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Highly Creative Anthropologie DIY Project Hacks That Make The Original Look Dull! [Comparison+Instructions]

38 Anthropologie Hacks

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I personally think that many of the items we purchase can be realized effortlessly in our shelters at a fraction of the price we would pay in malls today. Have you ever walked through the shelves of Anthropologie thinking how ridiculous the price of a few domestic items were? After all, the items resembling coziness and warmth have been inspired by uniquely manufactured items. Underneath 38 items shop Anthropologie items have suffered comparison with a few DIY Project Hacks made at home, with love and dedication.

We’ve found many of these items far better than the original, needless to say that they are far more personal and full obstance, being the result of an experience, a quality amount of time spent hopefully with the loved ones.

Home Decor DIY Project Hacks

1. Small Plywood Book Shelf

Packed with the 1st edition vintage books, the Anthro design costs no less than $1400. All you need is some plywood, clay and some paint beside tools to materialize this case that will shelter your own personal and full of substance selection of books in your home for far less than 1400 dollars.

You can find instructions here.

2. Cozy and Warm Coil Planters

These can be realized in multiple colors shapes and size and can double as utensil storage containers or mug clothing for your Christmas decor, especially in red and green!

More directions here.

3. Paper chandelier from scratch

By using a plain paper lantern and some cupcake liners you can have this beautiful chandelier in your home without having to spend $900.

Instructions here.

4. DIY floral vases

The first copycat requires a cheap vase, paint, and some self-drying modeling clay.

You can make the other version from polymer clay and spray glaze.

5. Turn your glasses into fun confetti patterned ones

Old glasses and some acrylic paint and you’re set.Instructions here.

The second version is made with paint pens, easier to make and clean after.

6. Make your own ruffled curtains

By using basic cotton sheets,you can add a little drama to your windows for less than $20.

Directions here.

7. Add monagrams to your mugs

Although¬†this tutorial requires lots of supplies,the results are very similar to the¬†¬†Anthropologie’s version.

8. Save $198 and sew a duvet cover

This tutorial explains how to turn a few basic sheets into a heavenly cloud.

9. Sew a quilted bedspread as well

Make a similar blanket from some basic jersey sheets. The sewing instructions here.

Directions here for the matching pillows.

10. Paint mason jars with chalkboard paint and turn them into spice jars.

Instructions here.

11. Make a metallic pendant light fixture for your home

This version is made form a metallic bin and requires no effort at all to make it.

12. Sew a ruffled ombre shower curtain

Following these directions make a ombre ruffled shower curtain.

13. Make an unique tea up lamp for your desk

Using secondhand dishes and some supplies from the hardware store you can replicate the $198 version easily.

14. Make a collaged fabric decorative pillow

Using scrap fabric you can transform your regular pillows into a collage.

Directions here.

15. DIY candlesticks out of different trinkets

Out of thrifted items,which cost about $15 make your own candle sticks.

Tutorial here.

16. Emboss your dishes with lace

Elegant and delicate.
Instructions here.

17. Give life to an old dresser

Turn an old tired dresser into a rustic dresser.

Instructions here.

Clothing & Shoes

18. DIY half-lace, half-shirt top

Make this version by joining a stripped bottom with a lace top.

19. Add lace to a plain dress

Make an old dress pop with some simple lace.

Directions here.

20. Add ruffles to a simple top

This tutorial explains how to make a ruffled top easily.

21. Add polka dots to an old pair of jeans

Use fabric paint to add polka dots to an old pair of jeans to bring them to life.

Instructions here.

22. Place lace on a simple stripped tee-shirt

Sew some lace to a striped shirt to make it seem new.
Instructions here.

23. Add glitter to a pair of old flats

Following this tutorial you can turn into glitter loafers any pair of shoes.


24. DIY hair ties

By following the easiest instructions ever make your own beautiful hair ties.

25. Make a similar head wrap by knitting it yourself

Find the instructions and the  pattern here.

26. Knit a similar fox stole

Use this pattern.

27. DIY woven rope bracelets

Make your own  woven rope bracelets with a few simple craft store supplies.. Instructions here.

28. Glamour up some bobby pins with cloth flowers

Instructions here.

29. Sew a ruffled apron for your kitchen time

Instructions here.

30. DIY tassel and rope necklace

Directions here.

31. Make a thread-wrapped word necklace

Instructions here.

32. Create a hybrid scarf-necklace

Using thrifted scarfs make a new one similar with the first displayed above.

Directions here.

33. DIY woven ribbon statement necklace

Directions here.

34. Beaded chandelier earrings

Cheap supplies from the jewelry making section of a craft store and voila.

Stationary & Gifts

35. DIY tagged journal

Directions here.

36. Craft a set of pom-pom thumbtacks

Directions here.

37. DIY pom-pom covered gift wrapping

This tutorial .

38. DIY miniature tassel garland for decorating your cakes

Instructions here.

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