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With brilliantly designed products and new ideas, the A’ Design Award helps you to highlight your best work. This is an international award that aims to provide the professionals from all design fields with a platform to showcase their work to the global audience in a spectacular manner.

It celebrates the appreciation for good designs that attract the attention of the publishers, media, and buyers. If you want to take part in this year’s competition, you can fill out the entry form. To register for the A’ Design Award you can click on this link

The market is flooded with different design contests, but the A’ Design Award stands out from the crowd with more than 100 design categories. Along with separate categories for Building and Structure design, Architecture, this award also focuses on supporting others that belong to the field of architecture, some of the notable types are:

To know more about the different categories, you can visit their website here.


The A’ Design Award is an excellent platform for designers to win the support of sponsors that are ready to buy their winning ideas. If you win this competition, you’ll be receiving a trophy along with a ton of other benefits, that includes- a certificate, winners’ badge, a chance to get featured in a yearbook publication as well as an exhibition showcasing your work

Moreover, you get to attend the A’ Design Award gala-night, which allows you to build your network and receive feedback from the award jury. This follows up with an exclusive interview and PR campaign that gives you the chance to get featured on a plethora of websites thus gaining professional exposure in all the right places!. For a clearer picture about the full list of benefits, you can click on this link here.

The designs are judged by over a hundred experts who are part of the A’ Design Award jury. This team consists of scholars, media members, and professionals from different parts of the globe. 

The experts can cast a vote only if they can understand the presentation clearly by comprehending the complexity and uniqueness of your design. The jury members need to sign a jury agreement as they continue to follow the code of conduct.

Plus, the jurors aren’t the employees of the companies that are participating in this competition. This helps to avoid the conflict of interest and ensures the smooth flow of the competition. The process used by the jury has been designed fairly and equitably. So, that no single juror can exercise undue influence on the competition. To find out more about the jury and its process of evaluation, you can click on this link here.

The last date for the A’ Design Award regular submission is on September 30th. If you want more information about the award in multiple languages you can follow this link here. And you can also submit your designs here. The names of the winners of this competition will be announced on April 15th, and some of the architecture-related winners will get an opportunity to be featured on Architecture Lab.

A’ Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award Winners

Life Extension Residential House by Pin-Chi Yu

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Zhongnan Mansion Clubhouse by Kris Lin and Jiayu Yang

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Wuhan Wushang Mall Cinema 9F Cinema by Ajax Law and Virginia Lung

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De Vinos Y Viandas Wine Shop by Zooco Studio

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Qingtie CR Town Sales Office Sales Center by Kot Ge – LSDCASA and Studio HBA

Qingtie CR Town Sales Office Sales Center by Kot Ge LSDCASA and Studio HBA

Roaringwild – Uniwalk Retail Store by Kingson Leung

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Topposition Construction Office by Keng-Fu Lo

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Reborn From Ruins Residential House by Lei Jin, Tianqi Guan and Teng Guo

Reborn From Ruins Residential House by Lei Jin Tianqi Guan and Teng Guo

Kin Ju Japanese Resturant Japanese Restaurant by CM Design

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Castello 4 Fine Dining Restaurant by Michael Liu

Castello 4 Fine Dining Restaurant by Michael Liu

Ember Restaurant by Rockwell Group

Ember Restaurant by Rockwell Group

Kaedama Restaurant by Rockwell Group

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Minze Style Select Shop Retail store by HE HUAWU

Minze Style Select Shop Retail store by HE HUAWU

Urban Eden Residential Villa Showroom by Ji Pan

Urban Eden Residential Villa Showroom by Ji Pan

The Artistic Center Interior Design by Sarah Yan

The Artistic Center Interior Design by Sarah Yan

Cafe Amoy All Day Dining by Ryoichi Niwata

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