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Bathroom Design Simplified Enhancing Every Day Life

Modern Home Design Bathroom Interior Design


1. Demands
The bathroom, in a similar way to the kitchen, is one of the spaces in our homes with the most demands placed upon it. If it isn’t functional, it can be very frustrating. When planning a new bathroom, bear in mind all of its individual functions. It’s a place where many activities take place, whether that is getting ready for the day that lies ahead, or a place to unwind in the evening. If you bear everything in mind when designing the layout and selecting the bathroom furniture you will end up with a multi-functional space that is perfect for all members of the family. Don’t forget to factor in extras – such as linen baskets, or perhaps a place to sit.

2. Ergonomics
Your existing plumbing will dictate to a large extent where you put items such as showers, baths and so on. Consider the ergonomics of the space – will the vanity units be in a well-lit area of the room for example. What are your storage requirements? How do you wish to configure your bathroom cabinets, and will they sit comfortably in the allotted space?


3. ‘Feel’

The ‘feel’ of the space is also very important. If you are planning a formal space, you could consider a black and white scheme. A more casual relaxed room will work well in more neutral colours. If you are going for a modern, sleek space then a bold accent colour can work very well. A more traditional space may look great painted in white or cream, particularly if your furniture is wooden or coloured. You may decide to personalise the room with a motif or display area for treasured trinkets or art work. You need to think about how this will sit with your chosen bathroom furniture and other fittings. Your choice of bathroom furniture can really pull a room together. Cabinets and other storage solutions come in a massive variety of materials and finishes, and putting some careful thought in at the planning stage will help the end result to be a space that is uniquely ‘you’. Make sure there is continuity in your choices – if you have picked out a modern metal vanity unit you will need to ensure that fittings such as taps and mirrors tone in, and do not clash.


4. Materials

When selecting materials such as tiles, be sure that they will tone in with the rest of the room, particularly your storage. If you have small children, you should consider safety features such as a non-slip floor and lockable vanity units for medicines and so forth. If space is at a premium you may want to think about using mirrored surfaces to increase the feeling of space and light within the room.


5. Lighting

Good lighting is absolutely essential. If you have the space and budget, you could choose to light several zones individually, and make sure you consider a dimmer switch for those times when you just want to relax in a deep bubble bath. Fluorescent lighting can be harsh, but bear in mind that you will need enough light for tasks such as applying make-up or shaving.

Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

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