14 Best Christmas Copper & Rose Gold-Finish Decorations

Best Christmas Copper Rose Gold Finish Decorations

The festive Christmastide spell is not that far away. So, it’s the perfect time to gear up and look into some hot and new trends of Christmas decorations and accessories of the ongoing year. In this section, we have already discussed a variety of decoration and ornamental pieces for the upcoming Xmas decorations. From tree toppers to baubles and icicles, we have covered you for this season.

In this piece, we are going to review some of the best copper and rose gold-finish accessories that you must consider for this year’s winter decorations. It is worth mentioning that we are not going to review only one type of item. From baubles to string lights and stocking to cookie-cutter, this list will be diverse with the common denominator of copper and rose gold finishes and elements.

Copper ornaments are part of Christmas traditions and celebrations for centuries. One can never go wrong with the rustic and reliable copper finishes in ornamental items. On the other hand, rose gold hue in decoration and accenting items has become all the rage in the last couple of years. And this year, some of the ornaments with rose gold finishing are expected to become new trendsetters in Christmas decorations.

If you want to keep your Xmas decorations classic and trendy at the same time, read on because we are going to review 14 of the best Christmas copper and rose gold-finish decoration items. It is important to mention here that the below items are not reviewed in any preferential order. The numbering is done just for the reading convenience.

Best Christmas Copper & Rose Gold-Finish Decorations

1. Lewondr Geometric String Lights – Two-Way Power Rose Gold String Lights 

  • The 3-meter string with 20 pieces of LEDs
  • AA Battery and USB power options
  • Features exquisite ironwork

The proverbial majestic nights of Christmas have a lot to do with the warm lights illuminating them.  And if you are considering draping you home with the same magical realism of fairies, stars, and Santa, then we would strongly suggest you consider Lewondr string lights.

Lewondr String Lights Geometric Rose Gold Stars LED Metal...
  • WARM ATMOSPHERE - Emits soft warm white light, this string...
  • TWO LIGHTING MODES - Lighting up or twinkle lighting are...

They are actually molded in the shape of stars through seasoned ironwork and then refined with a rose gold touch. The top of each star contains an LED that beckons soft and warm white light. An impressive feature of Lewondr fairy lights is its two-way power mode. On battery, it twinkles and syncs the vintage star frames with the energy of Christmas festivity. And with USB, you can operate them as normal lights.


Lewondr string lights look pretty delicate, but it has nothing to do with their durability. The copper core used in the making of stars ensures their extended shelf life.

With a customer rating of 4.0-star on Amazon, it is pretty clear that users are already in love with those rustic vintage fairy light fixtures. 


  • Creates perfect Christmas warmth with warm white LEDs
  • Two lighting and power modes
  • Can also be used for general accenting and other festivals
  • Extended shelf life
  • Doesn’t twinkle when powered through USB cable

2. Rose Gold Geometric Lights – Best Rose Gold Fixture with Soft Light

  • 20 soft-light LED pieces
  • All-welded geometric construction
  • Features remote control twinkle and a timer

Bohemian lightings are known for creating an ambiance of warmth and tranquility. During chilly winter spells, a lounge accented with boho light fixtures definitely looks a place to be. If you are looking to create something similar in your interior for Christmas holidays, then consider E-Lip Geometric String Lights. 

E-lip Geometric Lights, 9.8FT 20 LEDs Rose Gold Metal LED...
  • ROMANTIC BOHO LIGHT: Gorgeous geometric ornaments with...
  • BATTERY OPERATE LIGHT STRING: battery operated, no plug...

The 20 LEDs with not the typical harsh glare of incandescent bulbs are arranged on carefully crafted metallic 3D structures. The gentleness and warmth of LEDs emissions are further amped up by the rose gold finish of those geometric shapes. E-Lip Geometric Light Strings are completely battery operated. So, you are not bound to use them just near the power outlets.


Moreover, the lights feature a really detailed remote control twinkling mechanism. A 13-key remote comes with the light that you can operate from within the radius of 5 meters and can operate eight different modes. Similarly, you can also set the timer to shift the lights on auto mode (18 hours off, 6 hours on).

This vintage and bohemian lighting fixture will be a great addition to your Christmastide décor. 


  • Durable all-welded metallic ornaments
  • Remote control twinkling
  • Lights that are soft to look at
  • Can be used for decorations all year round
  • Operates with batteries only

3. Ling’s Moment Rose Gold Feather Lantern

  • Available in the strings of 10, 20 and 30 LED-laden metallic leaves
  • Cool-to-touch operation
  • Copper finish

Some accent lighting fixtures can create the perfect warm ambiance that homeowners strive during Christmas holidays. Ling’s Moment light strands just exactly do that and in style. It is actually a string of 10 leaves finished with rose gold/copper hue and fitted with warm white LEDs.

The combination of copper and rose gold is considered one of the hottest decoration trends this Christmas season and you get it in the right mix in this lighting fixture. The string lights are powered by two AA batteries that can lit them up for up to 40 hours.


Another remarkable feature of Ling’s Moment rustic copper and rose gold leaf lights are their cool-to-touch operation. They don’t generate any noticeable heat even after hours of use—so ideal for decoration in homes with kids and pets. 


  • Features winning combination of copper and rose gold hues
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor decoration
  • Doesn’t generate typical heat of light fixtures
  • The leave fold cage design is regal
  • No option of USB power

4. Vickerman Shiny Christmas Ornament – Finial with Authentic Copper Finish

  • 10-inch tall metal finial
  • Comes in the bag of 3
  • Rustic finish (perfect combo of shine and matt)

This Vickerman copper finial looks like an artifact that has time traveled from one of the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, kudos to the craftsmen at Vickerman that has crafted this finial with the authenticity of ancient design motifs. This copper finial perfectly matches Christmas decorations that are heavily underlined by rustic and classic aesthetics.

This 10-inch tall finial is good enough to be used as a centerpiece. Nonetheless, you can also use it as a topper on thickly crowned fir trees. Attention to details is the USP of this metallic finial. For instance, instead of giving it a lustrous copper finish, the manufacturer has opted to give it a botched coat tainted with stains and dots to make it look closer to a real bonafide artifact from across the Mediterranean.


  • Features an authentic ancient deign and finish
  • Ideal to complement rustic Christmas decorations
  • Can be used as a standalone centerpiece
  • Metallic constructions make it heavy
  • A bit heavy on the pocket as well

5. DII CAMZ10923 Stockings - The Plush and Cute Christmas Stockings

  • A pack of two stockings
  • Velvet with rose gold sequin borders
  • Go with every Christmas decoration

Stockings are like the salt of Christmas décor i.e. you may pay not much heed when they are there, but you are definitely going to notice when they are absent. A holistic Christmastide decoration can’t be imagined without having cute little stockings dangling above the fireplace and the tree.

DII Decorative Christmas Family Stocking Set Holiday DĂ©cor...
517 Reviews
DII Decorative Christmas Family Stocking Set Holiday DĂ©cor...
  • DOUBLE THE HOLIDAY CHEER: This pack of 2 stockings will be a...
  • GOES ANYWHERE: Dangle the stocking from the mantle above...

As mentioned earlier, rose gold decorative finishes are in vogue these days and have been introduced in Christmas stocking as well. For instance, DII stockings for Christmas are plushy white velvet stockings lined with sparkling rose gold sequins. The visually-rich and durable finish makes them equally good as both decoration accents and stocking stuffers.


Like many other Christmas stocking options, DII Velvet and sequin borders are not disposable and entail one-time use. You can hang them above your fireplaces in the next winter as well. 


  • Equally good as stocking stuffer and decoration accent
  • Features premium rose gold sequin borders that make them look the part
  • Makes a great Christmas gift
  • Can be used for more than one season
  • Sequins are prone to shedding

6. Le Sens Rose Candle Holders Set- Delicate Candle Holder for Indoor Accenting

  • Features a deluxe rose gold finish
  • Comes in a set of 2
  • Lightweight metallic-looking 3D hexagons

Candles are known to create a perfect ambiance of warmth and nostalgia. If you are planning on to have some candlelight arrangement in your nighttime Christmastide decorations, then here we are presenting you a perfect accessory for that: Le Sens Rose Gold Metallic Candle-holders.

Le Sens Amazing Home Large Rose Gold Metal Pillar Candle...
72 Reviews
Le Sens Amazing Home Large Rose Gold Metal Pillar Candle...
  • HOME DECOR: These Candle Holders Are Perfect Centerpieces...

These are actually elongated hexagons supported with delicate metallic strips all draped in rose gold finish. The middle of this 3D hexagon features a platform where you can place all sorts of candles and tealights. When the light from the yellow flame of candle strikes on the metal of the holder, it creates an illusion that rose gold is melting away, which looks majestic, to say the least.

Le Sens Candle Holders can be used as centerpieces everywhere in the house. Whether it is a tabletop or the mantle of a fireplace, an eye-catching metallic holder with flickering candle flame can accentuate your space like none other. 


  • A perfect dĂ©cor piece for any space in the house
  • Makes a great Christmas gift
  • Easy to clean
  • Can last for a lifetime
  • May not be suitable for outdoor decoration


7. ShinyBeauty Christmas Tree Skirt - Shimmering Polyester Christmas Accessory

  • 48-inch rose gold sequin tree skirt with a 7-inch opening
  • Features mesh backing
  • Available in other colors as well

Skirts are a great way to cover the not-so-good-looking and barren stands/legs of a heavily festooned Christmas tree. In other words, this fabric accessory let you synergize the decoration of your Christmas tree and the surrounding area. ShinyBeauty has introduced a Christmas tree skirt that is beautiful, trendy and can add another dimension to your winter decorations.

Tree Skirt-Sequin Tree Skirt 48" Christmas Tree Skirt Unique...
  • ❤ Christmas Tree Skirt: 1pc 48inch rose gold round sequin...
  • ❤Sequin Tree Skirt: The santa tree skirt is made of high...

This polyester skirt of 48 inches of diameter is heavily decorated with shimmering rose gold sequins. In fact, the high-gloss sequins are packed so densely that it looks as if the entire skirt is only made of sequins. Under lights, this sequin-laden skirt flicker like a dense cluster of stars. Its 9-inch opening can easily fit all sorts of Christmas trees and trunks.


Meanwhile, the 48-inch length is good enough to be used with fir trees as tall as nine feet. This stunning rose gold tree skirt enjoys 4.1-star customer rating on Amazon and it is expected to further improve as the Christmas shopping is picking up pace.   


  • Made of 100% polyester, longer service life
  • Perfect to go with any contemporary Christmas decoration theme
  • Can dress all sorts of Christmas trees
  • High sequin ratio
  • A bit expensive

8. Vickerman Rose Gold Finial -  Tall Tree Topper with Exotic Finish

  • Made of shatterproof material
  • Features glossy rose gold finish
  • Lightweight

Many people don’t take note of to the Christmas tree finials. However, there are some who are well aware of how a high-quality and intelligently crafted finial can change the entire look of a Christmas tree. It won’t be wrong to say that a long tall finial with a quality finish and design can become a centerpiece of the tree.

Vickerman deals in all those highly accentuating finials and tree toppers. For instance, their 19-inch tall finial with shiny rose gold finish looks like a piece of art in itself. This long finial features three dome-like structures that subsequently tappers into a stretched totem at the top. If you are a fan of Mediterranean aesthetics, then you will definitely love this decoration accessory.

From the delicate and long construction, this Vickerman Tree Topper looks like really susceptible to cracks. But there is no need to worry because shatterproof material is used in its core to withstand any impact. 


  • Perfectly captures the essence of Mediterranean aesthetics
  • Ideal for exotic Christmas decorations
  • Shiny rose gold finish for modern accenting
  • Can be used as a standalone decoration piece
  • Not suitable for short Christmas trees

9. Pausseo Xmas Balls Decoration Set - Best Plastic Baubles with Rose Gold Finish

  • A set of 12 baubles with rose gold finish
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Comes in a hand-help reusable gift box

Shimmering baubles dangling from the fir, the fireplace and lining all the mantles and beams in the house— this is what Christmas decoration looks like in our collective memory. Pausseo deals in Christmas décor items. This year, it has introduced a fine set of 12 trendy Christmas baubles.

No products found.

These 6-cm baubles are made of eco-friendly material and finished with rose gold coating. Moreover, the 12 baubles are in six pairs of different surface designs. There are simple plain glossy rose gold balls. Then there are two baubles with a partial matt finish. The matt ones further have two different design patterns. Moreover, each ball features a gold-plated hanger ring.

The rose gold finish of these baubles is so good that you can’t tell if they are made of metal or plastic. For homes with children and pets, these high-quality PVC balls are a better alternative to glass baubles. 


  • Shatterproof, ideal for decoration around kids and pets
  • The high-quality finish doesn’t fade with time
  • Comes in an attractive packaging, an ideal Christmas gift
  • A cost-effective alternative to expensive metallic and glass baubles
  • Lightweight body is prone to indentations

10. Ling's Moment Rose Gold Moroccan Lamp - Impressive Light Fixture with Rose Gold-Finish

  • Consists of 10 ShinyBeauty with copper/rose gold finish
  • LEDs with warm white light
  • Amazon’s Choice product

A well thought out lighting plan can do wonders to your Christmas decorations. With little spending and a lot of creativity, you can perfectly light up your abode to welcome the season of festivity and joy. This is the second light fixture of Ling’s Moment on our list and for the same reason i.e. to add an exotic touch to your Christmas lighting.

Ling’s Moment Rose Gold Moroccan Lamp 10 LED Lights AA...
  • 10-Light (Warm White / Yellow) strand is approximately 5...
  • Each lantern is 1" wide, 3" high. Spaced every 5"

This Moroccan lamp-style string light consists of 10 spherical lanterns joined with a 5-feet string. The lanterns don copper/rose gold finish and very fine design. The string is battery operated only and can be used to accentuate any part of the house (indoors and outdoors).

It is impossible to describe in words how this Moroccan Lamp creates a marvelous ambiance. The soft light glimmering through the intricate design and perforations of lanterns permeates an entire space with warmth and mystique. This light treatment can only be experienced.

71nsLDRa8 L

Due to its impressive design details and light setting, this Ling’s Moment fixture enjoys the tag of “Amazon’s Choice” in the category “rose gold lights” and the customer rating of 4.4-stars. 


  • Perfect to create exotic ambiance
  • Used for both indoor and outdoor accenting
  • Cool-to-touch operations
  • Equally good for non-Christmas decorations
  • Only operates on batteries

11. Vickerman Rose Gold Finial Christmas Ornament - Versatile Rose Gold Finial

  • A set of six multi-use finials
  • Matt finish of rose gold with glitter
  • Features golden hanger ring

Vickerman has perfected the art of designing exotic Christmas finials. Moreover, its designers are keeping up with latest decoration trends as well. This is the reason why it is the third Vickerman product on our list and yet another intricately designed finial.

It is a 5-inch tall finial with three distinctive sections separated by rings. There is a spindle at the bottom which is then topped by two globes one after the other of two different sizes. The finials feature rose gold hues in matt finish and glitter topping in various patterns. The striking feature of this Vickerman finial is its design details. For instance, the smaller globe has vertical patterns like melons and the large one has checkered pattern similar to a disco ball.


However, what makes this Vickerman finial stands apart among other such tree toppers is its versatility. The top globe of the finial is fitted with a hanger ring. In other words, you can use these finials as exotic Christmas Baubles as well. 


  • Shatterproof making ensures extended use
  • Can be used as hanging baubles as well
  • Design details make every finial an ornamental piece
  • The glitter is prone to flaking

12. Twinkle Star String Lights - Most Trendy Rose Gold Light Fixtures

  • A String of 10 warm LEDs
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • An Amazon’s Choice product

Twinkle Star has come up with one of the trendiest lighting fixtures of this year. Apart from offering decorative lighting for parties and birthdays, the string lights of Twinkle Star are going to rule the Christmas decorations as well.

Twinkle Star 10 LED 6.6 ft Diamond String Lights Battery...
  • High Quality : 6.6ft (200cm) heavy-duty stylish diamond...
  • Battery Operated : Easy to use .Each set includes a small...

This 6.6-ft string features 10 warm and soft white LEDs that are fitted in diamond-shaped metallic structures in a lantern style. These 3D structures are the exhibition of delicate ironwork. Moreover, the deluxe finish of rose gold gives them a trendy appearance. The set up is battery operated and thus can be used anywhere in the house (even outdoors).

The other great thing about this accent lighting fixture is its lightweight. Even with all the wire and metallic structure, it only weighs over nine ounces. Due to all these valuable features, this Twinkle Star String Light enjoys great reputation on Amazon.  With 4.3-star customer rating, it features the tag of “Amazon’s Choice” in the category “rose gold bedroom décor”. 


  • Creates perfect warm ambiance for Christmas dĂ©cor
  • Delicate diamond-shaped LED holder are strongly welded
  • Can be used with all sorts of decorations
  • No option of USB power
  • May not be suitable for outdoor decorations

13. Gingerbread Boy of the Year Cookie Cutter - Valuable Culinary Tool for This Christmas

  • Heavy-duty copper mold
  • Handmade in Indiana
  • Weighs 2.8 ounces

For the second last item of this list, we have a bit of unusual pick. Unlike the rest of the items we have reviewed here, it is not a decoration accessory. Nonetheless, it is an item that will come in really handy during your Christmastide holidays— since there is no way you can pull off a joyful season without fresh home-baked cookies.

2016 Gingerbread Boy of the Year Copper Christmas Cookie...
  • The 2016 Gingerbread Boy of the Year Cookie Cutter measures...
  • The Gingerbread Boy Cookie Cutter is made from solid...

It is actually a cookie cutter with the outline of a Gingerbread Man and made of solid heavyweight copper. The best thing about this baking accessory is that it is completely handmade by the Indiana-based experts. Moreover, the copper parts are jointed together with lead-free solder.  So, the cookie cutting by this Fussy Pup product remains risk-free even after years of use and washing.   


  • Made of pure copper, long service life
  • Harmless construction, free of lead soldering
  • Makes a great Christmas present
  • A bit heavy on the pocket
  • Not packaged in a box

14. Vickerman 2.75" Copper 4-Finish Ball Christmas Ornament

  • A set of 20 2.75-inch balls
  • Made of plastic with copper finish
  • Features four different designs

Balls and baubles underline any Christmas decoration. And usually, homeowners prefer ornamental balls with silver and gold finishes. But if you are looking to try something different, then here is one option for you: Baubles with copper finish.

This Vickerman Christmas decoration item is a box of 20 plastic balls donning copper finish in four different styles. There is a shiny and glossy finish, and then you have matt-coated ones. Moreover, one set of balls have a texture of very fine glittering and the other set is then dotted with golden glitter all over the surface. All the 20 baubles are fitted with shiny golden hanger rings.

These 20 ornamental copper-finish balls of different designs together make for a rustic and rooted Christmas decoration. 


  • Ideal for rustic Christmas decorations
  • Lightweight, can be easily dangle on the thinnest threads
  • Perfect for homes with kids and pets
  • The glitter may shed
  • Not suitable for outdoor decoration

Copper and Rose Gold Finish Christmas Decorations Buying Guide

With the above reviews of 14 products, we have nearly covered all the copper and rose gold finish accessories that you should consider for this season’s decoration shopping. Nonetheless, there are some points that you should consider while buying any item with similar features outside of this list.

The Material

As you have noticed, copper and rose gold finishes are now available on both metallic and plastic cores. We have discussed the products in both these materials. If you are a purist who wants absolute cohesiveness in Xmas decorations, then definitely go for metallic cores. But if you are looking to save some bucks while keeping up with the trend, then plastic ones are equally good.

With the use of better painting technology and high-quality dyes, there are now copper-finish baubles and finials that look as if they are entirely made of metal. While plastic copper-finishes is a quick and cost-effective way to get on with your Christmas decorations,  keep in mind that they don’t have long shelf life. They might not be able to maintain the same appearance for the next season. But in their astonishingly reasonable price tag, that’s not a bad deal.

The Finish

Glossy or matt and plan or patterned—with every product you are available with so many design options that it is not easy to settle on one particular type of finish. Since Christmas is all about glitz and excess, so don’t fixate on the intricacies of finish.  All finishes given that they have used high-quality lacquer are suitable for Christmas decorations.

However, if you are strictly following a particular theme for the upcoming winter celebrations, then it is recommended to be particular about the type of finish as well. For instance, a rustic and classic decoration will be well complemented with matt and dampened glitter finishes. In contrast, a glittery and glossy rose gold finishes are pitch-perfect for typical extravagant Christmas celebrations.

Since we have discussed a lot of copper and rose gold-finish lighting fixtures here, therefore they demand a separate buying guide. Look out for the following factors when buying lighting fixtures with copper and rose gold-finishes


Length of the String

If you are particularly looking to accent some particular mantles or beams, then always consider the length of the wire on which those beautiful LED holders are seamed. With un-matching string length, you will either get under or overly light up space.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

If you need string lights just to accentuate your interiors, then there are not many factors to consider.  All sorts of string lights regardless of their material and power source can easily be used indoors. However, you can’t have the same carefree approach if the lights are to be used outdoors.

You have to make sure that they are perfectly insulated. Moreover, it is important to be sure that the copper or rose gold finish they bear is weatherproof.  Similarly, the mode of power also comes into play when a string light is used for outdoor accenting.

Exercise due diligence before buying those delicate and wonderful accent lights if you really want to use them beyond this Christmas season.

Power Source

The majority of these decorative string lights are battery operated. All the lighting fixtures we have covered here (except one) operate on batteries only. Battery-powered string lights are sort of wireless installations. You can use them anywhere in and around the house without taking into account the nearby power outlet.

On the other hand, USB-powered models let you light up the LEDs from a power outlet. If you are looking to use them for long hours and as a regular accenting item, then the use of USB powered options can keep your overhead power expenses in check.

We hope that this detailed review guide of Christmas ornaments with copper and rose gold finishes will help you in keeping up with the latest decoration trends of this Christmastide.

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