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21 DIY Recycled Vinyl Projects Perfect For Any Interior Design

diy vinil projects

Old records and vinyls are a part of the music history and their role has never been forgotten ever since they have appeared in our lives. Most of us still have lots of vinyl records hidden away somewhere in an attic or forgotten in the back of a closet. You can find some interesting ways to give them a new purpose and life and still keep their memory intact. But don’t imagine we are advising you to destroy valuable vinyls. We are taking here about scratched ones or broken beyond repair.They can be transformed into beautiful, amazing wall clocks or storage boxes very easily and if you have the knowledge and skill you can even bend them into fluid organic bowls. Lamp, coffee table, wall art, wind chime, all look gorgeous and vintage and could fit perfectly in any interior design scheme.  Even in your kid’s room. There are  a lot of vinyl clocks with superheroes your little one would simple adore  and other creative ideas like wall art or book storage you will find interesting. Our 25 DIY Recycled Vinyl Projects awaits you below. Enjoy!

DIY Recycled Vinyl Projects

1. Book storage

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (1)

2. Forest clock

 Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (1)

3.Vinyl coffee table

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (2)

4. Vinyl dreamcatcher

25 DIY Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (3)

5.Vinyl stools

 Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (4)

6. Vinyl switch protection

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (5)

7. Magazine storage

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (6)

8. Baby

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (7)

9. The London clock

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (8)

10. The Batman clock

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (9)

11. Clouds and moon clock

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (10)

12. Vinyl lamp

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (11)

12. Butterfly vinyl wall art

25 DIY Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (12)

13. The process of making a figure clock

25 DIY Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (13)

14. The vinyl record handbag

25 DIY Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (14)

15. Vinyl bent into flower vases


16. Collection of clocks

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (16)

17. The Beatles clock

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (17)

18. Flower pots

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (18)

19.Organic fruit bowl

Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (19)

20. Wall art display

25 DIY Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (20)

21. Creative laser cut clocks

25 DIY Recycled Vinyl Projects -homesthetics (21)

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5 thoughts on “21 DIY Recycled Vinyl Projects Perfect For Any Interior Design

  1. Why would you cut up records?? Anyone would be happy to buy those off of you but instead you just destroy them as if they mean nothing. How could you do that?

    1. Danielle, I see hundreds of them at thrift stores, garage sales and no one buys them so they end up in the trash, so why not recycle them and show them off again.
      I love my vinyl but all the ones that get thrown away is a shame.

    2. Yes it’s sad but they either go for trash or recycling. A lot are in bad shape anyway, scratched, warped chipped. It’s nice to see how they can be repurposed.

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