implement.

The Spa Luxe Electric Massage Table has been attached with a very strong steel frame while featuring polypropylene wheels at the bottom. These wheels make this product very convenient for transport.

This product has been found by users to be very smooth and easily adjustable because of its reliable electric lift actuator.

InkBed Black Massage Table

This is yet another stylish looking product from our list of best electric massage tables. InkBed Black Massage Table is very easily adjustable. The product also features a headrest which is extendable so that taller people will be comfortable in it as well.

InkBed Black Electric Tattoo Massage Table Bed Studio...
54 Reviews
InkBed Black Electric Tattoo Massage Table Bed Studio...
  • NEW 3 Port Powerstrip with 2 USB ports
  • Removable Arms: Arms can be quickly and easily removed (no...

Even the armrests of this product are removable and will not require extra tools if you wish to detach them. Furthermore, if you wish to sit more comfortably in the electric massage table, then the additional matching tool will work perfectly for your needs.

This product is very comfortable and has about 4 inches of thick foam to make sure it remains this way. Users of this product can rest on it without making even the slightest sounds if they move around on it. Finally, this product comes with independent motor control and a very sturdy electric base.

Sierra Comfort Electric Lift Massage Table

At 4th place, the Sierra Comfort Electric Lift Massage Table offers its users lockable wheels that help you to comfortably move about and also secure it wherever you wish to effortlessly. The massage table can be easily lowered and raised with the help of a simple touch on the pedal.

SierraComfort Standard Electric Lift Massage Table, SC-3000,...
  • Steel frame/3" High Density Foam Deck/Water & Oil Resistant...
  • Adjustable Table Height with Electric Pedal Assist/Wheel...

This electric massage table also features an ergonomic headrest along with a soft face pillow. Other than this, the product is made of PU leather that makes it both – oil and water-proof.

Furthermore, the massage table’s height can be adjusted easily to make it perfect for a relaxing massage. This is what makes the product perfect for both commercial and personal purposes.

Jade Therapy Massage Table

Now, we’re really getting into the good stuff! This particular electric massage table has a roller system that actually looks attractive because they are made of jade. There are a total of 9 individually heated rollers in this massage table. Installed inside are infrared carbon fiber panels that control the temperature according to your needs.

Jade Therapy Massage Bed Table, FIR Far Infrared Spinal...
  • FULL BODY ROLLER SYSTEM (9 ROLLERS TOTAL), Rollers are made...
  • FIR Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heating Panels installed,...

To control all of the above-mentioned features, users of this product will be provided with a premium LCD controlled that can also switch between preset programs. The electric massage table has been made of a solid wood and metal construction and can hold a maximum weight of 350 pounds.

Users of this product have found that it was perfect for their spine while also being very durable. Finally, this product also features a superior belt drive system.

Earthlite Electric Lift Massage Table

In 2nd place, we have a completely flat electric massage table which features various color and size options. You will also have the option of choosing between a pneumatic salon and a manual tilt structure.

EARTHLITE Electric Massage Table ELLORA - The Quietest, Most...
  • PERFECT THERAPIST ERGONOMICS: An amazing ADA compliant...

This product is popular among hydraulic massage tables and is quite common in salons and spas. The top of this product is stable and sturdy while also being extremely comfortable. Even the corners of this product have been rounded to completely ward off injuries. The 3-layer cushion is added to take the comfort of this product to yet another level.

The frame of the EARTHLITE Electric Lift Massage Table is made of very heavy-duty steel and the company also offers its consumers a lifetime warranty. Lastly, the product also features wheels that will make the product easy for movement.

Earthlite Avalon Portable Massage Table

At the very top of our list of best electric massage tables is this professional massage table that features elegant and patented memory cushions. The cushioning system of this product offers users dual density. Besides this, the chair is very responsive to weight changes. The massage table also features rounded corners that will keep users from injuring themselves.

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table Package AVALON – Reiki...
  • SUPREME COMFORT: Sink softly into the plush, 2 ¾” dual...

The cover of this product is made from water and oil-resistant materials. The headrest and face cradle of this product can adjust on its own. Due to these self-adjusting features, the users of this product will have their pressure points engaged at all times.

The overall structure of the Earthlite Avalon Portable Massage Table makes the product extremely sturdy alongside having a 3-year warranty. Lastly, you will find that this product is foldable which makes it highly portable.



When you’re considering buying the best electric massage tables, you should set some parameters for your choices; make sure that the table you buy is most suitable for your needs. The very first thing you should check is the product’s maximum weight capacity and the dimension of the product.

Once these have been checked upon, you should look into factors such as the product’s foam thickness and other properties. There are many different types of foams in the massage table industry and these should hold well to the overall upholstery.

If you’ve gone through our list, you need not worry about these considerations. We have taken all of these into account for you and you’ll find that all of these products have long-term warranties alongside promising a high rate of durability.

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