20 Small Balconies That Have A Huge Potential

20 Small Balconies That Have A Huge Potential

The balcony is an important part from the home and people really enjoy them all year round. Decorating them in a comfortable fashion is very crucial and even the smallest balcony deserves our biggest attention. If you have a small balcony and if you think that you can’t decorate it in a great way you are totally wrong. The small balconies have a special charm and they can be super welcoming and inviting. Are you having hard time to decide on the decor on your small balcony? Here I’m going to give you a hand and will show you 20 Small Balconies That Have A Huge Potential, so check them out. You are going to enjoy the outdoor space and the view to your environment a lot. It’s the closest access to fresh air, so do your best to decorate it in a wonderful way. The designs below will inspire you and will boost your creativity for sure!

RS7303 The Shelby 303 Balcony


1 Small Terrace


Add some comfy benches, chairs and armchairs on your balcony and enjoy the morning sun while drinking your first coffee. Make sure they are comfortable because you would want to spend a lot of time there relaxing and enjoying yourselves.

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japanese balcony design ideas


15 Engaging Asian Balcony Designs That Will Inspire You 4


Plants and flowers are a must for the balcony. They will refresh and enliven the space, so don’t miss them for nothing in this world. You will see the big difference they make and the inviting atmosphere they create!

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Best Small Balconies Ideas Inspirations And Balcony Images


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The balconies should be practical, colorful and enjoyable. Add as much colors as you want and create a beautiful ambiance with playful designs that will make your days better.



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Make sure you don’t overcrowd the space with lots of furniture pieces but add just the necessary ones. In this way you will enjoy the space more and move around with ease.

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Adding shelves on one of the walls is one smart decorating tip that you should all have in mind. It will give you plenty of storage options and place where you can display your books and flowers.

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Curtains on the balcony? Hell yeah! They will help you hide from the curious eyes of the neighbors and the hot sun in the middle of the day!

80526 calrose condo balcony


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Aren’t these small balconies totally adorable? I hope that we have inspired you to decorate your own one in a great way. Feel free to post your photos in the comments below!

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