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15 Ways to Transform a Cubicle Into a Positive Workspace

Ways to Transform a Cubicle Into a Positive Workspace

The cubicle is often received badly by a crowd, it is considered a box that contains the individual at the work-space, one that simply modulates space for the terms of efficiency, sacrificing the differences between us in the process.

This was the case once, it is not anymore today.

Today creativity can be nestled freely in any decor with thousands of items that we can inexpensively purchase or freely realize in a matter of minutes, we can play with concepts and design motifs, we can personalize every space to our liking. The key is balance and will to change, to sculpt space. Numerous times it was proven that happiness influences productivity at work and creating the environment in one feels like home, the environment in which one is happy creates a comfort and strong feeling of appurtenance, sentiments that both employee and and employer would like to embrace and nestle in their medium.

To build on this beautiful construct and sustain a positive attitude we have prepared 15 ways to transform a cubicle into a positive work-space, cast a glance and find the inspiration you were seeking.


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Where possible an airy ambiance can be truly uplifting, it emphasizes the feeling of space and it creates the blank canvas that one needs for any design line. In this setting any object can sculpt space, it can become an accent, an icon in your space. Plants are recommended in any cubicle, any desk, yet air-purifiers are a common choice that build both oxygen and aesthetic values; if light is not sufficient, not enough in your space, worry not, you can easily opt for plants that thrive in shade such as the adorable succulents.

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Space is a tad limited in a cubicle yet style should not be and the vertical plane can greatly assist you on the matter. Using clipboards to decorate your space with notes, meetings and things you like tidily organized on colorful clipboards can summon the idea of a mood board and scaled an art installation it becomes.  To make this easy simply try to print event invitations directly rather than writing them down on a post it, use brochures from a certain manufacturer to remember a meeting, make small changes to your advantage.

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Small things are able to make a huge difference. The ice-cream above for example joyfully attracts colorful paperclips to serve as topping rather then letting them all tangled up in the drawer and the extraordinary part is that it can be crafted at home in a simple process once all the right materials have been gathered, on theglitterinmytea one could find the tutorial able to bring joy in a cubicle.


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A small plant in the work-space can make wonders especially if nestled in a graphic planter that you make at home. Little succulents thrive in absolutely any interior with little maintenance yet they are insanely adorable and inexpensive. The color of choice will help you blend the piece in any setting seamlessly and beautifully and the wood brings warmth in as well.


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The beautiful can come in any shape and size and geometric clocks are quite graphic, an elegant presence that summons creativity and organization into a setting. Thousands of DIY clock tutorials roam on the internet yet the clock that you craft on your own is the one that ought to be materialized in your work-space.  Choose color to boost the positive component of the clock and reinterpret something you love with geometric motives.

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To keep things organized, to have a pleasant work space and living space it is extraordinarily important to maintain things quite simple too, it all comes down to airiness. A breathable environment can absorb your style and authenticity and cherish it, bring it forward. The simple elements as a result need to make a statement or a neutral presence as an abundance of focal elements would distress balance creating the illusion of a cluttered decor even where it`s not the case. The rustic elements above have become focal supporting elements for a colorful pack of books being subdued by the books themselves yet present in the beautiful stark white setting.

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Air plants very much like succulents require little maintenance, they also function without soil which is pretty impressive and quite graphic, all they need is some water sprayed every now and then and as a result any container or planter imposition can support them. Lego is an option showcased by Brit but the possibilities are endless.


A DIY calendar can be extraordinarily simple to realize and personalized and you can be the one to turn the days on and off, there are no special crafting materials and there are no high costs, you can use any graphic elements, any photos, any textures.

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The beautiful pattern of choice can animate a simple white frame that will soon hold your to-do list along an inspirational message aimed to sweep through productive work days. An erasable marker makes this story doable. Every now and then you can change the picture the pattern and the quote for a swift refresh, simple.

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A small zen garden could help you relax at the office and in it the succulent of choice will thrive with little to no maintenance. A really great addition to a cubicle this craft can be, a beautiful diy gift it can be considered. A glass bowl with good glass is required along with sand, plants and any other decorations that you would like present.

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A colorful green décor can still animate yours, a classical presence : a rose in a mason jar seamlessly transforms a work-space into something else entirely. Make sure that you trim the roses to a graphic height and if possible use all the possible tricks to make your flower last longer in the office.

Ways to Transform a Cubicle Into a Positive Workspace

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The right office organizer can bring a small change in practicality and décor alike with small costs. Use it to nestle your memories, your office memos and quotes you love. The copper`s beautiful stance can be brought in through numerous elements yet the delicate allure of a wire-frame element in copper is different, sensible yet powerful.

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Playful and joyful trays can be tailored for any desk the DIY enthusiasts might argue, a true fact indeed. Design Improvised showcased the pineapple desk organizer as a graphic statements that highlights the immense possibilities and with paper-mache or clay and the colors of choice. You simply can craft anything, the perfect desk tray included. Enjoy a craft that will transform your work-days beautifully.

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Pin boards are an extremely practical and beautiful way to organize things around your desk, the pins themselves are often dis-considered through, overlooked. A fun idea envisioned by Babiekinsmag invites the DIY enthusiasts to customize these elements with one drop of glue and pom poms for a really adorable look; the drop of glue can also be emphasized through other means such as little skulls, faux-diamonds or colorful beads.

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The photos of your loved ones ought to be always at your grasp and with wood alphabet photo holders this is an option for your desk now. A cute solution that can be refreshed with no effort, no costs anytime a cutter image surfaces.

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A simple wooden tray can suffice the stationery needs of an individual, personal items, desk supplies and mail can be nestled, contained thus leaving the rest of the desk clutter-free, beautiful and airy. Reclaimed wood can be found anywhere and with little to no costs the extraordinary simple craft can be materialized, energy can be saved.

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What do you think about the Ways to Transform a Cubicle Into a Positive Work-space showcased above? We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.

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