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37 DIY Washi Tape Decorating Projects You Will Love

washi tape

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Today we are attacking the washi tape subject. We love decorating projects and washi tape is the key ingredient for the right decor recipe. Easy to apply to any shape desired, quite cheap as remodeling projects are concerned and in an incredible multitude of options to choose from. Washi tape can revive any furniture item as well as create unique colorful joyful ornaments and decorating items that can serve as accents in your design scheme. By simulating textures the craft tape can add depth and life to almost anything and can customize to your own need store bought items and make them personal and creative. You can even create a special color code only you can understand and organize your paperwork accordingly. Check out ourĀ 37 DIY Washi Tape Decorating Projects gallery featured next and feel free to share your thoughts and projects in the comment section below or on our social platforms.

1.DIY Washi Tape Decorating Projects -The geometric pattern

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (1)

2. Christmas decorating ideas

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (2)

3. Sweet tree wall art made out of washi tape



4. Bold pattern

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (4)


5. Original bookmarks

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (5)


6. DIY Washi Tape Decorating Projects -Staircase rainbow

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (6)


7.Masking unaesthetic items

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (7)


8. Eating should be fun and creative

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (8)


9. Keyboard fun

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (9)


10.Water glassĀ customization

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (10)


11.Colorful geometric pattern

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (11)

12. Cute owl decorations

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (12)

13. Picture framing

DIY Washi Tape Decorating (13)

14. Black and white statement door

DIY Washi Tape (36)

15.Easy washi tape vases

DIY Washi Tape (37)

16. Decorate your kid’s walls in a fun way

DIY Washi Tape (38)

17. Cute kid’s learning space

DIY Washi Tape (39)

18. Washi tape your furniture

DIY Washi Tape (40)

19. Customize your phone case

DIY Washi Tape (41)

20. DIY washi tape ornaments

DIY Washi Tape (42)


21. Bedroom simulated headboard

DIY Washi Tape (43)


22. Heart wall art idea

DIY Washi Tape (44)


23. Write with style

DIY Washi Tape (45)


24. Pass the time in a colorful way

DIY Washi Tape (46)


25. Be bold

DIY Washi Tape (47)


26. Customize flower vases

DIY Washi Tape (48)


27. Temporary door decoration

DIY Washi Tape (49)


28. Have a statement wall

DIY Washi Tape (50)


29. Embellish your notebooks

DIY Washi Tape (51)


30. Create art from scratch

DIY Washi Tape (52)


31. Plan your days in a fun way

DIY Washi Tape (53)


32. Keep your cords in check

DIY Washi Tape (54)


33. Cute washi tape Valentine’s art

DIY Washi Tape (55)


34. Washi tape DIY letters

DIY Washi Tape (56)


35. Customize your working space

DIY Washi Tape (57)

36. Wall art display

DIY Washi Tape (58)


37. Washi tape Christmas tree


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