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10 Best Ceramic and Porcelain Glue | Reviews + Guide

Best Ceramic and Porcelain Glue

Did your child just wreak your precious ceramic dinnerware? 

Indeed, it’s heartbreaking to see your precious ceramics broken into pieces. But no more shedding tears or tossing them away in the bin because we’ve got solutions that can bring your broken ceramics and porcelain dishes back to life. 

If you haven’t guessed it already, then let me tell you that ceramic and porcelain glues are just what is needed to fix broken ceramic products. Thankfully, there are plenty of options on the market. 

Now the question is, how do you know which one will be the right pick for you? That’s when this guide walks in. Thus, we’ve handpicked the ten best ceramic and porcelain glues that you can add to your DIY kits for fixing precious ceramic pieces in a jiffy. 

So, let us get straight into it!

Best Ceramic and Porcelain Glue 

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageGorilla 7700104 Super Glue
  • Unique gel formula
  • Impact resistance
hstcstbl-table__imageGorilla ‎4200101 Epoxy
  • Bond strength of 3300 PSI
  • Water-resistant formula
hstcstbl-table__imageDevcon GLU-735.90 Epoxy
  • Tensile strength of 2500 psi
  • Versatile usage 
hstcstbl-table__imageJ-B Weld ‎50176 KwikWeld Epoxy
  • Cures to dark gray
  • Tensile strength of about 3127 psi
hstcstbl-table__imageElmer’s ‎E1012 China And Glass Cement
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-toxic formula
hstcstbl-table__imageRed Devil 0497 Tile Paste Adhesive
  • VOC compliant
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Acrylic/water-based
hstcstbl-table__imagePratley 10 ‎Quickset White Epoxy
  • 2 x 20 ml tubes
  • Exceptional adhesive strength
  • Good shelf life
hstcstbl-table__imageGorilla ‎5021801 Polyurethane Glue
  • Expands 3x into the materials
  • 100% waterproof formula
hstcstbl-table__imageLoctite ‎235495 Super Glue Gel
  • Anti-drip gel
  • Sets within seconds
  • Self-piercing tube
hstcstbl-table__imageKrazy Glue Home And Office Super Glue
  • No-clog bottle
  • Brush applicator

Best Ceramic and Porcelain Glue

  1. Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue

Gorilla Super Glue Gel, 20 Gram, Clear, (Pack of 1)
  • GEL FORMULA: No run control gel formula that is great for...
  • ANTI CLOG CAP: Helps keep the glue from drying out. It's...

Expensive china ornaments, ceramic plates, your favorite coffee mug – you name it, and Gorilla Super Glue will fix it. With its unique no-run gel formula, its versatility is unparalleled. Moreover, its easy application and fast setting time make it perfect for all your DIY repairs and quick fixes. 

Why Did We Like It?

Among the variety of options available on the market, the Gorilla Super Glue tops our list because it bonds excellently to a variety of surfaces. From porcelain dinner plates to diorama artwork, this super glue will effortlessly bond anything you want. 

Additionally, it features a unique no-run control formula that makes it perfect for vertical applications. Thus, you don’t have to think twice before applying on chandeliers, wooden furniture, and so on. 

Moving on, the highlight of this glue is its fast setting time. With a setting time of about 45 seconds, you can rest assured that your surfaces will bond quickly in almost no time. 

Better yet, this glue comes with an anti-clog cap that ensures the glue doesn’t dry up after use. Thus, you can use the glue till its last drop. Lastly, Gorilla offers an excellent value for money because a few drops of glue is sufficient to bond surfaces. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Considering its drying time and versatility, this is one of the best glues we have come across on the market. So, there isn’t much to complain about. However, our only gripe is that it isn’t water-resistant. Therefore, it might not be ideal for outdoor applications. 

Those looking for fixing porch benches or ceramic pots will have to look elsewhere. Other than that, this Gorilla Super Glue is a bang for the buck!

  • Versatile applications
  • No drip formula
  • Quick setting time
  • Does not clog
  • Not suitable for outdoor repairs
  1. Gorilla ‎4200101 Epoxy

Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy, 5 Minute Set, .85 Ounce Syringe,...
  • Strong, permanent, fast and gap-filling; Great for multiple...
  • Best for tough repairs requiring a durable bond, gap-filling...

If you’ve been on the lookout for adhesives to bond the ceramic pots of tables on the porch, then Gorilla Epoxy is perfect for your needs. With its incredibly tough and strong formula, you can bond anything you want. Plus, its easy-to-use syringe and 5 minutes setting time has made it popular among DIYers. 

Why Did We Like It?

When it comes to Gorilla, we can vouch for its quality. Similar to our previous pick, this two-part epoxy formula scores high on versatility. Not only does it work perfectly on ceramic tiles of the bathroom, but it also bonds wooden cabinets excellently. Therefore, it is compatible with a variety of surfaces. 

Moreover, we love the fact that this epoxy by Gorilla can be used for outdoor repairs too. Thanks to its water-resistant formula, you have the freedom to use it on any surface you want. 

Additionally, you will love the design of this 25 ml epoxy. This two-part formula comes in separate barrels and features a dispenser. Simply push the plunger, and equal amounts of resin and hardener will be dispensed. Mix it properly using a stick, and your mixture is ready to bond surfaces. Considering its versatility and durability, Gorilla offers excellent value for money.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this epoxy works exceptionally well for bonding surfaces, it emits a pungent odor. Therefore, we recommend using it outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. 

Also, this epoxy isn’t the best pick for beginners because it sets within five minutes. Thus, you will have to mix it fast and apply it within that time. Otherwise, the epoxy will lose its bonding strength. 

  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Easy to use
  • Dries rock solid
  • Tough and durable bonds
  • Dries to a crystal-clear finish
  • Nasty odor
  • Not recommended for beginners
  1. Devcon GLU-735.90 Epoxy

Devcon Epoxy, 2 Ton Epoxy, 4.25 Ounce each, 2 Bottles
  • Ideal for joining wood, metal, concrete, glass, ceramics,...
  • Sets in 30 minutes with strength up to 2,500 pounds per...

This 2-ton epoxy is perfect for those looking for a quick solution to fix hairline fractures on ceramic mugs. Most DIYers and homeowners have been opting for this product because of its versatility. With a tensile strength of 2500 psi, you can rest assured of its strong bonds. Moreover, it is water-resistant. 

Why Did We Like It?

Finding strong adhesives to fix minor hairline cracks and fractures of your favorite ceramic mugs is pretty much a task. However, with this 2-ton epoxy, you can fix all the minor cracks and fractures on your ceramic wares. 

Furthermore, it is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces. Be it ceramic, porcelain, metal, china, concrete, or even glass, you can use it to fix anything you want. Additionally, it has a setting time of 30 minutes. So, you can work at your own pace without worrying about the epoxy losing its strength. 

Moving on, this epoxy is water-resistant. Therefore, you can use it for repairing kitchen wares without worrying about water tampering with the bonds. Besides forming durable bonds, we love the design of the bottles that makes it easy to dispense equal amounts of resin and hardener.

Lastly, it dries clear and once cured, you can sand and paint it to your liking. So, if you’re looking for a versatile option to bond ceramics, then this product is the one for you.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

This is undoubtedly one of the best options for fixing hairline cracks on ceramics and porcelain. However, we wouldn’t recommend this to novices. That’s because it isn’t easy to mix. Even so, if you intend to use it, we recommend you go through YouTube tutorials. 

  • Adheres well
  • Dries super hard
  • Form strong and durable bonds
  • Can be sanded and painted
  • Challenging to mix
  1. J-B Weld ‎50176 KwikWeld Epoxy

J-B Weld 50176 KwikWeld Steel Reinforced Epoxy Syringe -...
  • J-B WELD KWIKWELD: A fast setting version of The Original...

If you’re a frequent DIYer, then this KwikWeld Epoxy by J-B Weld is perfect for you. With its quick setting and curing time, you can complete all your ceramic diorama projects in a breeze. Moreover, it features a resealable cap that prevents the glue from drying. Overall, this two-part epoxy is your perfect companion in DIY fixes and repairs. 

Why Did We Like It?

More than anything, we were impressed by the fast curing time of this epoxy. With a curing time of about 6 hours, this is one of the fastest drying epoxies that we’ve come across. On top of it, J-B Weld guarantees strong and long-lasting bonds. 

Additionally, it is usable on a variety of surfaces. From ceramics to tiles and fiberglass, J-B Weld assures incredibly tough bonds on almost all surfaces. Plus, it is great for plumbing and fixing ships, too.

One of the highly striking aspects of this epoxy is its design. With a plunger connected to the two syringes, dispensing the mixtures is quite an easy-peasy task. All you have to do is push the plunger to dispense the two-part epoxy and mix it properly. And, you’re done. 

Moreover, the package includes a resealable cap to ensure maximum reusability. With a tensile strength of up to 3127 psi, you can rest assured that the bonds will withstand high temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

Considering its versatility and tensile strength, this epoxy is an excellent option for all your DIY repairs. And for that reason, it comes with an expensive price tag. So, it might not be an ideal option for those on a budget. 

  • Cures in about 6 hours
  • Great for plumbing and marine use
  • Easy to use
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Expensive
  1. Elmer’s ‎E1012 China And Glass Cement

Here we have another ceramic glue that can bond almost anything you want. Since this formula is non-toxic and food-safe, you can use it to bond your kitchenware. Moreover, it creates an incredibly tough and long-lasting bond. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed with this China and Glass Cement by Elmer’s. 

Why Did We Like It?

With most glues containing harmful ingredients, you hardly get your hands on a non-toxic formula. That’s why when we came across this, we decided to give it a shot. 

For those who have been looking for an adhesive to bond their favorite mugs, plates, or any other kitchenware, then this China and Glass Cement by Elmer’s is the best bet. With its non-toxic and food-safe formula, its versatility is limitless.

Additionally, its quick setting time of 1 minute makes it a perfect fit for professionals and enthusiasts. Its non-toxic formula is also dishwasher safe. Therefore, you can toss away repaired mugs and plates into the dishwasher without any worries. 

Moving on, it adheres well to both interior and exterior surfaces, thanks to its super-strong bond. Better yet, it’s pretty easy to clean and dries clear. Unlike other adhesives, this formula does not drip. Overall, this product is perfect for those looking for a non-toxic yet versatile formula.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this product is a DIYer’s favorite because of its food-safe formula, it cannot withstand high temperatures. That being said, it isn’t perfect for microwave-safe objects or kitchenware. 

Moreover, despite its quick setting time, it takes days to cure fully. Therefore, it isn’t an ideal pick for quick repairs. 

  • Food-safe formula
  • Sets within a minute
  • Forms super-strong bonds
  • Does not drip
  • Easy to clean
  • Not microwave-safe
  • Takes 48 hours to cure fully
  1. Red Devil 0497 Tile Paste Adhesive

Red Devil 0497 Tile Paste Adhesive, 1 PACK, White
  • Easy application and tooling.
  • Ideal paste consistency.

Looking for adhesives to fix hairline cracks on your ceramic tiles? Take a look at this Tile Paste Adhesive that is specifically formulated for bonding tiles. With a setting time of about 30 minutes, this adhesive gives you ample time to manipulate the surface. Moreover, once cured, it becomes resistant to mildews. 

Why Did We Like It?

First things first, we were pretty much pleased by the price tag of this adhesive. This 5.5-ounce tube is hands down one of the most affordable options available on the market. Moreover, the design of the tube is quite appealing. With tube packaging, the glue can be easily dispensed onto the surface without any mess.  

Moreover, it is super easy to use. Simply squeeze the tube and dispense the glue onto the surface. And, you’re done! Plus, they are highly versatile. So, feel free to use this on porcelain, ceramic, and even plastic tiles. 

Additionally, its paste-like consistency can be used outdoors, thanks to its water and heat-resistant formula. Also, it is pretty easy to clean. Therefore, you need not worry about any spillage. 

Lastly, what’s particularly interesting about Red Devil adhesive is that it is VOC compliant and has a low odor. All in all, it’s a perfect pick for those looking to repair broken tiles.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

Even though this product is an excellent option for repairing broken edges and hairline fractures on your ceramic tiles, customers have complained about receiving a dried-out tube. However, this happens only sometimes. Thus, in such situations, you must contact customer care for replacements or refunds. 

  • Affordable buy
  • Easy to use
  • Low in odor
  • Cleans easily
  • Some may receive a dried-out tube
  1. Pratley 10 ‎Quickset White Epoxy

Pratley Quickset White Epoxy - Shiny White Finish
  • Each pack contains 2 x 18ml tubes
  • Quick setting, exceptional adhesive strength, bonds well to...

If you’ve got to repair some broken white ceramic plates, then this epoxy is your best bet. As the name suggests, it dries to a white color. With its quick setting formula, you can rest assured that your kitchenware will be repaired in almost no time. Much like other epoxies, it responds well to paints. 

Why Did We Like It?

Specially formulated for use on rigid surfaces, this epoxy bonds exceptionally well to a variety of surfaces. From broken ceramic wares to your favorite ruby necklace, its versatility is almost limitless. 

Moreover, you can also use it to repair the bathroom sink and toilet tank lid, thanks to its tough and durable bonds. With a quick setting time of about 3 minutes, this epoxy will meet your needs without any doubt. 

Additionally, this epoxy has a butter-like consistency which makes it easy to use. In case of an uneven and bumpy surface, you can file and sand it to create a neat finish. Not only that, but you can also drill screws. Plus, it is compatible with stains and paints too. 

Moving on, this epoxy doesn’t run easily, thanks to its unique formula. Unlike other epoxies, it doesn’t dry crystal clear. Instead, it dries to a brilliant white color. Therefore, it’s perfect for repairing your broken ceramic wares.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

We found this epoxy incredibly easy to use; however, we wouldn’t recommend this to novices. That’s because it doesn’t come with clear instructions. That said, most customers have complained that instructions are difficult to follow. Therefore, dealing with this epoxy might be a challenge for novices.

  • Works well on a variety of surface
  • Easy applications
  • Paintable and machinable
  • Doesn’t run easily
  • Unclear instructions
  1. Gorilla ‎5021801 Polyurethane Glue

Gorilla Original Gorilla Glue, Waterproof Polyurethane Glue,...
  • Incredibly strong and versatile; The leading multi-purpose...
  • Best for tough repairs on dissimilar surfaces, both indoors...

If you’ve been hunting waterproof glues to repair outdoor ceramic pots, this Gorilla Polyurethane Glue is the one for you. With its 100% waterproof formula and incredibly strong bond, your ceramic pots will withstand even the harshest elements. Plus, it is solvent-free and super easy to use. 

Why Did We Like It?

This waterproof polyurethane glue is compatible with all kinds of surfaces. Be it ceramic pots, wobbling chairs, or even motorcycle grips- this glue sticks firmly and bonds everything you want. On top of it, this glue expands three times more than an ordinary glue to form incredibly tough bonds. 

Additionally, bonding uneven, irregular surfaces isn’t challenging with this glue, thanks to its polyurethane formula that wicks perfectly into the surfaces. However, the best part of this glue is its waterproof formula. Plus, it can withhold high temperatures. So, feel free to use this on outdoor surfaces without worrying about nature tampering with bonds. 

Moving on, you can easily sand off any extra glue that is peeking from the cracks. With a shelf-life of one year, this glue is a long-lasting one. Moreover, cleaning isn’t much of a task with this Gorilla glue. A dry cloth or a paint thinner will be perfect for wiping extra glue from the surface.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

While Gorilla Glue is a dependable option for all your household repairs, it might not be an ideal option for a quick fix. That’s because it takes slightly longer to cure fully. 

However, it is an excellent option for your large-scale projects because of its incredibly tough bonds and versatile nature. 

  • Versatile applications
  • Incredibly tough
  • Can be sanded
  • Can withstand different elements
  • Longer curing time
  1. Loctite ‎235495 Super Glue Gel

Loctite Super Glue Gel Tube, 0.07 oz, 1, Tube
  • Superior Performance: Super glue gel creates a...
  • Invisible Repairs: No-drip gel sets quickly and dries...

Incredibly strong and versatile, the Loctite Super Glue Gel is an excellent choice for filling small gaps. Compatible with porous and non-porous surfaces, this glue adheres well to a variety of surfaces. Plus, it is moisture-resistant and sets quickly without any clamping. Additionally, it dries clear, making it an aesthetically pleasing repair. 

Why Did We Like It?

There are a lot of things that we love about this glue. However, the thing that hooked us right is its quick setting time. With 10 seconds of setting time, the pro in you can mend, repair, and bond anything. That being said, your broken ceramics will be ready for use within just a few minutes. 

Additionally, the versatility of this glue makes it an excellent option for your DIY repairs. This glue gets along well with leather, metal, plastics, and even hard plastics. And it weighs only 2 gms, making it a convenient option for people who are always on the go. 

Moving on, this high-quality glue is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and high temperatures. Rest assured, your surfaces will withstand harsh elements. Moreover, this gel formula dries clear, making it ideal for stained surfaces. 

Better yet, the glue doesn’t clog, thanks to its clog-free cap. Moreover, its anti-drip formula ensures that the application is mess-free.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this is our go-to recommendation for immediate repairs, keep in mind that it isn’t dishwasher or microwave-safe. Therefore, make sure you avoid using it on those wares that you toss in the dishwasher or microwave. Considering its functionality and versatility, this product is a bang for the buck!

  • Highly versatile
  • Compatible with both porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • Can withstand elements
  • Isn’t compatible with microwave or dishwasher wares
  1. Krazy Glue Home And Office Super Glue

Krazy Glue Home & Office Brush On Super Glue, Brush...
  • Insanely versatile home and office formula is perfect for...
  • Instant, crazy strong bond on metal, plastic, vinyl, wood,...

Another premium glue that DIYers can add to their craft kit is this Super Glue by Krazy Glue. With its versatile formula, you can repair all that you want. Moreover, its brush applicator ensures easy application and even coverage. Overall, it is an excellent product for DIY crafts, home repair, and office repair too. 

Why Did We Like It?

To be honest, this glue is popular among crafters, enthusiasts, and professionals alike because of its versatile formula. From DIY crafts to office projects, you can use this to bond anything you want. 

Moreover, we love the brush applicator that comes with this glue as it makes it easy to control. Furthermore, it also ensures even coverage. Thus, you can use it on large as well as tight spaces easily.

Additionally, it comes in a clog-free bottle that ensures the glue and the brush remain in perfect condition.

With its strong bonds, you can rest assured that the surfaces will stand the test of time. Plus, it is one of the most affordable glues available on the market. Thus, this is an excellent option for those who have just ventured into the field of DIY. Considering its versatility and functionality, Krazy Glue offers excellent value for money. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Overall, this glue is an excellent option for those looking for a versatile product. However, we noticed that this glue isn’t water-resistant. Therefore, it might not be ideal for outdoor applications. 

Also, it isn’t FDA-approved. So, you must not use it on your mugs, plates, or other kitchenware. Other than that, it is an excellent option for all your household needs. 

  • Versatile application
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Isn’t water-resistant
  • Not safe for kitchenware

Ceramic and Porcelain Glue Buying Guide

Ceramic and Porcelain Glue Buying Guide

Despite knowing the ten best options available on the market, choosing the correct ceramic and porcelain glue is still challenging. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before picking one for your tasks. Thus, we’ve curated this buyer’s guide to help you pick the correct one for your needs. 

We’ve compiled a list of all the factors and discussed them in detail to ease your task. So, move on and take a look. 

  1. Uses

Before deciding which one to pick, you will have to look at your needs. That’s because there isn’t a “one-size-fits” solution when it comes to ceramic glues. For instance, if you have to bond outdoor ceramic pots, you will have to opt for the one that can withstand all the elements. 

Therefore, we suggest you take a look at the description of the product before you buy one. Also, make sure you buy clear glue to repair your ceramicware. So, take a proper look at the uses and the description of the product

  1. Shape Of The Container

Though it might seem to be a trivial thing, the shape of the container is of utmost importance. That’s because the shape of the container determines how easy it is to use the glue. 

If you’re looking for a product that offers easy applications, go for the one that features a nozzle. Meanwhile, for precise application, you may opt for glues that come with a brush applicator. Of course, you wouldn’t want to mess with your project because of spilling or dripping. Therefore, make sure you take a look at the container before you decide to go for one. 

  1. Safe For Food Contact

Let’s be honest, most glues available on the market are toxic. And when it comes to ceramic glues, they contain chemicals. So, when it comes to bonding ceramic plates, mugs, and other kitchenware, you must look for glues that are FDA-approved. That’s because they are safe for contact with food. 

So, you must check the description of the product properly and buy it only if it mentions that it is “FDA-approved.” With tons of cheap products on the market, we are sure you wouldn’t want to end up buying a fake one. 

  1. Drying Time

When it comes to ceramic glues, no glues come with identical drying times. Some may dry quickly within hours, while some may take up even days to fully cure. Therefore, while shopping for ceramic glues, consider the drying time of each. 

Although super glues dry quicker than epoxies, their bonds aren’t as durable as those of epoxies. Moreover, the drying time also depends upon your needs. If you have to fix something immediately, opting for a quick-drying glue will be a wise decision. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for more durable bonds, then going for epoxies or longer curing glues will be the best bet. Thus, before picking one, consider your needs and the nature of your task. 

  1. Accessories

Now, most glues come with extra accessories that make bonding and repairing surfaces an easy task. Such accessories ensure easy application and even coverage and are beginner-friendly. So, when you’re searching for the best glues to bond ceramic and porcelain, make sure you even check the accessories offered by the brand. 

Therefore, we recommend you go for the glues that feature a brush applicator. Also, if you don’t get extra accessories, you can always purchase a brush from the local stores. 

  1. Price

With plenty of options on the market, you’re sure to stumble upon both affordable and expensive products. If you’re a frequent DIYer, we recommend you go for the best. Although it might cost you a few bucks more, you wouldn’t regret it. But, if you’re simply looking for occasional repairs, affordable glues will be an excellent option. 

Best Ceramic and Porcelain Glue

Ceramic and Porcelain Glue Verdict

Truly speaking, ceramic and porcelain items enhance the beauty of our home. However, we need to handle them properly. Instead of tossing the broken ceramicware in the bin, get your hands on quality glue and bring them back to life. 

With that, we come to the end of our review-based buyer’s guide. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed curating it for you. But, before we leave, let us tell you our favorites. 

Overall, the Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue tops our list because of its unique formula. However, if you’re looking for an affordable option, the Krazy Glue Home And Office Super Glue is an excellent option. 

With that, we shall take your leave. Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick the best one for your needs. If not, you can always consider our buyer’s guide. 

That’s all for today. Bye!

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