21 Amazing DIY PVC Pipes Projects That Will Blow Your Mind


PVC pipes are really useful when it comes to DIY projects both for your home and yard. Have you ever tried to make something out of them? It’s pretty easy to work with PVC pipes and you won’t find it difficult to make these crafts on your own without requiring the help of anyone. Scroll down through the photos below and see the Amazing DIY PVC Pipes Projects That Will Blow Your Mind. You will be surprised by the array of possibilities that exist out there, and I’m sure that you would be able to at least one design that you will love !

PVC pipes can help you organize the mess in your drawers, so if you are sick and tired of trying to put those undies into an order, this first ideas showcased below is worth considering.

organizethoseundieswithpvcpipes thumb


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Not only that these pipes serve as great organizational tools in the home, they can really help you organize your backyard as well. The hose that is causing your troubles can now be stored in a great fashion thanks to PVC pipes!



DIY Elevated Dog Bed PVC Images


furniture mini tv with sound and on the bookshelf storage made from blue pipe pvc water for small bedroom spaces ideas pvc pipe furniture ideas pvc pipe diy furniture pvc pipe shelving pvc


Despite the useful purposes, PVC pipes have decoration purposes too. What do you say about making this candle holder for your dining table?

Fall centerpiece DIY PVC Pipe


Your vertical garden is just a step away from you. This is the most inexpensive ways to make it, so there’s nothing that stops you from making it!

DIY PVC Gardening Ideas and Projects2


The PVC pipes can help you organize the cutlery on the table. Plus, we have to admit that it looks really nice. Would you like to recreate this design?

She Places Pvc Pipes In The Bathroom What Is Created Is Something Very Useful 7088 5


Have fun with the pipes, cut them in different sized and color them in various colors to make an organizational tool for your office desk.

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pvc toothbrush holders


Some projects are really bold and big, so don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Do you see these super cool shelves? It’s your turn to make them!

use PVC pipe to build an inexpensive industrial style shelf Sawdust 2 Stitches on Remodelaholic


diy pvc pipe planters


20160617 mesinha pvc


Front view


Shoes are always hard to organize, so if you haven’t found the solution to put them in order yet, here’s an idea that will work perfectly in your home.

shoe organizer pvc pipe tutorial


diy modern pvc pipe wine rack repurposing upcycling storage ideas.1


Use gold spray and turn the ordinary PVC pies into stunning flower vases in no time!

DIY PVC Pipe Modern Spring Centerpieces 1


22 pvc pipe diy ideas tutorials




PVC Pipe Tape Dispenser

All of these PVC pipes projects are simply amazingly creative so now it’s up to you to choose which design will fit the most into your home and get down to work to recreate it of course!

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