16 Beautiful DIY Flower Pot Ideas That Add Life To Your Home

DIY flower pots

There is nothing we love more than sitting in our small balcony taking in the fresh smell of rain surrounded by greenery and life. Small cement flower pots, old metallic bucket containing a pine tree and a corner full of herbs and spices rowing in a steady serene pace, all add up to transform any corner into a little piece of heaven. It is important to add your personal touch to your garden in order to really make it your own. Greens grow with love and care so make sure you make the time for their grooming.We have gathered a small collection of 16 Beautiful DIY Flower Pot Ideas That Add Life To Your Home. We invite you to give a short browse through the gallery below and to send us your own flower pots projects to add to our gallery.

1.Teacup gardens are so elegant and cute you will fall in love with them instantly

DIY Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (2)

2. Transform old flower pots by adding a new layer of paint or by exercising your artsy talents on them

DIY Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (1)

3. Cute egg holders holding succulents

Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (23)

4. DIY faux pumpkin flower pots

Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (22)

5. Adding moss to your flower pots will empower your small garden and make everything seem more natural and wild

Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (21)

6. You can even grow your celery at home

Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (20)

7. Eggshells are a great startup environment for tiny plants and seeds

Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (19)

8.We’re not sure this combination can actually work but the concept of it is very beuatiful

Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (18)

9. Be playful and have fun with your flower pots designs and compositions

Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (17)

10. Rope adds elegance to nay vessel

Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (16)

11. Wine corks can also be put to good use

DIY Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (8)

12. Create your own cement/concrete tiny flower pots

DIY Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (7)

13. Vintage combination in a romantic composition of greens

DIY Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (6)

14. Small details really do make a difference


DIY Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (5)

15. Growing onions is a possibility

DIY Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (4)

16. Add color to plain simple dull flower pots

DIY Flower Pot Ideas-homesthetics (3)

What do you think about the small gallery featured above? How do you style your flower pots? We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.

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