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13 Epic 2022 Interior Design Trends That Should Not Be Overlooked

13 Epic 2018 Interior Design Trends That Should Not Be Overlooked

2022 means the year of hi-tech, futuristic homes, right? Wrong! You will surely be surprised by the trends of this year. Many old, long-dead design trends are making a comeback in 2022.

Yes, that’s right!

Read along to find out which design philosophies are making their way back into our homes.

13 Epic 2022 Interior Design Trends

  1. Out With Ostentatious Walls And In With Bold Floor Designs


You have seen bold patterns on walls, bathroom tiles before. But 2022 will see a shift from that trend. Instead, you will see more interior designs with ostentatious floors.

If you are intrigued by this idea and want to try it out yourself, then we suggest you not to go overboard with the entire décor. Only a minimalistic wall can complement a floor design like the one featured in the illustration below.

via www.zillow.com

  1. Floral Prints Are Back For Good!


Floral prints, yes, the ones you have seen at your mother’s or grandmother’s place, will be making a comeback in 2022. Well, not exactly the tacky floral print sofas from the 50s. Rather, tasteful designs like the one featured in the illustration below.

An important thing to keep in mind is not to crowd your interior with multiple floral print elements. Instead, you should accentuate your existing decor with floral print materials like bed covers, pillows, or cushions.

via www.houzz.com

  1. A Brilliant Blend Of Industrial and Modern Design – Concrete Accents In A Modern Decor

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Who said an industrial look could not go with modern design? Just take a look at the illustration below. It looks lovely, doesn’t it? Although a plain concrete wall is featured here, you can also go for other elements like a concrete countertop, table, or even a sink. Just be sure to use modern elements alongside it for a cohesive design.

via roohome.com

  1. Upgrade Your Bathroom and Give It A Rustic Touch


There is something quite charming about the rustic bathroom featured in the illustration below. Not only does it give outa warm and homely vibe, but it also feels quite contemporary, doesn’t it?

Do not worry; a rustic design does not mean that you will be sacrificing any modern shower gadgets. In fact, a design like this is like having your cake and eating it too.

If you are planning on giving it a try, then we suggest you not to use any tacky digital elements. Rather, keep things subtle and minimalistic.

via www.pinterest.com

  1. Add Some Class To Your Modern Décor With Vintage Lighting


In the age of wirelessly controlled lights and color changing LEDs, who would have thought that vintage lights would be making a comeback. But, here they are. And they really work well with the modern décor. Don’t believe us? Well, just take a look at the illustration above. It looks absolutely stunning, doesn’t it?

Moreover, even if you are a fan of mood lighting, you can fit color changing bulbs to vintage light fixtures to experience the best of both worlds.

via www.houzz.com

  1. 50 Shade of Brown – Use Dark Wood Elements For A Timeless Look


Use of dark wood elements can result in an amazing blend of a rustic and contemporary look. Just take a look at the illustration below. It looks truly gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?

If you are interested in implementing this design philosophy, then be sure not to use any bright colors, especially ostentatious neon colors. Instead, you can accentuate your dark wood design with classy brass and gold elements.

via www.pinterest.com

  1. Create A Zen-Like Atmosphere With A Calm And Minimalistic Bedroom Design


A bedroom should not be crowded with furniture, nor should it have any bright or colorful elements which look distracting. Instead, it should be about inducing a calm and relaxing vibe. And that is exactly what the bedroom featured in the illustration below does.

So, be sure to keep your bedroom uncluttered and finish it off with minimalist, modern colors. After all, if you cannot unwind in your bedroom after a grueling day, then what good is it?

via www.houzz.com

  1. Pay Attention To Rugs


A warm and inviting living room presents earthy colors, orange and golden accents, a fireplace animates the scene, dark wooden tones further warm the interior décor, a small often overlooked element anchors all the elements into a splendid ambiance, it is a simple rug, a common size rug that makes all the difference in the world.

Surprised ? Do not be !

via www.thefashionspot.com

  1. Decorate Your Interior With Some Greenery


As we progress through our timeline, our world becomes more and more mechanical. However, we are really happy with the fact that the houseplants trend is making a return in 2022.

Houseplants do not just improve the interior décor; they are also responsible for reducing stress levels. Yes, that’s correct! Moreover, houseplants can also help in purifying the air inside.

If you love nature but are new to this concept, then we suggest you click on this link to learn more about them.

via unsplash.com

  1. Add A Whimsical Twist To Your Interior Décor With Over-sized Furniture


Oversized furniture such as the one featured below the illustration can give a whimsical twist to your interior decor. Be it a large clock or a humongous minimalistic painting; you are almost always going to succeed in creating a modern vibe with it.

However, be sure to keep things minimalistic as crowding the wall with other objects can only be for the worse.

via www.familyhandyman.com

  1. Add Class To Your Modern Décor With Brass Accents And Furniture


Yet another long-dead interior design trend that is crawling its way out of the grave is brass accents. Now you might be a bit baffled by this fact, but take a look at the illustration below, and you will understand why. The interior brass elements look oh-so-classy, don’t they? Moreover, the brass décor does not make the interior look old-school. They complement the modern décor quite well.

via oraclefox.com

  1. GoodbyeStainless-Steel And White Sinks. Hello Copper, Concrete And Stone Sinks


Stainless-steel and white sinks are getting a little long in the tooth. Hence, the year 2022 will see a shift from these age-old sinks to more rustic choices like copper, concrete, granite composite and even stone.

If you want a blend of modern and rustic design, we suggest you go for a copper sink like the one featured in the illustration below. It looks absolutely lovely, doesn’t it?

via www.thefashionspot.com

  1. Trough Or Bucket Sinks For Your Bathroom


If you want to carry over the blend of modern and rustic theme to your bathroom as well, then you should consider a bucket sink like the one featured in the illustration below. Depending on the choice of wall tiles, you can also go for a copper bucket sink.

via www.houzz.com

That brings our article to an end. Whether you choose to follow some of these design trends for your own home, or venture out on a road less traveled, be sure to share your ideas with us. We would love to hear from you.

Adios. And best of luck for the New Year!

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