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15 Best Artificial Christmas Trees for Merry Holidays

Best Artificial Christmas Tree

A grand Christmas tree twinkling with merry little lights is all we look to have in our homes at the turn of the holiday season every year! 

And, there can hardly be any greater joy than having a wonderful time decking up a Christmas tree together with friends and family.

But, that being said, we also have to acknowledge the immense amount of effort needed to set up a real Christmas tree, only to watch it wither within a few days.

And this brings us to the topic of all the benefits that an artificial tree can offer, while creating the same magical charm that a real one does!  Artificial Christmas trees are usually pre-lit, needing just a push of a button to sparkle up. And the best part is, you can easily use them year after year without worrying about disposal.

So, if you’re interested to know more about these beautiful artificial trees, then do check out the following guide.

Because right now, we’re gonna tell you all about some of the best artificial Christmas trees you can start your celebrations with right away!  

Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Best Artificial Christmas Trees

1. National Tree- 7.5-Foot “Feel-Real” Fir Tree

When you have a pre-lit tree, you can focus on other Christmas preparations. You don’t have to bother about decorating such a tree separately. And, it helps you save time without having to wrestle with hanging the lights, placing them evenly, or removing the strands that aren’t lighting up. 

This artificial Christmas tree from National Tree company stands at a height of 7.5-feet and measures around 58-inches in diameter. So you could tell this is a substantially tall tree that, in fact, also comes with 750 hanging lights to go with. And all you have to do is plug it in to watch the tree shine! 

National Tree Company Pre-Lit 'Feel Real' Artificial Full...
  • This Downswept Douglas Fir Full Pre-Lit Artificial Green...
  • Features Dual Color LED bulbs that can switch between white...

The tree looks absolutely beautiful anywhere you place it, and it also saves you the trouble of finding the right lights. Moreover, you can also change the lighting using a foot control according to your preference. 

This tree comes with more than 1,867 branch tips and features a ‘Feel Real’ branch tip technology. Since it has been molded from actual tree branches, it creates an aura of remarkable realism. 


The Downswept Douglas has garnered positive reviews from many users for its durability and visuals.

But, the only issue here for you could be that it takes a lot of time to set the tree up.

However, once that’s done and the lights are switched on, you’ll feel the excitement of the holidays streaming in!

2. National Tree- 7.5 foot Carolina Tree

If you love getting the tree all decked up with chunky decorative pieces, you should consider taking a look at this Carolina Pine. 

This tree weighs around 59 pounds, which means it’s sturdy enough to hold all your embellished trimmings. And, this dismisses your concerns about sagging branches and heavy ornaments slipping off them. So, you can rest assured that this tree will stand straight, irrespective of all your trimmings that you would like to use with it.

National Tree Company Carolina Pine 7.5 Foot Artificial...
  • This Carolina Pine Artificial Green Christmas Tree is 7.5...
  • Features 750 white lights that remain lit even when a bulb...

The Carolina tree stands at a height of 7.5-feet and 59-inches in diameter, which is the standard height for a beautiful Christmas tree. And, it does come with 750 pre-strung Christmas lights, covering all of the 1,393 branch tips, that contribute to its overall beauty! So, it goes without saying that you need not be worked up about hanging the lights all by yourself. 

For a more natural vibe, this tree is also prepped with a few pinecones, which is one of the highlight features of this unit.  


One of the major benefits is that this tree is made of non-allergenic materials, which makes it safe for everyone to be around. It is also flame-resistant that adds to the safe-status of the tree, making it worth the money you invest in it.

The Carolina comes with a hinged metal construction with the branches all attached to the center pole section. This makes it incredibly sturdy, keeping it from collapsing in case of any kind of movement around it.

However, this is a heavy tree that can take a little while to set up and move. But, that is barely a deal-breaker given the benefits it offers.

3. National Tree- 9 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree

When it comes to decorating your space for the holidays, there is nothing that gets the home ready like a massive Christmas tree. It gives the straight out-of-the-woods vibe, which gets everyone in the mood to enjoy this season.

And if you’re looking for a sizable option, you’ll not go wrong with this Dunhill Fir Tree, which is one of the tallest on this list. This 9-foot beauty by National Tree company has the classic full shape. And, it’s made with tips that feature the True Needle technology, which focuses on using molded plastic for mirroring the look and feel of a natural tree branch. 

National Tree Company Dunhill Fir Artificial Tree, 9 Ft,...
  • NATURAL LIFELIKE APPEAL: Our pre-lit artificial branches...
  • SIMPLE SETUP AND STORAGE: Convenient hinged branches and...

It also comes with 900 pre-strung lights that have a set of nine different colors and settings, which light up the tree in the most stunning way ever! Additionally, you also receive a sturdy metal stand which can be folded easily when you’re putting back the Christmas decorations.

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To set up the tree, you can follow the instruction booklet carefully that gives the process of fluffing and shaping the branches in detail. Besides that, this product comes with a 5-year tree warranty and 3-year light warranty. This shows that even though you’re splurging on this beautiful option, you’ll be getting an equal return on investment with high durability.

4. National Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with Stand

This is a realistic-looking, full-bodied tree that has a beautiful green color. You can select one of the four sizes that are available for this same product. 

It gives you the freedom to have the perfect sized Christmas tree for your indoor space. And you’ll be receiving a sturdy metal stand along with this unit, so balancing it correctly won’t be a problem. 

National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Mini Christmas Tree...
  • NATURAL LIFELIKE APPEAL: Our artificial branches look...
  • SIMPLE SETUP AND STORAGE: Setup and take down for storage...

The tree looks more like one of those card-worthy trees that have a virtually unmatched design both in terms of its quality and looks. And, it comes with crush-resistant branch tips that have been made using real tree branches. This makes it look absolutely like a real and gorgeous Christmas tree in every way! 


It also comes with upswept branches, which makes it perfect for hanging ornaments and other Christmas decorations. Moreover, when you place all the trimmings on this tree, it tends to complement the dark green color making it look more rich and vibrant. 

However, the tree is shipped in separate parts, so you need to set aside some time for the assembly.

5. Frosted Berry Pine Christmas Tree

For those of you who generally prefer the natural look of a Christmas tree without all the additional trimmings, we would definitely suggest this unit from Wayfair. By looking at the tree itself, you can say that it will look surreal even if you don’t add a single decorative item. 

This Frosted Berry Pine tree comes with built-in berries, pinecones, and grapevine twigs, which make the tree look as though you’ve just got it straight out of the woods. Moreover, it’s covered with about 250 clear lights that give out an even and non-glaring light. This makes it look truly unique and beautiful.

ABUSA Prelit Frosted Artificial Christmas Tree 7.5 ft...
  • Pre-lit 7.5 feet height with 750 LED clear tree lights. Full...
  • Flocked tree branches with 1383 branch tips. A charming tree...

Plus, each of the branches has a clear frosting that adds an extra touch of authenticity. It stands at seven feet in height, which is pretty much like most other standard trees, so placing it indoors won’t be much of an issue. 


However, when it comes to quality, you’ll be receiving a product that goes far beyond the other artificial Christmas trees in the market. Moreover, the generous return policy, along with free shipping, really makes it a great bargain.

6. Best Choice Products- Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Have you wondered about getting back to the basics? After all, it can be a major advantage as you get to work on this piece right from the start. 

It comes with easy-to-fluff branches, making it simple to set up the entire seven and a half hinged tree. This tree has a total of 1,346 tips that give it a natural and full-bodied look. 

Best Choice Products 7.5ft Premium Spruce Artificial Holiday...
  • CLASSIC SPRUCE TREE: Inspire holiday cheer this season with...
  • QUALITY DESIGN: Fully fluff the branches to provide a...

Plus, the classic silhouette makes it look ethereal and timeless regardless of the setting that you’re about to place it at. 


We understand that online shopping for such a simple Christmas tree might have you questioning the feasibility of the option. But once you start putting in the effort to fluff up the branches and decorate the tree, you’ll be happy with the design and quality of this product. According to most users, it provides complete value for the money one pays. So, why not just give it a try this Christmas?

7. Pre-Lit LED Flocked 7.5-feet Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

If you’re someone who loves the beauty of crisp, freshly-fallen snow, you should check out this mixed pine artificial Christmas tree right now! It comes with pre-lit LEDs that looks nothing less than a picture-perfect view on a Christmas postcard. And the overall design of this tree has been planned out well to ensure that it emulates the look of a real tree.

With snow-frosted branches, soft and glowing lights, the branches evoke a wintry, peaceful forest vibe, which blends in perfectly with the festive spirit. It creates a warm and cozy ambiance that makes it perfect for the holiday season. 

ABUSA Flocked Snow PE/PVC Mixed Pine Artificial Christmas...
  • This is an artificial tree of 100% high quality PE flame...
  • The tree is 7.5 feet high.56 inches round.1508 PE...

If you have not tried an artificial Christmas tree thinking it won’t look as good as the real one, then the quality of this product will take you by surprise. It comes in at the height of 7.5-foot with over 1580 artificial branch tips. 


And the best part about it is its uniformity of shape that reflects from its beautiful circular structure. Overall, you can rest assured that the lifelike appearance of this tree by Home Accents Holiday will light up your Christmas like none other!

8. Nearly Natural 3-Foot Christmas Tree

The holiday season doesn’t just make you excited or energized but also gives hope for a new beginning. And having limited space at home or in the office should not stop you from enjoying the thrill of having a Christmas tree. When you have an option to select a small tree that allows you to enjoy the beauty and festivity, then why walk back?

This tree by Nearly Natural stands at 21-inches wide and 3-feet high, so you can easily place it on a tabletop or have it placed in a small corner. And if your children want a Christmas in their room, then this will make for just the ideal choice. 

No products found.

Furthermore, it’s also decorated with about 100 LED lights that make the tree look even prettier than what it already is. All you have to do is just plug it in to enjoy its warm glow. 

Moreover, it has been designed in a way that if one of the lights goes out, you’ll still have the rest of them working cheerfully. So, you won’t have room for disappointment. 

This tree is made from over 130 faux pine tips and topped with a few cones that give a rustic feel, which is similar to the look of a real one. The tree is well designed, easy to set up, and adds a festive spirit to the entire space. In fact, if you don’t look at the tree carefully, you can easily mistake it for a real, yet tiny one. 

9. Best Choice Products- Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

This is one of the best-selling artificial Christmas trees that has over a thousand reviews online. It’s a six-foot stunner that comes with an eye-catching design and a reasonable price tag. 

The luscious full branches look similar to a real tree- to be specific, and it comes with a total of 1000 branch tips. While the metal base helps eliminate the need to purchase a stand separately, you can have the tree standing tall throughout the festive season. 

Best Choice Products 6ft Premium Hinged Artificial Holiday...
  • CLASSIC PINE TREE: Inspire holiday cheer this season with a...
  • FULL APPEARANCE: Fully fluff the branches to provide a...

It comes in three separate pieces that need to be assembled accordingly. This makes it easier to store the tree for the next year. The size of this tree is such that it will look good in any setting, be it in a bedroom or living area. And, we find this product to be a great bargain, especially for its quality and fluffed out branches. 

Since it’s a bit smaller than the other standard-size Christmas trees, it makes an excellent option for small apartments or condos. The setup process is also relatively simple for this one, and you’re truly going to have an amazing time decorating it with your family!

10. Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree

Are you dreaming of a snowy Christmas tree right now? Then you can have one in your house itself! Because we’ve found the perfect white Christmas tree that will turn all heads towards it!

This tree is made from 1150 PVC pipes and comes with a heavy metal stand. this helps to ensure that the tree will be well balanced throughout this festive season. And, if you want an extra-stylized touch, you can hang different colored ornaments, that will give this tree a super trendy look. 

Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree, 8-Feet, PVC Crystal White
  • Beautifully crafted with 1150 PVC tips
  • Built with hinged branches for easy storage

The classic Douglas fir is never going out of style, while the white trees provide a more neutral and versatile base. For people who want their decorations to pop, the white base makes for an excellent choice. And since white Christmas trees look as though it’s covered in snow, it gives a more magical and romantic feeling to the entire setting.

Just like the trending Instagram pictures of beautiful white trees, you can decorate this tree according to your whims and fancies. For instance, you can use colorful accessories and shiny bright ornaments to add a retro look to it. 

Because when you go for the white option, you aren’t just trying out a new style but also setting a trend that everyone is going to remember for years to come!

11. Vickerman- 6- Foot American Upside Down Artificial Christmas Half Tree

You might have recently noticed the booming trend of Christmas trees hanging from the ceilings by their trunks. Getting one of these pieces is like a step above the regular Christmas trees. And this is why the Vickerman 6-Foot tree is going to be the showstopper in your home this season!

But stay prepared to answer a few bombarding questions as to what an upside-down tree indicates. This tree has a more realistic look with branches that are made from over 800 PVC tips. Plus, the majestic aura created on setting up this unit and after placing the 350 mini white light looks like something straight out of a movie for sure! 

Vickerman 22032 - 6' x 61" American Upside Down Hanging Tree...
  • Dura-lit lights utilize microchips so bulbs stay lit even...
  • Comes prelit with 350 Warm White Dura-lit LED Lights.

We understand that when you have pets and children around the house, you might be worried about them knocking into the base or pulling off the ornaments from low-hanging branches. And in such cases, the upside option is only feasible if you have a very high ceiling. 

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But, in any way, an inverted tree is considered to be a significant change from the traditional ones, which are placed on the ground.

12. Holiday Time- 7-Foot Shelton Artificial Christmas Tree

If the lack of suitable space is stopping you from purchasing a Christmas Tree, the Holiday Time has found the perfect solution with a tapered design! The width of this thin Christmas tree is almost half the size of the standard-sized ones. So, it’s going to take up a very small space no matter where you place it!

And even though they lack the width, a little decoration is all it needs to whisk up the merry spirit! Plus, it does come pre-strung with 300 clear lights making for a warm and festive appearance.

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up...
  • Superior blowing and mulching proven by controlled...
  • Powerful up to 250 mph degree. 350 CFM blow mode and 410 CFM...

This 7-foot Shelton artificial Christmas tree has an elegant shape, and it’s the perfect backdrop for ornaments and lights. Since it just comes with a diameter of 1.58-foot, we are confident that it will comfortably fit the smallest of living rooms. 

The top branches are also sturdy enough to help support a beautiful tree topper. It also includes a sturdy plastic stand that holds the tree in place without letting it topple over. This tree comes in different sections, and the branches are all hinged, which makes the set up relatively easier. 

To have your tree ready, you need to stack the sections together in the right place, pull down the hinges, and gently fluff out 339 cashmere branch tips. Overall, this tree’s uniformly slim profile is unique, and the quality materials ensure its longevity.

13. Home Heritage- 7-Foot Half Christmas Tree

This small Christmas tree is another excellent option for smaller spaces, especially if you want the vibe of a good-sized tree. It takes up less room when compared to the real Christmas tree or the standard artificial ones. Plus, it undoubtedly has a cleaner look about it. 

The lightweight design makes it easier to store it back up at the end of the Christmas season or while taking it out of the storage unit. So, if you’ve been trying to find a taller-than-you Christmas tree for your dorm room or even a studio apartment, this model makes for an ideal choice. With this, you really don’t need to sacrifice the precious floor space or also limit yourself to one of the tabletop trees. 

Home Heritage 7 Foot Artificial Half Pine Christmas Tree...
  • Bring holiday cheer into your home with this half Christmas...
  • Natural tones make a great addition to holiday decorations,...

This 7-foot artificial tree can give you all the imposing grandeur with a little decoration and the warm glow of the pre-strung 150 white LED lights. It’s made with the needles and branches placed at 180-degrees, so you can have it set up against a corner. 

However, at 19-inches wide, it can be a little ‘wobbly’ when decked up with bulky decorations. Also, it can take a little while for setting the branches when taken out of the container. But, keeping all other things in mind, we do believe that this is an absolute must-have for all you Christmas lovers who are looking for a space-efficient option.

14. Best Choice Products- 6-Foot Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

This Christmas tree is a solid, sturdy one that gives you the value for your money. It will cost you nothing more than 50 bucks, and it’s a better option when you want a massive tree within a limited budget. The level of detailed realism, and the lasting craftsmanship, are truly the unique aspects of this tree that you won’t get in many of the pricier options. 

Plus, setting up the tree will not take you more than 40 minutes. It has over 1000 branch tips that fluff-up easily. So, it’s best if you seek out for help because it gets even more fun to set up a tree when you’ve your friends and family around. 

Best Choice Products 6ft Premium Hinged Artificial Holiday...
  • CLASSIC PINE TREE: Inspire holiday cheer this season with a...
  • FULL APPEARANCE: Fully fluff the branches to provide a...

The metal stand also improves the functionality of this piece, making it a lot more well-balanced and less likely to tip over even with heavy decorations. The tree stands in approximately 6-foot, which shows that the company delivers what it promises.


We found the tree to be quite full for the price, but you need to be careful while setting up the branches to avoid any damage. Finally, if you want a tree with a reasonable price tag and easy-as-pie set up, then don’t hesitate to purchase this pine tree. 

15. Balsam Hill- Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

If you love adding drama, then you’re free to explore with this 7-feet Christmas tree. Because its design is such that it’s meant to take center stage and not just be a wallflower.

More is more when it comes down to decorating this massive centerpiece that evokes a blooming love for Christmas. This tree has a realistic color, which is its major selling point. And, the stunning dark green shade for this tree definitely reminds you of the authentic winter wonderland! 

Balsam Hill 7ft Premium Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree...
  • TRADITIONAL REALISM: The Classic Blue Spruce branches tips...
  • FULL SHAPE: It features 100% PVC Classic Needles for...

It’s about 53-inches wide, with over 2,350 branch tips that mean it’s going to easily take up about an hour to have it set up. But the efforts are all worth it when you see your Pinterest-ready Christmas tree with all its adornments reflecting a luxurious look. And you also have the option to purchase the tree with or without the 850 hand-strung LED lights.


Moreover, it’s also covered with a 3-year warranty, which makes it worth every penny you spend on it. And, you need not worry about assembling the tree because the gloves that it includes will come to your rescue while putting its needles up!

Final words

The joy of Christmas surrounds our home almost a month before the festive season starts. And Christmas tree plays a significant role in adding to the festive spirit. Many of us can recall the sheer excitement of going out to purchase a Christmas tree right from our childhood days.

It takes hours together to set up the tree, but those are some of the fondest memories that we cherish from the merry holidays. Now that we have come to the end of our guide, we hope that it has helped you to find just the Christmas tree that you’ve been looking for.

Till next time!



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