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21 Snapshots of Abandoned Places That Have Been Conquered by Nature

21 Snapshots of Abandoned Places That Have Been Conquered by Nature1

Civilization seems to endure throughout the ages, or so we might think. Nature slowly wins all battles , grinding mountains to dust in ages , we rarely are there to witness the moment of natures triumph. In some  cases  however nature manages to overcome our sprawling endeavors t0 expand civilization in a relatively short time . If you ever wondered how a postapocalyptic  landscape looks like, how entire cities, how thousands abandoned places look, we can glimpse into a possible future , where nature carries on without us, in these instances were objects and buildings were abandoned into the hands of nature , and left without mans care , were completely overrun by vegetation and wildlife.

Man would do well to learn that nature always finds a way and that nature wastes nothing. Buildings will become ruins part of future landscapes , and may constitute wonders for future generations. This was possible  due to the abandonment of man owing to many reasons, financial or functional , and any attempt to restore them by man has failed , but nature proves yet again to be the greatest master of re-conversion and reclaiming back space and material. And this may be the most important lesson , that man builds without long term plans and still builds things which are difficult to convert and which rarely find new life after their current lifespan runs out. We rarely think beyond the 50 year lifespan of a building and what impact it will have in the future . Nature on the other hand never ceases to assert its slow control over the traces of civilization , and bring every inch of concrete back into the fold. Perhaps it should be an alarm signal to consumerist societies to use items of greater quality with an increased lifespan and planned recycling , to build and plan for the end  a building when it is either beyond any functionality, or because of financial reasons it can no longer function as it did before, reconversion and flexibility becoming the name of the game in designing and building the world around us.

Abandoned Places That Have Been Conquered by Nature

A Tree Grows Through an Old Piano, California

Image credits: Crackoala

Vegetation Reclaiming the Concrete Buildings , Hong Kong

Image credits: Romain JL

The Old City Railways in Paris

Image credits: messynessychic.com

Old Bicycle Engulfed by a Tree Vashon Island, Washington

Image credits: Ethan Welty

 Bangkok’s Abandoned Mall Occupied by Fish

Image credits: Jesse Rockwell

Nature Reclaims Old Mill in Sorrento, Italy

Image credits: Jason Wallace

 Old Ferris Wheel engulfed by foliage

Image credits: Kyle Telechan

Old Automobile Scrapyard, Belgium

Image credits: Rosanne de Lange

Namibia’s Desert Reclaiming Mining Towns

Image credits: Marsel Van Oosten

After 160 years , The Abandoned Paris Railways

Image credits: Pierre Folk

A Ship Nearly 100 Years Old in Sydney, Australia

Image credits: AndyBrii

Roots Slowly Engulfing the Sidewalk Pavement

Image credits: worldbeyondyourown

Image credits: Wei-Feng Xue

Abandoned Mansion Overwhelmed by Foliage Near Kilgarvan, Ireland

Image credits: Sam Abell

 Abkhazia’s Abandoned Train Station Lost to Nature , Georgia

Image credits: Ilya Varlamov

I.M. Cooling Tower Slowly Reclaimed by Vegetation, Belgium

Image credits: brokenview

Kamchatka’s Fishermen Town Lost to the Sea, Russia

Image credits: englishrussia.com

Angkor Former Seat of the Khmer Empire, Cambodia

Image credits: Pietro Bevilacqua

Image credits: Brad Grove

Abandoned Hotel Now Sheltering Nature

Image credits: Matthias Haker

Ukraine’s Ghost Town , Pripyat Reclaimed by the Forest


What do you think? We are thrilled and terrified at the same time by these abandoned places, the nature conquers and enhances it at the same time magnificently.

Andrei Vasiliu

Andrei Vasiliu

Andrei is master of sketches, models and dioramas here at Homesthetics, a skill-set that greatly emphasize his architecture background. He is responsible for curating and approving all content that ranges from pencils and airbrush kits as he tests them thoroughly in his artistic pursuits.

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